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Probably one of the most magical moments of my life. While lying down on a rock, a microdose of ayahuasca coursing through my veins, and the sounds of hawks soaring beneath me, this lovely human pulled out her piccolo and began to create the most beautiful sounds that matched the mood of our surroundings.
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I love dogs. It's crazy to think that every single dog has evolved from the fierce wolf. *Yes, every dog. Even your neighbor's tiny chihuahua that wont stop yapping. If you trace back its historical DNA, you will once again arrive at the wolf lineage. *These were our guardians during our stay on the land. *Lukey, Linda, and Rollie Pollie. Anytime I walked off, they would follow me to make sure I was okay. *On the last day, the owners had to tie them down so they wouldn't chase after us. *I miss them dearly and cant wait to reunite with them next year once I return to the land. *@rameshinspace and Will being guarded as they squeeze fresh watermelons through a mesh cloth.

The face of many suns. @jjwri thank you for being my first ever model. Also, for having a face that makes it look like I know what I'm doing.

Wow, sunrise in Houston this morning is quite ethereal!

Home for the last couple of weeks. Brazil, I will be back. Great capture @rameshinspace .

Not my hand pan but I plan on playing it. After an 11 hour flight, I now await for a 4 hour drive into the jungle followed by a couple hours of trekking. Tired of sitting. Any recommendations to increase blood flow during long durations of staying still? Should have worn compression pants.

I will be living off the grid for the next few weeks. This journey takes me deep into the Amazon jungle and I will be living with a shaman in a remote region known as Sao bento, Brazil. The village has some solar lamps but other than that, there is zero electricity and cell reception. Hoping to come back a better and more enlightened human. I will take notes of the plant journeys that I will be delving deep into and sharing with anyone who is interested in learning more. Evidently I need to watch out for Jaguars and anacondas. Here goes another round into the world of the esoteric.

I'm a rookie at uploading videos so I finally figured out how to keep my body in the actual frame. Also, any predictions on the upcoming u.s. open?

Feels good getting back on the courts after so many years away from the game. Looking for tennis partners in atx to go out and play. Dm me if you would like to hit the courts soon!

Thank you my dear friends for getting soaked in the rain with me. I love you both dearly @mcmitchell16 and @corwin.r

Oh how beautifully you graphed your wisdom and prose across the edges of my soul. With eloquence and great respect you were able to introduce me to many unknown paths that ultimately felt like home. When I was battling chronic illness I wasn't physically able to get out of bed, yet through your visual poetry and love for humanity you provided me with the spaces my heart longed for; the gaps which I was able to crawl into for brief moments that lingered beyond their timely durations. I've dreamed of getting lost with you in the streets of Tokyo and sailing across the Mediterranean all while enjoying the delicacies offered in those distant lands. That dream will still continue although I know that it will never come true. RIP my long lost brother.
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