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#womansmarch so proud of all women, poc, lgbtq+, minorities, and male allies that got out there and refused to be quiet. Stay loud, keep fighting injustices and fight for the rights + wellbeing of all people! There's no way Trump's America will be defunding PP, cutting social security + healthcare and dismissing the issues of minorities without the resistance. This was the most important message to send in light of the new president, if people were allowed to get angry at obama over a birth certificate rumor, you can bet my "special snowflake, libtard, feminazi" ass that we're going to hold Trump accountable for every fuck up and every decision that puts the interests of corporate America over the wellbeing of citizens. As a Canadian, I refuse to let Donald Trump's behavior slide, and I stand in solidarity with all poc, women, men, queer, minorities that face the brunt of Trump's policies and rhetoric. I would hope Donald Trump would take this march as a challenge to change our minds, but he'll probably brush it off as fake news. I guess we'll see. Remember to always get involved in politics, get organized + don't take any shit.

when ya wear blundstones to the club but you're too drinky with your best friend to care

literally anything in the world can top 2016 so I'm feeling optimistic! FUCK 2016, fuck cancer, fuck Donald trump, FUck boys who break your friends' hearts, fuck my nerves.

Love you Nikki 💕💓 also shout out to all of my friends who got me through this horrible year. I'm so thankful to have people that love me like my friends (and family) do. Not sure why they like me but I'm so grateful for my humans. Here's to another year of creating and neglecting my New Years resolutions

HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY TO MY FAV LIL BEAN, JOE 💓 love you wit all my heart babe even tho u slapped me in the face one time in grade 9 in a corn maze ✨ 10 years n still goin strong

mërri xmãs my DUDES (from sam + your fav holiday pitty) 🎄 the tree isn't the only thing that's gettin lit tonight ✨


doggo + i

"How do people take candid coffee pictures, anyway?"

After watching the documentary "Sled Dogs" at the Whistler Film Festival, I came home and gave Leila the biggest hug. She's not a sleddie, but she sure looks like one.
There's a common belief amongst many mushers and sled dog companies that Sled Dogs should not be treated the same way as regular dogs because they genuinely believe they are different - meaning they believe that sled dogs are born to be able to withstand conditions like being tied up all day, every day that they are not training or pulling a sled. It is also a common belief that they are born to run ridiculous races such as the Iditarod race in Alaska, 1000 mile race where dogs are run down to the core (they claim it's a great tradition, but back in the day they did NOT run that far). In the summer time/off season, there are usually only 2 people at a time that take care of 200+ dogs, so the sleddies are usually just tied up in the summer and don't receive nearly enough attention as they should. There are so many sleddies that are killed off if they are not fit enough to run, or when they become too sore and run down from the excessive amount of sled pulling. This movie really opened my eyes to the fact that not all that much has changed since the 2011 whistler sled dog cull; the government has claimed to have put regulations in place to ensure that abusive practices towards sled dogs will never happen again, but clearly they do not care as not much has been done or changed.
IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAVE HUMANE SLED DOG PRACTICES, but very unlikely when it is a business with a mass amount of dogs.
SLED DOGS ARE STILL DOGS. If you're not going to treat sleddies properly then you can fucking #pullyourowndamnsled

🍍 Happy spookyween from your two fav pineapples 🍍

• autumn > any season and I'll fight anyone who disagrees •

thankful for sunny autumn walks with pups💛🍂 🐶