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Briana ✨  believing ✝ | goal reaching 🎯| plant eating 🍎 afro wearing 💁🏽| flourishing ✨| vegan blogging @loveandveggieness 💕

3 months 😜 she’s always looking & learning, is super strong, is getting SO goofy & stays camera ready ☺️✨

hakuna matata 😌

@ashlynlaughs told us it’s “national girlfriends day” 🤨🙄 i’ve never heard of such, but i miss em so we’ll go with it.

1st family outing 👨‍👩‍👧❤️

may i reach my goals and never stress 🙏🏾💯

on 6.19.18, an 8 lb 1 oz, 19 in long little girl named Nova stole my heart ❤️ nobody told me she was gonna steal my bed too tho 😼😸

thanks for pulling up on people when they were stressing me out 💪🏾, reassuring me when i’ve had doubts, taking initiative to do all the daddy duties, & so much more! happy father’s day ❤️ @r_harper06

My sweet Nova is already surrounded by LOVE! 👶 I’m so excited about this new journey with the man of my dreams 💏❤️ & Thankful for all the people who showered us with love, flew in and drove in to celebrate, and the all ones who couldn’t come to the shower but have been wearing the UPS man out 😂 I’m sincerely overwhelmed by how blessed we are 💯💕 @r_harper06

queenin’ into #BlackHistoryMonth like... (sidenote: Spotify’s Black History Month Channel is 🔥)

#WCW my girlfriends 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

i’m so excited to collaborate with my fellow foodie & friend @llcooljhae , the founder of @foodfeelsflava ! follow @foodfeelsflava to keep up with foodie adventures from around the world and stay tuned for info on how you can go on a foodie adventure of your own! check out the website & read my post about what it’s like to be black and vegan while you’re there 😄 #Foodie #Vegan #FoodAdventures #FoodAroundTheWorld #BlackVegan

it's officially "i'm cutting out sweets for a month / going vegan for january / gonna cleanse / detox / live off juice for a month" season. i'm all about making healthy changes, but this is a good read if you'd like a different perspective before you switch up your eating habits to start off 2018. visit or click the link in bio to read! @loveandveggieness #Health #Nutrition #NewYear #Vegan #Diet

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