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sunshine sparkle  Living this strange life with a purpose to love, and to learn the secrets of this beautiful world. Yoga witch. Inquire about my services! 💖 ♐️🌞♓️🌙♍️✨

The card of the week is the Spirit Dancer, pulled from the Faeries’ Oracle deck that was so graciously gifted to me by @theangelic @djdeitii and @aubrie.franco ❣️ This faerie reminds us to let our heart do the talking. She reminds us that our soul speaks through creative expression. So today, work on expressing yourself in a creative way! Do you have any projects that you’re halfway finished with, or any that are still in your brain? Work on your projects, and trust your instincts. Now is the time! I’ll be @dragonandtherose today accepting walk-ins for tarot/oracle readings and reiki sessions from 1-3PM. Come by! 💖 #cardoftheweek #oracle #faeriesoracle #fae #magick #faeriewitchcraft #tarot #cartomancy #divination #reiki #reikihealing #healing

From the other day in Huntington Beach! Such a random little area.
All this green reminds me of @the40daygreencleanse coming up in just about a week! 😬😸 Feeling nervous and excited about starting this journey to a healthier existence. But I’m so ready for it❣️
Y’alls can find me @dragonandtherose this Thursday doing the usual yoga witch stuff! Yoga from 10:30-11:30, followed by tarot/oracle readings and reiki sessions from around 1-3. Pricing varies. Come by! 💚 #nature #green #40daygreencleanse #yogawitch #yoga #tarot #oracle #divination #cartomancy #reiki #reikihealing #magic #witchcraft

I won’t be in the shop today (Tuesday), so here is last week’s pose that you can practice for the time being....😸 Modified side plank is awesome and wonderful to practice, even if you’re a pro at the full expression of side plank. It’s important to remember where we started, and visit the practices we had when we first began our journey! Without a strong foundation, nothing can grow.
I’ll be back in the shop for yin yoga on Thursday! 10:30-11:30, followed by tarot/oracle readings and reiki sessions until around 3.

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Yoga Pose of the Week with @samanthapanthaa !
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Today was a good day 💖 Happy Earth Day❣️Hurray planet, I love you. #facepaint #bodypaint #nature #earthday #weirdos

The first one is a family portrait with @atticfl0wer 💖 The rest are me being cute and weird. Just two of the things that I’m best at 💁🏻‍♀️😛 Also, my butterfly bag from @krukrustudio finally arrived! 😻 I love it❣️ #thecamp #peace #plants #peaceplants #familyportriat #fairyladies #beingfaries

The card of the week is the Queen of Wands❣️Wands represent fire, and fire is associated with action and passion. It’s so fitting to have roses at the shop, which are also a symbol of passion! 🌹 Whenever I’m shuffling cards for the card of the day or week, I ask “what’s the vibe?” So this week’s vibe is one of surety. The Queen of Wands is very sure about the choices she makes, and the actions she takes. This is very appropriate for the time we’re in, considering that the new moon on Sunday was in Aries, and also signified Mercury going direct! Aries is also associated with fire. New moons are a time to set an intention for the lunar cycle. If you haven’t taken time to consider what you’d like to manifest over the course of this current lunar cycle, now is the time to do it. Consider your passions. Consider your heart’s calling. Go toward it! Or, maybe it’s something else coming up for you at this time. Maybe you need to reflect on the things you are putting your energy toward. If we are focusing on the future, or the past, we will never find satisfaction in the present moment. It’s great to have a vision of where you would like to be, but it’s even better to take time to appreciate where you are. Day by day, moment by moment. You might not be exactly where you’d like to be, but when your actions in this moment line up with your passions, you can rest assured that you are going in the right direction. So, remember to take time to check in with yourself in your current state of being. How are you feeling, emotionally, and physically? What can you do, right now, to improve it? Maybe you feel that it doesn’t need any improvement. In that case, great! Give thanks and appreciation to the creator/universe/spirit/whatever/whoever else AND to yourself for bringing this wonderful time to you. And know that whether it is a moment of struggle, or a moment of rejoice, it will not last forever. Stay present. Hit me up about personal readings, reiki sessions, or yoga! I’m @dragonandtherose today, but my energy levels have been very low lately, so I’m not sure how long I’ll be here today (Tuesday) or Thursday. Come visit if you’d like! ❤️

Hello! Guys! Remember, you can find me @dragonandtherose this week for yoga, tarot/oracle readings, and reiki❣️Yoga is from 10:30-11:30, and I’ll be accepting walk-ins for readings and reiki until around 3, depending how long you want the session to be. Prices vary for these services. Also, happy new moon in Aries! Mercury is celebrating the new moon by stationing direct 😛💗 Hurray. However, don’t get too excited, because we’re still in the shadow period for a few more weeks. A “shadow period” is when the effects of retrograde are present a few weeks before and after a planet actually turns retrograde. We can count on things feeling maybe a little bit more relaxed once this month is over. Mind you, I said promises or anything. 😬😸 Happy EXISTENCE, everyone! Remember to love yourself today, and everyday! #yoga #tarot #oracle #divination #cartomancy #reiki #reikihealing #healing #dragonandtherose #yogawitch #witchcraft #astrology #mercury #mercuryretrograde #retrograde #shadowperiod

My favorite part of this video is the weird look I give the camera when it just starts. Balancing poses are fun 💗 Be mindful about keeping your foot off of your knee while doing this pose! Or any pose! Hands, too! Knees don’t need anything to be pushing against them. Take care of your body, which your knees happen to be a part of. Cash me inside @dragonandtherose every Tuesday and Thursday morning for yoga from 10:30-11:30❣️
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Pose of the Week with @samanthapanthaa!

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People who facilitate healing gotta eat, too. We’ve got to stay strong so we can hold space for others! There have been some changes for me @dragonandtherose regarding my pricing. While I’m offering my services at the shop, I now have to adhere to a different pricing and timing policy. It’s $20 for a 15 minute tarot session, and $35 for a 30 minute session. As for reiki, things are still up in the air, but I’ll keep you guys updated❣️The reason for the change is because there are other readers at the shop, and consistency is necessary for the shop’s sake. Which is totally understandable, and is a good change. However, if anyone can’t make it to the shop, I am still offering my services on a sliding scale. (I do prefer to meet at the shop, though. I’m very busy these days and this is the time I have intentionally set aside every week to offer my services.) The reason I offer sliding scale pricing is because I want these things to be able to work with everyone’s budget. I am also open to doing trades! You do massage? You cut hair? nails? You have a shop that has items I desire/need? If you have a service or something you can offer to me (that I actually want), then I am open to trading. Yoga, cartomancy, and reiki are things that can help people through so much, which is why I want to be able to help anyone who needs it, regardless of how much money they have. Just ask me about pricing or trading services and we can work something out! 💗 #yoga #tarot #oracle #cartomancy #divination #reiki #reikihealing #energywork #lightwork

Card of the day! Pulled from my Magical Unicorns oracle deck that was recently gifted to me 🦄💝✨ Not only can you share your physical things, but you can share your skills, your knowledge, and (most importantly) your LOVE! It’s funny that this card would be the first to come up when it’s my first time /sharing/ insight from this deck on social media, especially since it was gifted to me. When we are able to share what we have, we can bring joy to the people we share with. And through bringing joy to others, we can find more joy within ourselves 💗 So today, make an effort to give a little more than you usually might. Although, be mindful of what you share, and who you share it with. It does feel good to give, but it’s important to set boundaries. Don’t let people take more from you than what you are comfortable giving. It’s just as important to say “no,” as it is to give. This is something that I have been working on. I love to share, but I have been noticing more often when people are taking advantage of me. That’s when I remember to take a step back and make sure that my needs are met before I give to others. It’s been hard for me to establish these boundaries, but I know that it is necessary. I’ve still got a lot of learning to do. But! Today (Tuesday) (and also Thursday) you can find me @dragonandtherose sharing my services! 10:30-11:30 is yoga, and then I’ll be accepting walk-ins for card readings and reiki until around 3:15. Yoga is $10-20, readings are $15-30, and reiki is $45-60 for a 30 minute session. Come by! 💕 #divination #cartomancy #oracle #cardoftheday #witchcraft #tarot #yoga #reiki #reikihealing #dragonandtherose #yay #magicalunicorns

Pose of the day/week from last week! Reclined spinal twist. I’ll be @dragonandtherose for the usual shenanigans Tuesday and Thursday this week! Yoga from 10:30-11:30 with a suggested donation of $10-20. Followed by 30 minute cartomancy and reiki sessions! I’ll be accepting walk-ins for that until about 3:15. For tarot/oracle readings, $15-30. For reiki, $45-60. Come by❣️ #yoga #tarot #oracle #divination #cartomancy #reiki #reikihealing #witchcraft #justwitchythings

Taking moments to feel grateful for what we already have, every little thing, is one step toward living a more abundant life! When we vibrate with the frequency of gratitude, we attract more to be grateful for. So take time for that today, and every day❣️I’ll be @dragonandtherose taking walk-ins for card readings and reiki sessions until about 3:30 today! In addition to my usual Rider-Waite tarot, today I’m also offering one card pulls from my Ritual oracle deck. Pictured here is a card I pulled from it for today’s card of the day 💗 It’s a fun little deck filled with wonderful, magical suggestions and guidance! I’m finding myself being called to use oracle cards. I’ve been gifted two oracle decks in the last couple weeks! The one I’m using today is not one of them. I just had it in my backpack and thought it would be fun to bust it out. So come in, get a tarot reading, and a little bonus oracle message! 😸 $15-30 for card readings, and $45-60 for a 30 minute reiki session. #tarot #oracle #reiki #ritualoracle #divination #magic #witchcraft #yay #awesome #goodstuff

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