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D Salvador~SaviorVenom4Poetry™  What is to give light, must first endure burning-V.F. I love rap aliens energy healing magick spirit animals nature metal&💍wen 🌞♏️🌕♐️🌄♊Herbalist💨

Wish the system would actually help people rehabilitate themselves instead of forcing them into a situation where their forced to become harder than they previously were.. the legal n medical systems motto is "well we can only get involved once it's to late" n it's pathetic... all they want is to make bank off us as much as possible. They cause already broke families to go into massive debts n treat people with severe mental health issues as criminals than protect punk bitches? So fucked. I got love for homies in the joint because so many people I love have been in it, near it n extremely affected by it, most these people have huge families, little education n the world on their shoulders so of course when your back is against the wall you are going to react. In this rap song I like it speaks the truth "5 years for slanging coke but 2 years for a child molester..." #FUCKED #THEYAREPEOPLETOO #fuckthepolice

Was chillin in my backyard n saw this raccoon come down than two babies followed n a few minutes later two more babies came so it was one mama n four babies n we checked each other out n I talked to them a bit (: still haven't been attacked lol because I'm respectful of their space n read the signs when they tell me to back up, people don't realize that animals have bad days n moments to just like people, n it's so important to check in with their energy n be aware of what they need not just that you need a picture or a trippy moment to tell your friends, omg same with dog walkers! Like yeah it's great your dog is good with dogs but if u see me with my dog who has a muzzle on it's probably not the best idea to come speed walking at me from behind or to come up super fast n close to her n look into her eyes!! Seriously! Be aware that many animals are rescues n were treated very badly n have trauma they need to work through just like people do! N be respectful about that n be smart about it, cut this naive crap it's tiring af n makes it hard to train animals that need the rehabilitation #TheWorldDoesNotRevolveAroundYou #adoptdontshop #rescue #raccoon #animals #berespectful #besmart I also make sure to not get overly friendly with wild life because I am a good person but the next person may not be n you don't want animals to be to trusting, the unfortunate truth is there are a lot of psychos out there n I don't want a poor baby falling victim to them.

N she's climbing the stairway to heaven #beautiful #sun #heaven

I know he like my style them other bitchez boriiinngg #latina #mixedgirl #girlswithpiercings #brunette #smiles

"By the way you might notice that despite your numerous distinctive features, I never gave you a name like Scar or Stripe or Goliath. That's because to me, you aren't special. You were special to rats, now their dead. I guess it was me you should have impressed." ~Rick Sanchez 🍆💚 new Rick & Morty episode was heaty af. #picklerick #rickandmorty #solenya #season3

Went out into my backyard n there was a female dear laying down n we startled each other cause I was bringing stuff to store in the shed, so I just chilled n got low n sat n talked with her n she was uneasy but let me chill n I sat with her for like 10 minutes than randomly her baby jumped out of this huge canopy like tree I have in my backyard (he must have been hiding or sleeping) and they start grooming each other n eating n they both totally let me chill until they decided to walk out of my backyard, a few times we got close n mama seemed a bit agitated wit me so I backed off when ever she showed me that and than she would chill out n we watched each other n checked each other out, super trip experience especially cuz I've been super in my head lately n forgetting to remember Whuts really important in life which is all the little simple moments you find life n bliss in, and how important it is to reconnect with your environment especially nature 💕🍃 #forestbathing #plants #dear #animals #baby #mama

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