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Samantha  “One of the few things you can control is your attitude, make it a good one.” twenty two || B.S. Bioengineering ME📍

If you’ve never had a nitro stout coffee martini I highly recommend

tbt to palm trees and sun burns 🌴☀️

Sometimes life doesn’t always go as planned... but c’est la vie and lets make the best of it! My original plan was to be in Florida by Sept 1st, but work needs me in Maine for a few more months and instead of being bummed about it I’m making the best out of it. Fall in Maine is beyond gorgeous and that means a few extra months with family, work friends and college friends! So if you’ve got something bumming you out because of a change of plans, or for any reason for that matter, I encourage you to take an objective point of view and find that silver lining.. because it is ~always~ there.

Step 1) drive to campus football stadium
Step 2) commence turf workout
Step 3) realize it’s 90 degrees in Maine and too hot for that ish so return home to take mirror pics •

Over the past few years I have acquired a plethora of knowledge surrounding fitness and overall well-being. I’ve decided to document and share that knowledge in hopes that I can help even just one person to change their life for the better. Stay tuned for more information and bear w me because I have no idea how to blog (:

It may be Monday, but I’m far from salty😎

The college of our hearts always
The University of Maine is a strong community. I owe who I am today to this school... and some of my fondest memories took place on our football sidelines. My heart goes out to Darius Minor and the rest of the team/coaches. A tragedy like this is unimaginable and you truly never know when a moment will be your last. Please keep them, and especially the family, in your prayers.. Always remember to cherish your loved ones while they’re still here and never take a single moment for granted... Peace&Love

It’s national tequila day, in my hand is a margarita... celebrating life at all times
(also shoutout to my fellow bar coworkers who love tequila shots just as much as me ily @kayjoyy_ @harmon149 @petemerritt )

New Hair who this

May or may not have been kicked out of the hot tub we snuck into last night..

spent the day at the lake yesterday, trapped at work today

dreaming of white sand beaches

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