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Yesterday. Was. Surreal. Snowmobiling 18miles into the back country, flying at 60mph/100km, past stunning waterfalls, to a natural hot spring, with light falling snow, and then the journey back just as the sun was setting behind the mountains, was truly, breathtakingly, of another world, incredible. Reflecting on it all with the biggest smile, and fullest heart. Hang out with people who do cool shit. Hang out with Yes people. With people who want to adventure, and see things on this earth that are off the beaten path. Have 2am drunken conversations with these people. Create memories that you all reflect on for years to come. Unforgettable weekend, with amazing people. @carolynbrownnutrition @agchowell @russellaltman @rossaltman -SWx --------- (I know, my little toe is weird. I broke it at Nobbys Beach in Port Macquarie, when I was wagging school in the summer of 1997. I've never had it fixed. I am just prefacing this, because every time I've posted a photo of my feet, some people get all weird foot-police about them - so there you have it ;)

It's really hard to put into words, how truly, once in a lifetime, phenomenally, amazing today was. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best days of my entire life! Will share more photos of today's adventure soon, but if you get the chance to adventure, to go off the grid, to be so far remote, that in this crazy world, you feel like the only people on the planet... Do it. -SWx @carolynbrownnutrition - Much gratitude to @russellaltman @rossaltman ❄️

Mountain lodge. -SWx

Wish you were here. -SWx

On the road to no where. -SWx

❄️Hello from Jackson Hole, Wyoming! -SWx

INSTYLE + AUDI // Women of Style Awards
We at @SamanthaWillsOfficial are pretty excited to be a nominee in the @INSTYLEmag AND @Audi Women of Style Awards, in the business category.
When I was starting out, I would follow these awards religiously, I would tear out the pages of the nominees, the glamorous event, and then the winners out of the magazine. I would pin them on a board above the dining table I was making jewellery from.
I was in my very early 20's , and seeing these incredible, accomplished and established women (specifically the Fashion and Business nominees) in the glossy pages proved equal parts inspiration, and intimidation.
Inspiration because it was the dream to have a brand that people loved, and at the very pinnacle, to have it recognized by the industry.
Intimidation because I would (in my young naivety and impatience) compare my Chapter 1 to their Chapter 20. Intimidation of how polished, and successful they were. A glitterati that would appear flawlessly and fabulously in every weekends social pages.
I felt like they were born into the fashion world Vs me trying to forge my way in. I didn't have a fashion degree that I could flash to at least give me some tertiary credence, I wasn't a cool fashion girl and definitely was not hanging out at any cool hot spots after dark. They were well travelled and probably spoke 17 different languages fluently, at the time I hadn't even been to Melbourne. I had absolutely no sense of style to speak of, and they were effortlessly stylish, and comfortably cool. I, to paraphrase Carrie Bradshaw, was Patchouli, and they CHANEL.
In a time before the internet held people's story, (+ your mothers maiden name, blood type and flat lay of your brunch pancakes), the information for aspirating designers was through magazine profiles, and without having to subject myself to the humiliation of trying to get into a world that was so far out of my league, and incredibly intimidating to me, I kept a comfortable distance from the industry, through the pages of magazines.... (Continued in comments below)

When the airline looses ALL your luggage (✈️😡), and it's snowing out, so you just gotta make the best of your summer basics 💁🏼....😬.... tonight, in NYC. -SWx
Wearing @samanthawillsofficial FINE

Still winter. -SWx #NYC

🇺🇸Hey, USA! I designed a little surf-luxe collection for #Billabong - The @samanthawillsofficial x @billabongwomens jewelry collection released in North America today! Shop it now at: -SWx #SWxBILLABONG #SamanthaWills #ABikiniKindaLife 🌊❤️👙

All this city snow (and storm aftermath), has got me realizing, I am my best self, in the sun, with a glass of rosé. Let's go back to summer, in Santorini @freyagrant @melyudi -SWx

Snowy stoops from yesterday's snowfall, in NYC. -SWx

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