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🇲🇽  Issa multifandom

I just lost a couple brain cells

the dreamies are on something else

now this is some good shit

is this legal?

the caption makes me disappointed. Don’t use the sorry ass excuse “lmao I put taehyung so people would actually click on it and ask who it is once they realize it wasn’t taehyung, I’m just tryna bring some love to day6” fiRST OF ALL, bOi so you sayin if the caption had wonpil in it no one would click on it? InNCORRECT. You know damn well you had other options too. For example “lmao”- oh this post must be funny, let’s click on it. Or the dandy key board smash “skjsksjksjskjsksjsk”- oh my the trusty keyboard smash, gotta see what this is about.nEVER do wonpil dirty like this, or any idol my dudes

this is very good information, excellent ted talk

I’ve been in my room all day what happened to the me that was so excited every single holiday

me at home while my friends are out

this acc is such a disappointment sIGH

me too

yo tengo varios tambien

me too

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