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Jenny  I'm here sharing photos of the beauty I run across, because the wonders of this life are often too good not to share. On Ravelry I'm Ramones


We are getting bigger, but what are we? #mysterysquash #jennysgarden17 #keepingthingsrealwithweeds


It's still around 100 degrees at almost 4pm but I wanted to go outside and check on things. Found today: my Limmony yellow beefsteak tomato is a small red cherry tomato πŸ…, I'm over Sungolds because of Warren Yellow Cherry and I need to thin out my radishes (which I am not good at), birds are really into my red tomatoes so I have to pick them a bit early and let them ripen inside, I'm not sure if this is how Chocolate Stripe is supposed to look but, birds..., and when it's hot bean sprouts grow a lot in one day. #jennysgarden17

Well with certainty I can say one of the mystery squash is a pumpkin πŸŽƒ Sadly something punctured it and about a quarter of it is mushy. #jennysgarden17

Beans that are not just green! πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’œ

When restaurants you love ❀️ write cookbooks! Brunch thanks to @littleflowerbaking @little_flower_cafe @caramelchristine @sahsileeah and @eiwte @sqirlla Orange 🍊 Almond Cake and Sorrel Pesto Rice Bowls. #onanentertainingstreak #whyhaventidonethismoreoften #littleflowerbaking #eiwte

Wake up, start coffee, get newspaper, stop in your tracks and gape at this iris. Autopilot interrupted by beauty.

Enough of you gave me the πŸ‘ and πŸ‘Œand even πŸ‘to keep posting #jennysgarden17 photos, so here's this morning's: beans!, my crazy plant mixings, mystery squash, mystery squash and pumpkin in June! Plus Nasturtiums which bring me endless joy.

Sitting with a β˜•οΈ gazing at the 🍊tree, then remembering there's a bag of frozen 🍊purΓ©e in the freezer....might lead to there being @littleflowerbaking almond cake at brunch tomorrow. Porch as defroster. #notintheninetiestoday #afirstforaweek #theovencouldturnontoday #bakinginsummer #littleflowerbaking

Gardens: they have harvests (including one strange veggie I found tonight @evitbolt 😜), growth, and beginnings (too late to plant radishes but I am!)

Whatcha got in the bag Amelia? 🐧s with yarn! @sweaterspotter gifted me with such a prize last night. Five mini skeins of fabulous @oldmaidenaunt yarn to make a #bounnet from the #bounnetbouquetgiveaway I feel so blessed to get to try Lilleth's yarn with Anna's pattern. Amelia wanted to start matching yarn right away even though it's not #matchyarnmonday

I scream, you scream, we were screaming for....cake pops?!?! Good morning! I'm very groggy, sitting in the garden, drinking coffee, happily thinking about what fun it was to have a knitting party πŸŽ‰ last night. @sweaterspotter @knitterotica @liddlebot @evitbolt @thelittleknittery and Stephanie I loved so much having you all over. Please come over again. And again. 😘 Now some more β˜•οΈ

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