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S.AM.  "See simplicity in the complicated. Achieve greatness in little things." Software engineer 💻 Writer 📝 Percussive guitarist 🎸 🌈♀👊

You drew strength from my weakness,
Pleasure from the pain,
Attaining means to climb,
Leaving our love in vain.
But out of the wreckage,
I formed a hard shell,
Hence when I let go,
It was only you who fell.

I could write countless poems,
Describing your allure,
Fill the world with paintings,
Depicting your unparalleled beauty,
But even that would be,
A mere speck in the galaxy,
Of wonders you are to me.

I did not fully recognize,
Your exceptional beauty,
Until I looked at all things,
My eyes could not see.

I wanted to let go of you,
Lose the memories of my past,
And in doing so, find myself,
Yet I remained in this maze,
Searching for a nonexistent you,
And in doing so, lost my place.

Ones best kept around,
Are those who heard you,
When you made no sound.
🌹#notion #tashsultana

Sometimes life takes its toll on me,
And unexpectedly,
Feelings of anger and hurt arise,
Turning me into a storm,
Striking those nearby.
Why do we tend to hurt,
The ones we love the most?
Why are we not our best selves,
And merely settle for close?
I cannot always control,
What brings it about,
But I will always come back,
To atone and be better,
In that, I have no doubt.

I apologize,
For I stopped believing
Mere words long ago.
It was not you,
But one too many were deceiving,
And they let their actions show.
Assure me with your deeds,
Express your true feelings,
And our love will grow.
I promise,
I will give you everything,
For I am yours forevermore.

She constantly feels,
The waves,
Of expectations washing over her,
And the current,
Of social stigma pulling her,
Back into a whirlpool,
She once fought to escape.
Yet she swims against the flow;
She deserves to be her true self,
Not to hide in a shadow.

“We didn’t choose to be
strung together
by the thread of trauma
Yet here we are
People who have been wounded,
clawed their way out of the
depths of darkness,
and managed to survive and thrive
We all deserve love, respect,
and kindness
Things we never had
when we were abused”
-“Nasty Women”
Hillery, Molly S.

She was always her own rival,
Striving to be better,
Self-reliant for survival.
She triumphed through adversity,
Not seeking others’ approval,
Bold, grounded, yet truly free.

I lost myself,
In the cracks and crevices,
Looking for pieces of you,
That never existed,
Searching for answers,
Or reasons in my mind.
And now it's time,
To shed all layers,
Of a hindering past,
And embark on a journey,
With the memories left behind.

If you are not ready,
To give her your all,
Do not engrave your name,
On her already bleeding heart,
It is never yours to claim,
That will only tear her apart,
Her heart belongs to one,
Who will not restrain it,
But nurture it with love,
Cherish it like gold,
As it grows and evolves,
Without being controlled.
Now That’s Amore,
Or so I have been told.

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