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Huda  So make those convo thingys

UM SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS QUEEN!!! a true icon! What an inspiration!!! @rieledowns also damnnnnnnn girllllll (comment something you absolutely love about riele)

Dis lowkey jaele tho and jasper is actually Cooper #chenry

Charlotte re-thinks her whole life at that exact moment

Hi hello I'm back and better than ever #chenry

So like what if Charlotte and Henry had Instagram? This would be the shit they post
Edit: yooooooo guys I'm so sorry for not being active at alllll I still am on this account but I just never post. I answer all DMs... #chenry

Edit: I just realized that Henry's bio shouldn't be Henry's bio. I was binge watching the flash that day...

JACE IS 17 LIKE WHAT? I remember this boi being like 13 wtf? Time goes by so fast!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACE NORMAN hope you have an amazing dayyyyyy also if you are reading this wasssss upppppp ps: I would have written a long ass paragraph about how amazing Jace is but hello school and also I'm just not that dedicated to sit and think about the wonderful times I've had with Jace and this amazing fandom cause it would take me foreverrr peace and love❤

I'm in shock because I never thought anything big like this would happen. I don't usually shade or post anything very serious because I'm a funny account but today this was not meant to be funny. I'm sorry that you feel offended but I don't think it's going to change any ones feelings in fact it's going to make ten stronger. I truly feel sorry if that's the case

Edit: that's should say Ella my bad💀💀💀

Can you feel the love tonight?

I CANT STOP MAKING THESE #jaele #chenry @seanryanfox7

Lemme just ride this meme train #Chenry @seanryanfox7

Same it was so good!11!1!1! Fun fact: I don't even watch greys

Man cave shenanigans/// Man I love this Trio! God I can't wait to start making the piper and jasper ones this is gonna be good. ALSO IM SO EXCITED AND HAPPY we got renewed for a 4th season!!! aYETT

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