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S A M A N T H A W I L L S  ✖️ Creative Director: @SamanthaWillsOfficial ✖️ Founder: @SamanthaWillsFoundation ✖️ Represented By:

B O N D I -SWx

LAST CHANCE: After 9 years as our signature @samanthawillsofficial packaging... Today is the last day your jewellery will arrive from in these boxes... We have 30% off site wide only til midnight tonight (AEST), so if you are wanting to stock like a few wooden treasure boxes, today is your last chance!
We are sad to say goodbye to such a brand defining signature, but are exited to be shipping in our brand new packaging for all orders placed from tomorrow onwards! -SWx #SamanthaWills #samanthawillsofficial

A few more from last night, because it was just truly incredible. Not only the stunning setting, and company, but @lizzyabegg and @isabella_spell humble, kind and beautiful personalities and spirit, that despite all their success, have not waivered from the beauty that is true kindness and humility. What a treat to have been able to be involved last night. -SWx #LotusSpell

Tonight's dinner decor, at the incredibly stunning @spell_byronbay #LotusSpell event. (With a truly breathtaking performance by @juliastonemusic - beyond surreal). Thank you Spelly and Lizzie, what a magical night. -SWx

At the beautiful @spell_byronbay #LotusSpell Dinner, tonight in Sydney. -SWx

One of the perks of my job, is that our @samanthawillsofficial Design + Production Manager takes her lunch at the EXACT same time every single day, which gives me approximately 45 minutes to steal products that have not being released yet. Like these 'Hand Over Love' Earrings in Burgundy / Rose Gold / Black Noir. I wore them to the @instylemag #WomenOfStyle Awards, (and promptly returned them the first thing the next morning!) - They (along with 3 other brand new colour ways) have just been added to THE WAITING LIST at, so if you want the priority option to purchase when they are released late this month, jump on there now and leave your email and we'll notify you before we release to the public... OR just wait for @zoegleitzman to take her lunch break ( 1.15pm - 2pm if anyone was wondering.) she leaves the new design cupboard wide open. 🤷🏼‍♀️-SWx

I am still buzzing from last weeks @InstyleMag & @AudiAustralia #WomenOfStyle event last week. I came away so motivated, and with a heart so full of purpose to push more boundaries, and the message to rather then waiting for a path to be shown that you should follow, to get out there and bloody create your own. Pioneer the way.
I have just written a little piece that I just published on the @SamanthaWillsFoundation on some of my highlights from the evening, live now in the SW’s JOURNAL section, at - SWx

This dress though.... @pasduchas available at @whiterunway -SWx
Image: @instylemag
Clutch: @olgabergclutches
Earrings: @samanthawillsofficial

What a incredible honour it was, last night to attend the @instylemag + @audiaustralia #WomenOfStyle Awards. I had so many inspiring conversations with women who are doing brave, innovative and pioneering things in their field, I came away so motivated, and with a heart full of purpose to push more boundaries, and rather then waiting for a path to be shown that you should follow, to get out there, bloody create your own, and pioneer the way. Congratulations to all the winners last night, and to everyone nominated, what a truly, honestly, incredible honour it was to have my name appear alongside each and everyone of yours. -SWx
Image by @audiaustralia
Dress @whiterunway
Clutch @olgabergclutches
Jewellery @samanthawillsofficial

Mum, 1972. -SWx

With Mothers Day tomorrow, I asked my Mum, Patsy (@PeeweeTeepees) if she would would write something for me, that I could could post to the @SamanthaWillsFoundation feed – I asked if she would write the 10 most important things she has taught me. Here is her reply. Happy Mothers Day to all the incredible Mum’s out there. You can read her full writings at @SamanthaWillsFoundation - SWx
----- 1. Always be kind, and generous. People will remember how you made them feel, go above & beyond to make them feel good. Leave people happier for being in your presence.
2. Be a good friend. In return you will have good friends
3. Go with your gut, its very rarely wrong ... and own your mistakes
4. Work hard
5. Never burn your bridges, you may need to cross them again.
6. Taste your words before you say them, they are powerful, and once something is said, you cannot unsay it.
7. Love wholeheartedly – Despite the break-ups, and heartaches that you will experience along the way, choose to wear your heart on your sleeve. Tell the ones you love that you love them often.
8. Stop and smell the roses, take time to have fun along the way
9. Never feel guilty for moving away from home, for travelling or going on an adventure
But come home to me every now and then, know I am here for you .. no matter what..always. I will ensure home is a safe haven for you and all who come with you.
10. Don’t gossip. Except with me. I love that stuff ..... ( and I can keep a secret )

I am so proud, & ever grateful that I am your Mother, what a journey we have had so far, & still more to come.
Love, Mum xxxx

Australian cafes take breakfast VERY seriously. One of my favs, the Coconut and Chia bowl at @speedoscafe in Bondi this morning. -SWx

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