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D Salvador~SaviorVenom4Poetry™  What is to give light, must first endure burning-V.F. I love rap aliens energy healing magick spirit animals nature metal&💍wen Herbalist/Budtender💨

Rest in peace n power, pour one out for the homie tonight ): grew up watching trailer park boys since I was a littles, watched season after season when I was in the hospital for awhile a few years back n it seriously helped me stay positive n smiling so much even if it's just a goofy show, much love John your def gunna be a hard act to follow #johndunsworth #rip #mrlahey #tpb #trailerparkboys #canadian #sad

Devils Club 🔥 a super sacred and very powerful plant. Parts used: inner bark of the root and stem that have lost there spines or inner layers of stems. WARNING: Berries are poisonous to humans. Spiritual uses: great for using when you are READY to work through past trauma, ancestral wounds, etc. Only take when you are ready because very hard memories and feelings come up when you take this plant, and if you aren't ready they may be to painful to process. I took way to big of a dose energetically the other day n was an emotional mess so seriously start off with one or two DROPS of you are ingesting for spiritual/emotional purposes. It is used in magick, shamanism etc to ward off evil/ curses, for spiritual protection, purification, and for travelling between worlds and communicating with spirits etc. Many people believe this plant also bestows great strength on those who dance with it. Physical ailments it is used for: respiratory ailments (coughs, sore throats, chest pain, colds, lung ailments) which makes a ton of sense since the lungs are associated with grief and this plant helps you bring your trauma to the surface so it can than be released. It is great for inflammation and is sometimes made into a poultice to reduce swelling and infection on wounds. It really matches its doctrine of signatures that way with its physically fierce spikes symbolizing that it emotionally brings tough and sharp things to the surface. It is also good for stomach pain, ulcers, ingestion, gallstones, constipation etc. The stomach area/genital area is where our "dream egg" via our most powerful energy sources/chi sources are, not to mention physically these areas are packed with huge amounts of nerve endings (I love how its doctrine of signatures matches so perfectly with the plant spiritually/emotionally) n doctrine of signatures is the belief that what the plant physically looks like is a pre cursor for what it can be used for spiritually, emotionally, physically, psychologically etc like how avocados look like testicles or ovaries and they are actually really beneficial for both those parts health wise. Cont in comments.

When your Venus is in Libra n your Mars is in Virgo in your chart n The planet Venus is in Libra n Mars is in Virgo rn #mood not to mention Mercury is in Libra, Jupiter in Scorpio, n Uranus is in Aries Ommgg #planets #horoscopes #astrology #hardcore #feels #intense

Half asleep freestyle from before bed last night pt. 2 #rap #hiphop #femalerapper #freestyle #rapper #music #newmusic

Half asleep freestyle from before bed last night #freestyle #me #rap #hiphop #femalerapper #rapper #music #newmusic

I love you like a fat kid loves cake #dogsofinstagram #pitbullsofinstagram #canine #humandog #baby #staffordshirebullterriersofinstagram Lou why are u a person

Did a rap to Wu tang's METHOD MAN beat today #rap #hiphop #femalerapper #music #wutangisforthechildren #wutangforever #wutangclan model in the beginning picture is the lovely @siofox 💕 #hiphophead #muscian #rapper #salvador #elsalvador @methodmanofficial

Yes it is so sad when someone passes but Hugh Hefner was a literal over glamourized actual PIMP that abused, used, manipulated and exploited women and made tons of BANK off that abuse n exploitation so can y'all chill on acting like he's some kind of god when he basically just ran some weird legal sex ring/trade he made into a legal business that he mainly profited from. Not to mention he was bff with bill Cosby n was known to give women quaaludes like cmon why is that your role model.. Yes it is so sad when anyone passes but people pass away everyday who have actually done great things with their lives that should actually be celebrated n remembered.. #kindofweird #hughhefner #playboy #society

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