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When you get #wrecked BUT then get redemption #dosequis #tuesday 🎥 @logancmathews

When anger strikes #property #loophole

Getting to head back on spring break with @lh801 💪🏼 tears of joy

To complement @lh801 rail shot of Caleb I've submerged this velvet one I took of @grandpazane #backsmith #bigbooty


Splash from my night spent awake working on a spontaneous adventure camera archival process of too many good video's.. My first time gliding thermal air at altitude as well as snapping a wheel off of a 4x4 in the wild. Ranges from Amarillo Tx, Albuquerque, Durango CO, Mesa Verde, and many area's of the Four Corners states and SW US. #goldendawn #wildfire #thermalgliding

Angelic memories from a festival in the Summer of 2013 or 14 can't remember... summer snidbits of Caleb and Zane tucked in there too #blair #megan #spencer #jake #rexfest #thenatives #pissinginthelake #cellphones #sexy #instaporn

Did I fall along with love of the Nelson's current photo installments with @blar_p, Caleb, and @logancmathews ? Yeah it was great.. there's a show within a show that you'll just have to find out about for 6 dollars going right now I'd assume unless it's already over.. don't get drunk some night coming up, eat a bit more cheaply on lunch, or trade some time in the gutter sifting for change and treat yourself to this it was worth it

Thinking of what it took to start something to help me continue to finish what will never end. Test drivers outside of a dry cleaner's.. #2013 #tgif

Ten years ago I was ten years old. Found on a 512 megabyte (barley half of a gigabyte) card from my ten year old selfs Bushnell adventure camera. It's not my birthday, just an approximation. #seahawks #nano #shox

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