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Jenny  I'm here sharing photos of the beauty I run across, because the wonders of this life are often too good not to share. On Ravelry I'm Ramones

Thoughtful planning and the consequences of acting too quickly has been on my mind this first week of the #SchoolofGentleProtest While I watched Selma I was struck by how many conversations/arguments/power struggles/negotiations all came before the protest actions. Today here in the States I'm struck with how skipping those steps leads to failures, however glad I am for yesterday's failure of repealing the ACA. My thoughts are with those protesting Brexit today. I'm curious what's gone on behind the scenes there as well. (Photo of courthouse protest from the movie Selma) I'm looking forward to next week's lesson @craftivists @1215today

Can't wait to block this baby! All done except the bind off! (all 397 stitches) #rebelshawl by @knitgraffiti

I got treated to Descanso Garden's Tomatomania preview this afternoon (and bought another tomato!). Maybe an even bigger treat was to see the lilacs in bloom. 💜

"Going to see the poppies" is a magical adventure. I'm planning on going to the preserve next weekend, but until then here are some poppies from my backyard.

Today's accomplishments: amended soil, in part with my own compost which is so satisfying!, planted four tomato plants ( replanting two after getting tips from @spadeandseeds ), consolidated and fertilized "winter" crops that never really took off, planted last chance lettuce seedlings before it gets too hot, decided that the Fava beans were so good I'm not taking the plant out but hoping for more flowers, at least to save some beans to try and replant. I feel good!

My garden is calling to me, however I'm so sleepy still. Another cup of coffee and some knitting seems to be the answer. Happy Friday. I hope you can see something blooming or sprouting; it's so encouraging and hopeful.

When your food feels like your child! Sautéed with leeks and preserved Meyer Lemon over brown rice. Lunch is good today.

Mad props to the prep cooks out there. That was a lot of work for just a handful. Imagine doing that for a dinner service?!?! #paywhattheyask #worthit

Fava bean harvest. From one @spadeandseeds seedling. Now to have a cooking experiment. 💚

Beautiful Kristin asked me to share what I am doing. I just left where I gave myself an hour to knit and chat today @ladyrowena I was so happy right as I walked in as Ulli and @em2fine were happy to see me. Now I'm at my office. Thanks so much for asking me. I'll ask a few of my 🐧friends: @fromcinthia @sweaterspotter and @liebwedd what are you up to today?

Something about after a rain.....water drops like jewels clinging onto the plants.

Dearest Adriana @nanoadri asked what I was doing and at the time I was about to dry my hair. Now I'm in my last hour before needing to go to my office and as per usual the choice that's difficult to make presents itself. To read or to knit? (It's about to rain so no gardening today) I think I'll start the last chart on my #rebelshawl by @knitgraffiti and at least get that going. I'm curious what @kathisnodgrass and @bag47 are up to. Ladies of the Haus want to share?

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