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S A M A N T H A W I L L S  ✖️ Creative Director: @SamanthaWillsOfficial ✖️ Founder: @SamanthaWillsFoundation ✖️ Represented By:

Serious @samanthawillsofficial collection goals, owned by @_________mel_________ -SWx

Got the experience the Restoration Hardware Santa Monica Gallery this morning... it truly was like walking an art gallery. This was one of my favorites - cement wall, hand knotted ceiling to floor macrame wall hanging, raw linen & and mother of pearl pendant. Monochromatigasim! -SWx

I did not expect to even be in consideration for such an honour at this point of my career.... But beyond honoured to receive this letter, advising that I will be inducted into the 2017 Business Women's Hall of Fame. If you are interested in business and branding, join me and some truly incredible business women at @samanthawillsfoundation - a platform designed to empower women in business.
I am sharing this letter, because If you are on a business journey of any kind, keep your head down, keep pushing, keep going. I promise you that good things come when you focus on your own shit, ignore the opinion of those who are not supportive, actively seek honest and constructive criticism and take it on board with open ears and heart (people just telling you how great what you're doing is, does nothing to help you grow), Hone your craft, be resilient, fail often, show up again tomorrow, do everything with integrity, be kind. If you are consistent in what you do, people will start to take notice. My eternal gratitude to HER BUSINESS for this honour, I am committed to use this platform and opportunity to pay it forward. With gratitude, SWx

✈️ Quick trip home, in and the last 6 days I was fortunate enough to; launch the #SWxBILLABONG @billabongwomens + @billabong_womens_australia (Dream come true), Welcome my beautiful niece to the world (Love beyond my wildest dream @melyudi ), got to hug all my nearest and dearest people @sarahisinsydney @bethstuderus @karissa_lea @saropadesigns , was able to spend time with colleagues who are friends @samanthawillsofficial #TeamSW, and now heading back 'home' to some very exciting projects, and friends (who are family) in the USA. I have rightly or wrongly chosen a life that see's a lot of time spent on board, or in airports. I try to ultilize that transit time as 'work time' and often treat airplanes and airports as my office, and then try to be very present wherever I land. Present in mind, conversation, thoughts and community. Thankyou to my incredible family, and my beautiful friends (who are an extension of my family) who support, and stick by me, and continue to invite me to things. Your steadfast love and support, is a cornerstone in the continued journey of the #SamanthaWills brand, and the @samanthawillsfoundation - the journey has very little to do with jewellery, and everything to do with telling a message of empowering women to chase their dreams. If you are a woman in business, talk to me below, or to our @samanthawillsfoundation Editor, Katie on what you would like us to create and post about at - we are committed to sharing our experiences, with transparency and with the rawness of vulnerability. If you have something you want me to write about, hit me up with your Q's below in the comments! (I've got a cool 15 hours to kill on this flight! ;) - Chat soon, and much love. -SWx

Beautiful, Naya!
Your Mama @melyudi and I have been best friends for 22 years, and when she told me she was pregnant with you, I fell in love with you, that very moment, instantly.
You are the most precious little thing, throw a sassy side eye (the exact same side eye your Mum threw my way, the first day I met her, on my very first day at a new school, in the front office at Port High! She was much cooler then me, and as much as I was intimidated by her beauty, and confidence, I knew I had found a friend, and ally for life!), you are the perfect mix of your beautiful Mum, & handsome Dad. You are so clever to have chosen them as your parents, because they are two of the most incredible, kind & loyal people I have ever met.
I am so excited you are finally here – we have been waiting for you! I cannot wait to see the little human you become, and watch you grow, and see all the beautiful things this world has in store for you.
Welcome to the world, beautiful Naya. I love you.
Aunty Samantha x

Was such a treat to sit with @the_beautybible this week - full interview is now live (link in their profile) where I talk about why it was important to me to start the @samanthawillsfoundation , beauty and workout routine, and much more. -SWx
Wearing @billabongwomens top and #SWxBILLABONG jewellery

Photo: @alimitton

In the hair and makeup chair, on set for something upcoming and very special, and doing all I can to convince @dianegorgievski to move in with me, and do my hair like this every. single. day. -SWx #BiggerTheHairTheCloserToGod
Wearing @samanthawillsofficial FINE Earrings

Monday Morning... -SWx

Spent the afternoon with this adorable little ratbag, Duke, and his gorgeous Mama, @bethstuderus -SWx 🐶❤️

Coconut Chia Pot, with watermelon, granola and coconut frozen yogurt. @speedoscafe knows what's up. Summer in Sydney. -SWx

One of my favourite shots from the @samanthawillsofficial for @billabongwomens collaboration campaign. Such an truly incredible creative team I was lucky enough to have on this project. Much gratitude to all of you for bringing my surf-luxe dream, into reality. Full collection available now at's -SWx
Creative Director: Samantha Wills
Photographer: @alimitton
DP: @tjmauck
H+M: @chewchewtrain
Styled by: SW
Model: @sophia_tatum

Summer in Sydney...