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S A M A N T H A W I L L S  ✖️Creative Director: @SamanthaWillsOfficial ⠀ ✖️Founder: @SamanthaWillsFoundation ✖️Represented By:

Snow Patrol. 🐾 #Bowie #PawPatrol

We’re almost in to the last few weeks before closing the @samanthawillsofficial jewellery business. I spoke with @bodyandsoul_au about my decision to close the business after 15 years. Interview live now at -SWx

Dear American Express, ⠀
This Australian Express(es) much gratitude — from starting this trip Down Under by supporting small business owners at the @AmericanExpress Idea Exchange in Sydney, to ending it by celebrating the Arts at the @NGVmelbourne on the #AmexPlatinum walk — I am a huge advocate of both small business and the arts and am so very honoured to be working on such incredible projects with you. ⠀

Thank you for these incredible experiences. -SWx⠀


When @AmericanExpress asked me to spend my birthday with them, I said “OK. But just so long as it’s low key.” ...(and by low key, I meant a full scale moving sensor platinum mirror entry way.) ⠀

When I was little, Dad would get the VHS cam-corder out and film me seeing my party set up for the first time, AMEX did the same thing this year at the #NGVGALA (albeit not on a 1983 cam-corder and also without the voice over commentary of “ah! The bloody battery has carked it again! Quick! Sing Happy Birthday really, REALLY fast, kids!”)⠀

This is the #AMEXplatinum walk that was the entry way to the party of the year. An incredible sensor installation piece that brought together technology and art. .... And I tell you what, next years sponge cake, party pies and Iced Vovos are going to be a real come down next birthday. ⠀

Thank you for an incredible evening, #AMEXplatinum, you sure know how to create extraordinary moments! (..You too, Dad). -SWx ⠀

Styled by: @lanawilkinson / @Toni_Maticevski / @SamanthaWillsOfficial / @maisonvalentino from @madamvirtue / @dolcifirme / H+MUP: @jacquelinekalab / Partnership @AmericanExpress / @ngvmelbourne

The magic of Maticevski. -SWx ⠀

@toni_maticevski @americanexpress
Styled by: @lanawilkinson
Jewellery: @SamanthaWillsOfficial
Hair+Makeup: @JacquelineKalab
#AmexPlatinum #AmexLife #NGVGALA

When the @samanthawillsofficial showroom turns a blind eye to you stashing Jewellery in your bag while leaving the office on Friday arvo. ⠀

Wearing @samanthawillsbridal on the @americanexpress Platinum Walk this evening at the #NGVGALA in Melbourne. ⠀

Styled by: @lanawilkinson
Gown: @Toni_Maticevski
Jewellery: @samanthawillsbridal
Hair+Makeup: @JacquelineKalab
Nails: @b_onbonx for @theglamroombondi

Partnership: @AmericanExpress

#AmexPlatinum #AmexLife

You know who knows their way around a Janome? @toni_maticevski, that’s who. ⠀

To me, Toni is the epitome of Australian design. Original, wearable and always celebrating the beauty of the female form. As truly incredible as his designs are, his unmatched talent is only surpassed by his personal warmth, kindness and authenticity. ⠀
I adore you, Mr Maticevski. ⠀

Thank you for the art you bring into this world and for allowing me to wear this incredible gown this evening. -SWx ⠀
@AmericanExpress #AmexPlatinum #AmexLife

Styled by: @lanawilkinson
Gown: @Toni_Maticevski
Jewellery: @SamanthaWillsOfficial
Clutch: @maisonvalention from @madamvirtue
Shoes: @dolcifirme

Hair+Makeup: @JacquelineKalab
Nails: @b_onbonx for @theglamroombondi

Partnership: @AmericanExpress

T H I R T Y S E V E N ⠀
trips around the sun ⠀
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ⠀
today to all those born on ⠀
D E C E M B E R O N E 🏹 x

This year has been about change; and like most, I find most change incredibly hard. ⠀

So this year, rather than building up more scar tissue in trying to resist it, I found my way (crawled) to my meditation pillow...and sat right in it. I sat in the change, and the often inner turmoil and in the fear of the unknown... and instead of holding on tight — I let go. Not all the way, but enough of the way to sit in moments of surrender, and ease the tightness that would wrap itself like seaweed around my heart and thoughts. ⠀

On that meditation pillow I also found a way to still my mind, even if just for a second — that tiny moment between breathing in and breathing out — or as I would come to know it, finding stillness between heartbeats. ⠀

My next spin-around-the-sun-resolution is to further that practise, and as I’ve said before, try to quieten the mind so I can hear what the heart has to say. ⠀

Happy Birthday to all those celebrating today; I wish you beautiful adventures, a feeling of safety in the calmness, and love — always love —SWx

Just had the final fitting for tomorrow’s #NGVGALA. I am a long-time advocate of celebrating the arts, and am thrilled to be hitting the @AmericanExpress Platinum Mirror Walk tomorrow evening in a gown by one of our country’s greatest artists, my all-time favourite Australian designer @Toni_Maticevski - SWx #amexplatinum #amexlife

I bought this dress in New York over a year ago, it hung patiently in my cupboard as we both knew there was only one place on earth I could wear it, and that was in Byron Bay. This is me wearing it last night and I don’t have the heart to have her just sitting in my cupboard again for months on end, so if you would like it, this morning I donated it to Vinnies, 2 Marvell St, Byron Bay.
If you’re in the Bay, get down there and give this tassel frock the life she deserves, all the while supporting the great work St Vincent De Paul Society do. -SWx


This is thirty six year old me, channeling six year old me about to run through the sprinkler in the backyard.
Summer time in Australia is pretty special, no matter the decade. -SWx #HolidayHair 📷 @carolynbrownnutrition

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