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Happy Birthday to the Man of my Life (looks like it’s Forever 21 to Forever 31 LOL).
ALSO! Good news to those who’ve never done eyelash extensions but really want to, just QUOTE MY NAME at @carragheen till 31st Nov 2017 to enjoy 20% off your first set!

For such good pictures, I attribute 20% to good lighting, 80% to having my lashes so on point. Thank you @carragheen for always taking care of my peepers and ensuring they let me leave the house without the need for much makeup! @lashmagicasia

Been awhile since I posted anything personal on this Instagram. So I'll do a... #flashbackfriday instead? Here's one where the hubs and I decided to drag our sloth selves out for a night.

<NOT SPONSORED> I've stopped blogging for awhile, I think some are aware (or many lol). So what I promote now is truly what I stand by! In fact, I even signed up for an eyelash package with @carragheen, and I've never looked back once! I've even introduced others to try out the services and quality of lashes there and none have been disappointed.
For GSS this year, you too can experience how wonderful #Carragheen's eyelash extensions for 30% off! If you'd like to try their facials (which I'm a huge fan of too -- just check out my Dayre), you're in luck because they're going at 50% off!
These deals will last till 31st July, and as a paying customer I can tell you they're often fully booked, so be sure to call in ASAP to get your slot! ❤

Been awhile since I've been back here, but I feel the need to write about the latest lashes I've done at @carragheen ✨.
They're called Chiffon Lashes, and just like chiffon, they're soft, lightweight and super comfortable. 💜 the beauty of them is that they're done almost similar to 3D lashes but there's a special technique to spreading them out and creating the most natural long lashes. I used to be unable to have the "winged" effect with much longer lashes at the ends, but now I finally can! #sp #carragheen

This Christmas festive period 🌲, get your eyelash game on with #Carragheen! Enjoy 30% off any Ala Carte eyelash service and walk off with BEAUTIFUL LASHES ✨
P/S: just wanted this chance to show off my beautiful goddaughter. ❤️

If there was someone to thank for taking care of my hair needs these few months, it would be @eleinchong from @artistryhairsg, turning my head of hay into gold ✨. Thank you for always making my hair look silkily soft - even when permed!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge eyelash extensions fan. I was hesitant at first in 2014, but BELIEVE ME when I say I am now officially addicted and ❌CANNOT❌ LIVE WITHOUT THEM. More so ever since I've experienced having my lashes done at #Carragheen and how comfortable the process and extensions are! 💗👏🏻 I kid you not when I say I'm purchasing my very own package when I’m done with the last set of extensions under my amazing one year sponsorship with @Carragheen 😍The lashes are soft, never overweight my natural lashes nor cause them to drop, they last forever, look so natural, and removal is PAINLESS. I've gotten the same feedback from friends and family who've done their lashes there as per my recommendation too!
If you want even longer lasting extensions, simply purchase Carragheen's home care #lashmagic kit 👌🏻. To book an appointment, call 62223376 today!! 🎉 #sp

Getting that dose of fresh air mixed with the indescribable beauty of fresh flowers is what #DKNY latest scent #eausoblush is best surmised as. 🌷 thank you for sending it over to me! A definite go to scent for girly outings and date nights with the hubs. #dknybetempted #dknyperfume #dknybedelicious

Eyelashes from @carragheen ; everything else from #Pitu 😂 how can anyone not discover the magic of eyelash extensions? #Carragheen #eyelashextensions

Off to Singapore. Back to work.

It’s been an amazing journey so far with #Carragheen by my side to always ensure my lashes are in their tip top shape. I abide strongly by the idea of feeling confident without the need for plying on makeup on my face, especially when it’s easily congested. So by having these lashes on already, I feel like I need not put on anything else and still look ready to face the world! :) Thank you @Carragheen for this extra boost of confidence. I've never loved the way my eyes looked this way before!

Because it’s GSS now, there’s ongoing promotion for eyelash extension, hop over to @Carragheen page for more details.

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