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D Salvador~SaviorVenom4Poetry™  What is to give light, must first endure burning-V.F. I love rap aliens energy healing magick spirit animals nature metal&💍wen 🌞♏️🌕♐️🌄♊Herbalist💨

I love my dad so much for real tho 😓 #iloveyou #dad #sad

Happy late international snake day n here's some pictures of my babies.. Super happy with parts of life, I've gotten a lot of job offers the last month but one is just so good I'm so happy it's such a professional dispensary n I'm fucking stoked. Not so happy with some judgmental, shady n bitchy people I thought were my friends, but those who mind don't matter n those who matter don't mind. I really believe bad things happen for a reason, n usually the reason is to make space for far better n more positive things. So don't be down when people judge you etc N don't change yourself either. People are way to sensitive now a days seriously learn to take a fucking joke (I'd rather be laughing than crying about traumatic events) the reason I get over the majority of fucked up shit that has happened to me is because I make fun of it and laugh at it, even if it's brutal. It makes it less real and easy to deal with, and it makes me feel like I have my control back in the situation. I think people get the wrong idea cause I hear a lot people say I'm to blunt or harsh etc with people but I'm just a straight up person, I don't understand beating around the bush what the fuck is the point? N I'm not gunna sugar coat myself for anyone either, I take after ODB who gives A FUCK Whut people think their judging you anyways so you might as well have some fun n be yourself. "IF I DIED THE CIA KILLED ME!" -ODB X100 N all I've been doing is watching wu tang interviews etc especially with ODB Gza Rza n Method man. Best one is when ODB is like shit talking the CIA/government n randomly Method Man just had enough n is like WE LOVE THE GOVERNMENT WE LOVE THE CIA DONT COME KNOCKING ON OUR DOORS, KEEP US SAFE... N ODB just replies.. n I love them too... #iloveyou #justkeepswimming #icantstandfakeassbitches #internationalsnakeday #snakesofinstagram #ballpython #cornsnake #reptilesarelife

So I have been dealing with a poltergeist kind of thing the last few weeks and had been loosing a lot of sleep, among a million other things I'm loosing a lot of sleep over. I had a visit with a sister I've cradled a very special relationship and bond with recently, and she has been in exorcisms etc and has been a nun since she was 18 and she is now in her 70's. I told her not only am I seeing this spirit, but several of my family members have brought it up and described it to me down to the last detail without me literally saying anything so that freaked me tf out. Basically she gave me these relics as protection. There is the St. Anne's church in Victoria and she is the founder (relics pic) from the 1800's, she had a huge amount of power in the religious community she worked in, in the beginning. She began to express different ideologies than the men in the church etc and when she did they basically took all her power away and told her she would be a servant for the rest of her life to try to silence her etc, but she still practiced etc and many women looked up to her and still do, as well as men. These relics have touched the bones of Marie Anne Blondin, seriously you can feel the holy vibration instantly. In some excorcisms she had done, she found that carrying this relic on you or placing it in the room with the most paranormal activity will introduce Mother Marie to it & she will take the spirit to the light. In one excorism she did, the only thing that made the negative entity leave was nailing one of these relics to the wall in the basement of the house (where there was the most paranormal activity, indicating the area where the spirit had the most power as well as it's "territory"). I definitely feel blessed to have received these beautiful omens of protection and blessing. On the back it says "This material touched the bones of BLESSED Marie Anne Blondin" my middle name is Marie and my grandmothers name is Marie-Carmen so I felt an instant connection with Mother Marie💕 I love strong female spiritual leaders, especially when they have the balls to speak up when no one else will. #relics #stanneschurch #MotherMarie #MarieAnneBlondin #omens #protection

St. John's Wort my mums in law picked for me #stjohnswort #magickalherbs #magickalherbalism #herbalism #herbalist #fairies St. John's wort is believed to be a sacred plant to fairies, you should always treat it with respect etc when you come across it, it's believed if you are disrespectful n step on it etc you will be stolen away by a fairy horse... I know that sounds funky but I'm not even joking that's an actual legend 😂 look it up. Besides that this is a very potent, magickal and special herb that is sooo amazing for any kind of deep pain (migraines, back pain, nerve pain etc), as well as depression. I use it a lot during ceremonies as well. PS: I heard from a very good and well respected herbalist that St. John's will make anti-depressants, birth control, opiates etc not work and you will go into withdrawal etc if you are taking those kind of things around the time you are taking St. John's wort because it makes the medication go inactive. So it's best to try this herb out in points in your life where your not taking medications like those.

Happy Snake day, obvs snake would be my totem/spirit animal horoscope. I fucking love snakes n reptiles!!!!! I hate how society has made it an insult to call someone a pig, rat or snake (even though I am totally guilty of using them as insults) because all those animals and their names are WAY TO GOOD for most the dumb asses I know associated with those insults. #ImASnake #snakes #snakesofinstagram #nationalsnakeday #reptiles #horoscopes #animaltotems #spiritanimal posting pics of my baby snakes in next few days

LOLOLOL #FUNNY #accurate @cubansizzler thank you for making this

Never let em know your next move, don't you know bad girls roll in silence and violence? Take it from your highness #latina #mixedgirl #brunette #girlswithpiercings #curlyhair

OK IM REAL FUCKING PROUD OF THIS ONE LISTEN PLEASE ITS ME RAPPING MY WRITTEN, here's a taste of my written "I'm fiendin for a beat I can inject into a new release, I eat the heat for breakfast n give you just the tip to tease. I'm deadly with a new disease & not even sacrificial victims could appease or relieve me. I'm breezy, your easy. A phoney playing groupie just to get a freebie. I'm an OG playing hookie low key, & don't pretend you know me" #mywritten #mylyrics #femalerapper #femalemuscian #muscian #rapper #poet #poetry #slampoetry #rap #hiphop #TM

Whut, you can't tell I'm Cuban? Lol. #nomakeup #latina #mixedgirl #mixedchick #natural #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #powerposes #freethenipple #ittybittytittycommittee I really like this photo because I'm not wearing make up, I'm not wearing a bra, my hair isn't done I just pulled it back into a bun n my partner snapped some shots of me & I was really happy with how powerful feeling these came out, I feel like it's a good representation of the real natural me 😎sorry for da early morning nudity #loveyoself #selfmade whut you see is Whut you get with me #iaintgunnasugarcoatit

Feeling this with a shit ton of people I grew up around lightly, anything that isn't making you grow/ is keeping you in a certain area of your life is holding you back n it's time to let that shit tf go, cuz in the end, it's you or them. Your never going to make everyone happy with any decision you make, there will always be people commenting and talking about how they would have handled it differently or how you handled it wrong etc well fucking newsflash you were never in that situation so u don't know how the fuck you'd handle it. Seriously I used to spread myself so thin, hung out with tons of people I was friends with in high school etc because I thought they were my friends until you find out all the shit they said behind your back etc, the last couple years I've realized what I think of myself and how I feel about myself is waaaaaay more important to me than what some idiots who think they used to know me, thinks about me. So who are you gunna live your life for "friends" (even if there not really true friends because they talk shit, wish negative on you, etc. yall know the exact friends I mean, total energy suckers dude I had like 50 of them) Anyways basically I realized these people didn't genuinely care about me, they weren't genuinely concerned when bad things happened to me (they liked to talk about it, they liked to feed off shit like that n hell we all do once in awhile but don't continually stay in a shit talking place, most the time I shit talk people is because they have pushed me to that limit of shit talking n hurting me so much that I'm just like fuck it bitch the gloves are coming off, but I'm not perfect either hey) n honestly most of them just party n it's not even fun partying it's like the hammered lets cry about stupid shit n get in a massive fight half way through the night when it was suppose to be a girls night partying xD not my cup of tea. So sorry but ya cut. Trust me there are x100000000 better things you could be putting your energy into that using it to socialize and keep negative "friends" happy. #sorrynotsorry #ichooseme #peace #yacut #mytwocents #salvadorvenom4poetry CONT IN COMMENTS

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