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Sam Cunado  Cuban🇨🇺 🇺🇸Denver living ☃️❄️competitive bodybuilder🏋🏽 I enjoy a simple life 🙃 I got furry kids🐕🐈🐶 im in love 😋 and engaged 💍Weakness ? Kathryn 😬

No filter just some crazy Cuban ! “ a steroid junkie “ lol like this instagram fools think 🤔 hahaha I love it ! Next video on how to make a trenbolone sandwich coming soon on my YouTube page : nofucksgiven ! Check it out .

There was me back in the day ! Enjoying real life and the blessings of being in the best island in the whole Caribbean. You go back home and there is no wifi no internet ! No social media garbage ! There’s just time and lots of it spent with family and friends ! Time to dance , time to dream , time for a Cuban to realise how lucky he is to be a damn Cuban .

I don’t know what I did to deserve such loving creature but anywhere I go she goes ! If a second goes by that we aren’t together she’s freaking out ! I love my HONEY ! She knows probably how I pray over her each night before we go to bed ! And she can feel how dad rubs her tummy so she can fall asleep and be Cousy .

Feeling a bit ripped ... and I haven’t been eating like I should ! To be honest I’m tired of eating and specially eating clean . I still do it though. But lately hungry mans and hot pockets have been the diet .... #dreams#wcw#physique#back#glutes#bodybuilding#bodybuilder#lean#probodybuilder#ifbbpro#beach#goals#classicphysique#shredded#gymlife#fitspo#gymjunkie#flexing#ripped#strong#muscles#fit#fitness#abs#quads#leggins#trainer#motivation#colorado

Anytime you women want to think about us men as “pigs” “machista “ ( macho man ) “ nasty , dogs or whatever name you guys call us just because one man wasn’t brave enough to stand for what you believed or didn’t had the cojones to be loyal and protect you , think about this photo , or actually think about a man who you are very proud of . Don’t generalize men because of one , don’t criticize us because of one and definitely stop thinking as a woman that all men want is sex because that’s not true . Most of us man seek honor and acceptance, we seek compassion and understanding and believe it or not guess who ? Women . All a man wants is to either make a woman proud or make his momma proud of who he is . Before you answer some guy with something nasty , think about the men right now who haven’t slept because they are either serving fighting a war or saving those in that crazy fire that we have . We as men are not perfect but believe this when I tell you , a woman has a lot of power when she uses her word on us . You can either brake us or you can make us , use your words wisely as we need women in our live in order to be what we were always meant to be , your pillars , as you are ours . Stop with the none sense of today’s generation and let’s get back to respecting each other for what we are .

Nearly 16 years ago I was that kid when they told me I was going to the United States of America , land of the free . The land of dreams . I got here and in about 16 years I learn there’s is nothing free here , you pay for your freedom and you work till you die . Enjoying life is not a common thing here neither is pleasure ! Real pleasure of having a life and being proud of who and what you got no matter the job or the tittle . Everyone here is so concerned with making money they forgotten to be humans and all they do is look after themselves , selfish is a word that could describe the culture. Nothing against this beautiful land and the people . I love it and it’s where I found love and a family that’s speaks a different dialect or language. However everything came at a high cost . People often ask me , if you could go back in time , would you have ever come here ? To the USA ? My answer is no . I would have never traded what I had back then for a couple of dollars and some fancy orange juice with pancakes . I much rather take love , family , Friends , real friends ! Some old hard bread and some coffee . I don’t know what my purpose is being here in this land , maybe to preach and try to change some of my friends mentality , that the dollar is just a paper who whispers destruction in your head . That working as long as people do it here to have a bmw rather than a Toyota is ironic and senseless. That breakfast with a love one is better than doughnuts with a boss who doesn’t care about you and all he does is getting Rich out of the sweat of your back . That’s not living . That’s dying .

215 pound and I don’t want to be any bigger to be honest ! I don’t have any plans in competing as a pro if I do make it to the pro level ! But things could change , I have set a goal to get a pro card and that’s it for me . I really want to do bodybuilding as a hobby and not as a sport . For me it’s more about having fun with it now than trying to get a paycheck .
This is my off season .

What’s on your plate each day ?
Let’s talk about food .
Since I moved to this country I’ve never seen so many overweight people . As the years have gone by and I got into bodybuilding I learned how to eat even better, but there was so many people who criticized my habits of clean eating and it’s funny because it was mostly the ones who weren’t so “healthy “ doing it . I got into multiple arguments with people because I wondered why is that we have so many people who are overweight and unhealthy , the excuse ? I don’t have time , lol or you would hear this none sense , according to medical factors im overweight because my body can’t burn fat . Funny , because I bet that Frappuccino you are drinking in the morning is part of your doctors “ diet “ . Americans have a habit of feeling bad for themselves and creating problems out of nothing . Let me explain . In Cuba we had a very low percentage to almost none of overweight people . Reason ? Many ; people exercise and 2 , we didn’t eat the amount of unhealthy calories people eat here . We rarely saw a condition where people were overweight because “ medical reasons “ hell I see people on drugs here just because they lost their jobs and now they suffer from “ depression “ ( cough cough ) being a pussy and not being able to acknowledge reality , which means move the fuck on and get another job . In my country we had a problem we solved the problem with the little that we had , here people have a problem and it’s a mental breakdown and consuming drugs to relive the “ problem “ ( opportunity ) is the solution ( quick fix ) . And so little by little we box ourselves , we start eating like shit and suddenly we have a medical “ condition “ . Bottom line is even if you have a medical condition there’s still a choice for you to make : do you eat like shit or do you try to at least eat healthy ? Oh an about the “ I don’t have time “ funny thing is we all have 24 hours , I was working two jobs and training 5 hours a day and I still managed to cook my meals and get them ready . I didn’t go to the McDonald drive thru and shit on my body . But hey it’s a medical condition and I don’t have time right lol

Girl goes back to the fire to save horses ! At least that’s what I read ... this is crazy ...

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