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🇲🇽  Issa multifandom

I’m so mF HYPED

I’m active on here but not with posts 😔

I love kard with all my heart

I have a test tomorrow n i know damn well my dumbass is gonna fail it

tell👏🏼them👏🏼yoongi👏🏼 lmao everyone was getting butthurt saying “that’s so rude of him” hahah y’all childish ass people shouldn’t repeat the same joke 1000 times hahahah

“gEt oFf mY cHipS”

y’all ever just wanna sleep for a whole ass day? High school sucks ass

this is how unbothered I’m tryna be

banana laffy taffys are wack🤢

confidence level: jay

I love jaemins part so much

school doesn’t feel like school but it still does ya know

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