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Samantha King 🦋  "My actions aren't always calculated. I like making moves when I'm only half way through the equation" -Rob Bailey. Forever #TEAMMCCARVER

I may not be IN the show, (one of these days I'll get up there) but I'm behind the scenes AT the show!!! Even did a quick spray tan so I didn't look like a giant jar of mayonnaise 🤷🏻‍♀️See ya at the ruby! #shecleansup #dressedup #lbd #securitycrew #npc #competition #bodybuilding #bikini #physique #figure #classicphysique

Fraaannnddzzz ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @nataliegrazfitness #oye #fitfam #foreverfriends

315 on the box squat for 6 but not before I almost dumped it on Shawn after he had to practically bicep curl it out of the rack for me🤣 practice safe sets people. Recovered the ball, ran it in for the 6!! Thankyou for saving my ass lindo!! Luv u bud! #savedbylindo #DBAA #Legday @ifbbpro_shawnlindo #gymfail

You ever meet the guy that asks "wait.. so do we say it on 3? Like one, two, Do it for dallas? Or do we say it on the silent 4 that comes AFTER 3 🤔" Welcome to the mind of Chris 😂😂 Today at @busybodyfitnesscenters we did it for @dallasmccarver but we did it on the silent 4 😂😂 -------------------------------------------------------------------"Do it for Dallas" "On 4" "On....Jesus, Chris!!!" "On the SILENT 4!" 😂---------------------------------------------------------------#peanutmandms #doitfordallas @ashasebera_danabrooke @mamarock31 @chrisruden @haleybuckholzxo @the_h.i.t.man @alexromanofficial @lorenzo9852

In complicated times he wrote simplicity between the lines. An added touch of patience needed, to read the fine print. To see a giant not for his monumental stature, But for the passion in his heart that thrived within. When asked for a mentor, look no farther.
The fire in his eyes allowed for a window of light into his soul. A calmness to those who would listen. Never short of a whisper away. A strong shoulder to cry on, a diary to confide in, When asked for a best friend, look no farther. One of love, compassion, and applause. A voice so powerful and bold. His touch woven with benevolence and warmth, Strength in his energy alone. When asked for a companion, look no farther. A soul so warm and amorous, A man of duty surely to prevail. A brother inside a circle of many,
Holding faithful and true and never an option to fail.
When asked for a best friend, lover, son, mentor and brother, Look no farther. A month has gone by, every day we look to the sky with a tearful eye and a prayer to be close within. When asked for an angel, look no farther.. we miss you, our loving- Dallas McCarver #onemonthlater #dallasmccarver #wheniseeyouagain

So.. in the first video where @vyanca_ and I are climbing in the thing mabob... while it looks like I'm attempting some type of meathead pole dance 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ we were actually trying to retrieve the preworkout bottle and neither of us have the arms length to get it. I had to squeeze my thick self in there, kick the bottle up to a standing position, while vyanka does her best to grab it without falling face first. 🤣🤣What's gonna work?! Teeeeeam work!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------@chrisruden is very clear about his million and one directions on a thousand and one things. Including instructing me not to wear a poncho to the gym. And 67 steps for a back row thing. Lol. We topped of the night with a little Douchery pose down seshhhh... #modelface #chincinnatti #teamtater #brotato @chrisruden #mrandmrstater #andthetot ------------------------------------------------------------------ Chris is hands down.. like the best big brother there is to have. In the videos you can see him hawking me, pin pointing things, making me move my hair, watching my pose and not even thinking about what he's doing. Poking at me and correcting me like a big brother would. How fortunate am I?!!!!

The coolest thing about social media, is the ability to remain alive. The ability to re-live moments through other people's eyes adding to the memories in your own heart. So long as there is Instagram and Facebook and videos and social media, we can hear his voice, watch him work, still be in the moment. The coolest thing about @dallasmccarver is he has stamped his mark in so many people's journeys that even in passing, he still motivates the hell out of myself and people across the world. Dammit I fucking miss him. #dallasmccarver #onemoretimebeforeigo @mattjansen8 #motivationmonday #motivationeveryday

Just did a few sets of squats Bc when all else fails 🤷🏻‍♀️... my quads decided to rebel and try to eat my shorts. So I switched to arms hoping to distribute blood flow. 🤔😂 I am fully aware that doesn't make sense for shit, but...neither does my life 9/10 times so why stop the madness?!?! #legandarmday #idkwhathappened #ijustdidshit #legday #armday #quadsquad #idonthaveasquad #butihaveafewpeoplethatdontwannakillme #quads

Oh guess where @nataliegrazfitness is gonna be!!! @drgrazmusclerestoration Repost from @drgrazmusclerestoration @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost This week @busybodyfitnesscenters in #bocaraton , #drgraz is taking appointments! Schedule for your #musclerestoration today! 💪💪Phone and email in bio ☎💻
#graston #IASTM #myofascialrelease #busybody #bocafitness

⚠️EMOTIONAL POST⚠️ These last few weeks have been testing me boyyyyy... whew, and it keeps on coming. so many times, in the most recent days- I've sat down and just fucking cried. I've asked myself a million times "why me?! Why ALL of this and WHY all at once?!!" Well, here's why.. when all of this is said and done.. when I find peace and serenity in my life again. When I rearrange the cards and figure out who and what continues to play in my game of life- I'll look back and the painful moments will be scars to remind me that I made it through 100% of the times that I 100% for sure thought I couldn't. I know now to love as hard as I humanly am able to, unapologetically. I know to focus on the things and ONLY the things I would lay down my life for. And if shit don't work out the way I want it to... I'll re-group, dust myself off, and do it all again until I figure out my exactly where I'm supposed to be in this life. At some point, I'll get it right. Until then- this is me.. fuckin shit up, one step at a time until this disarray makes Sense to me and only me. #aintgonnabepretty #growasyougo

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