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Sam Alves  ✌🏻Winner of The Voice Brasil 📀 Singer/ Songwriter 🇧🇷 Brazilian and proud! 🎵Listen Here👇🏻

Happy 4th! 🇺🇸 🎆 #4thofjuly

Coming out as a gay man was a difficult transition for me. Being brought up in a religious household made things very uncomfortable. The fact I had my life in the spotlight and media after winning The Voice made it all the more difficult. I had to deal with me first. I had to accept that after years of prayer failed, wishing I would have been changed into a heterosexual, I knew God didn’t want to change my sexual orientation, but change how I saw myself and how I could still love Him and serve Him as a gay man. I also had to face the fear of what others would think. Face my friends and my family. And lastly face the public. I was told to hide “this”, to live this in my private life. But it wasn’t a desire to be public to flaunt it that was inside me, but a desire to not have to hide who I was.
When I did come out I heard amazing stories of people who were dealing with the same situation. Everything has its time. Don’t rush because someone pressures you to. But don’t hide because you fear people won’t love you. Do it when you feel safe, comfortable with yourself, and ready! And when you do, be proud of who you are, a special, wonderful and brave person who will not be facing an easier world, but a more beautiful one with you in it just as God made you!
Share your stories with me! I’d love to read them!

#PRIDE #COMINGOUT #LGBTQ #LOVEWINS (tradução completa que eu escrevi pro português está na minha página do Facebook)

June 28th is International Pride Day and the Stonewall Riots Anniversary. We remember the fight against discrimination, prejudice and violence against the LGBTQ+ community and continue that fight! When will we not need to fight? When we live in harmony, love, respect, and acceptance 365 days of the year! Prejudice divides, respect unites! DO YOU THINK IT’S IMPORTANT TO CELEBRATE PRIDE DAY? ||
Dia 28 de Junho é o Dia Internacional do Orgulho LGBTQ+ e o aniversário dos Distúrbios de Stonewall. Nos recordamos a luta contra a descriminação, o preconceito e a violência contra a comunidade LGBTQ+ e continuamos essa luta! Quando é que ela irá terminar? Quando vivermos em harmonia, amor, respeito e aceitação todos os 365 dias do ano! O preconceito divide, e o respeito nos une! VOCÊ ACHA QUE É IMPORTANTE COMEMORAR O DIA INTERNACIONAL DO ORHULHO LGBTQ+ ? || 📷 Matheus Muraca ||

I chose a series of fun pics to share with you guys in commemoration of Pride Month! We celebrate our true colors and let those around us know who we are and how we truly feel like God has made us. Celebrate the differences in the world and learn to not judge but be accepting, understanding, and loving. || #lgbtq #pride

Happy Birthday to the strong woman who has always stood by my side in everything, my mother. ❤️|| Feliz Aniversário para a mulher forte que tem estado ao meu lado em tudo, minha mãe. || 📸 Eunivan Silva #happybirthdaymom

Happy Kiss Day Brazil! || Feliz Dia do Beijo! 💋 || #DiaDoBeijo #MeBeija

Eu tomei algumas decisões importantes para minha vida e minha carreira e compartilhei com vocês escrevendo uma carta na minha página do Facebook (Link no Stories) || 📸 Eunivan Silva

It’s all for those smiles 😊 || #fans #love #stage

One of the greatest joys I’ve had in life is connect with people through music, it’s a universal connection! || #music #throwback #samalves

I just love “Stargazing” by Kygo and decided to try to learn it on the piano. I’m not that great of a piano player, much less singing and playing at the same time...but this is what came out after a day’s worth of practice! Hope you guys enjoy it! 🎶 || #music #lovethissong #kygo #stargazing #cover

Coming soon! || Em Breve!! @matheusmuraca #photoshoot #color

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