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S.AM.  "See simplicity in the complicated. Achieve greatness in little things." Software engineer 💻 Writer 📝 Percussive guitarist 🎸 🏳️‍🌈

All the fears,
All the pain,
Every tear shed,
Are not in vain.
All you feel,
Hidden and repressed,
Will help you heal,
If you simply express.
I know it’s hard,
To let it all out,
Let down your guard,
And just cry out loud.
Do not apologize,
For having a big heart,
For in you lies,
A work of art.

A smile costs nothing,
Spreads like wildfire,
With the beauty of Spring.
Not a mask for tears,
Nor a remedy to help
Rid one of all fears.
Yet in a blink of an eye,
It can brighten the world,
Like a star in the sky.
I think of the little things,
And they make me smile,
A simple thought turns to motion,
Makes it all seem worthwhile.
When you feel sad and blue,
Remember what is true:
There are those who
Deeply care about you,
And there are those who
Need to see you smile too.

"I know you’re scared right now
maybe you miss
maybe your heart hurts a little
or a lot
or maybe you’re not quite sure
of who you are
or what you want
but that feeling you
want back
the one where it doesn’t seem
like the whole world is against
it's still here
it never really left
and one day you will realize
that the only person
who can find it again
is you" - C.P, Pillow Thoughts

She looked for another’s love,
So hard and for so long,
Thinking it would mend the fractures,
And help her feel strong.
But when she found it,
Though wonderful it was,
She still felt a void within,
And knew the real cause;
For it was only ever up to her,
To feel that she was whole,
And belonged to something greater,
To recover forgotten goals,
And become her own savior.

I hope someone,
Serenades and swoons you,
With a guitar;
A song solely about you,
And how wonderful you are.

When I touch you,
All senses and words mingle.
I can hear time,
Slowing down.
I can see the secrets,
We share together.
I can taste your beauty,
Overpowering your perfect flaws.
I can smell the color,
You have added to my every moment.
I can only feel it.
I can't put it in words.

She cloaked her sadness in a smile,
Broke bitter silence with laughter,
But even I could see once in a while,
How she yearned to be sought after.
I wish I could tell her it is okay,
To let her true colors show,
We all live in shades of gray,
And can still be loved as so.

Love is blind.
Love is unexpected.
Has its own frame of mind,
Yet cannot be neglected.
Love is giggles, trust,
Laughter, and cries.
Adaptable and robust,
Through the lows and the highs.
Love is a lot of firsts,
Wishing the moments never end.
An emotional outburst,
Calmed by the beauty it lends.
Love is within.
Love is magic.
So give, but do not give in,
For losing it, is tragic.

My first collaboration effort with the incredibly talented @iamshefali_ in making the acoustic debut of her single "Let U Go". I respect and admire you for using your talent to share a story that speaks to women whose voices may not be heard.

Director: @nimitzbeatbox
Refer to my bio for a link to the full video. ☺️

You are not a phase,
You are not a trend,
You were born to shine,
In every moment 'till the end.
You are not a hobby,
You are not a game,
Your heart is not a toy,
Or something to be claimed.
You are more,
More than you will ever know,
Please love yourself,
Despite those who let you go.

I wish you saw,
The beauty I see,
When I look at you.
All of you.
I wish you knew,
The strength I gain,
From your tenacity.
It gets me through.
I wish you wished for more.
For you deserve the best,
That this world can give.
You truly do.
I promise to do more.
And be the best I can be.
Not just for me,
But especially for you.

I adore the way you look in my eyes,
As if seeing me for the first time,
I can feel time slowing down,
And my stomach fill with butterflies.
Your sweet voice, and rosy lips,
Your perfect nose, and flushed cheeks.
You are all I see when I close my eyes,
And all I hear when my heart speaks.

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