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Salvatore J. Cesarani 

Today at Easter Mass,
Father Kevin for his homily
told a story about a little boy who was given an empty plastic Easter Egg ....and was told that when he came back from spring break he should put something in it...and upon his return to class...When the teacher Ms Mc Govern looked at all the eggs and listen to all the stories, She picked up the little boys Egg which was empty....The Child was on Spectrum...and when asked about His empty Egg..He said " the Tomb is Vacant", Just like the egg.... And from this day on "We shall always be reminded of a new beginning".
"Jesus has Risen".... How wonderus this little boy must have been.

Sitting there at Mass, It made me think and still today we speak of this Miracle,  gives me great strength everyday.
Think of this little boys story, and have Faith, Hope...and most of all love.
Sal Cesarani.

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