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“Be the person who makes people feel seen.” — I love this. So simple, but so powerful. -SWx 🖤
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I’ll be right here if you need me. I can be contacted via Wine and Caramel Tim Tams. -SWx

Today I sat and wrote, and I can confirm I smiled more times than I burst into tears. I stepped away twice, once to go for a walk outside and once to do a quick meditation to reset. The spectrum of emotions reached pretty freaking wide today, but even though it’s not comfortable at times, that’s how I know I’m writing the stories that need to be told. Much love, - SWx

Black tie gala bound for the Annual Queen Elizabeth II September 11th Garden Gala. -SWx 🇦🇺🇺🇸🇬🇧

A section of my ceiling resembled Niagara Falls this week as my upstairs neighbours pipe burst, and my roof became a rain cloud. While after every storm there is a rainbow, after every broken water pipe, there is fresh ceiling repaint and the promise that everything is going to be allwhite. -SWx

Someone sent this to me today, I found it gave my overactive mind a warm little squeeze. Posting it in case you may need a little hug also. -SWx

DAD: “Good God, Pos. How are you going out to dinner like that? Nothing else is going to fit in those jeans!”

ME: “Dad, they’re skinny leg. They’re meant to be tight.”

DAD: “TIGHT?! They look like they are spray painted on. Any tighter and you’d be able to see your bloody religion!”

ME: 😳

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I have been sitting in this exact same spot for the better part of the last 11hrs. I am working on a project that has been a long time coming for me, but I have never immersed myself in it previously because I never felt it was the right time. Today I sat in solitude and wrote approximately 15,OOO words to myself. It’s (mentally) exhausting, and energising, and confronting, and cathartic all at the same time. I feel like I have been talking all day, but have barely spoken a word to anyone. ⠀
⠀ ⠀
SO, I just wanted to take this opportunity to add a few more words to the count to say: Hi!!! Hello! And in case no one has told you today, than let me be the first; the world needs what you’ve got. Not you trying to replicate what someone does because you think the world wants that. Trust me, I’ve tried it many times (in life and in business), not only is it exhausting and anxiety riddled, but none of my attempts to be something I’m not have ever been met with success. No, the world needs you. Just you; kind, confident, unique you. The people you have to act like someone else or second guess yourself around, well...they’re not you’re people. ⠀ ⠀
So one more time just in case you skim read the above; The. World. Needs. What. You’ve. Got. It needs the authenticity of your kindness, your honesty, your uniqueness, your smile, your learnings, your scars, your empathy from your healings, your ideas, your experience, your understand, your vulnerabilities, your strength, your energy. Each of those will be unique to someone else’s, and that’s exactly what makes you so rare... and rare, is valuable. Got it? Ok. Good. ⠀ ⠀
With much love, and infinite admiration. -SWx ⠀


🌵Resorting to its natural habitat of sunshine and sweltering temperatures, this creature is usually found sunning itself beside chlorine waterholes. Sustained on fish tacos and spicy margaritas, the creature’s personal grooming quickly becomes a chore, so it easily surrenders to a mix of the natural environments dust and humidity as nature’s hair styling products. -SWx

Sunday afternoon, Palm Springs CA. -SWx

About last night. Deep in the desert, celebrating all the love. Congratulations, Ali & Bryan!! What a magical evening beneath the stars. Love you much. -SWx

Heading in into the Californian desert tonight, celebrating the love and foreverness of @alimitton and Bryan.... 🖤🌵-SWx

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