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M A D D I S O N  24. L + B. Central Coast. Fashion design. Blogger 🌱

working on making my own tassel + Pom Pom interchangeable bag accessories! 🔗

tell me your favourite brands that use afterpay! I need to check out new brands + labels! 💸

✨ N E W B L O G P O S T ✨ new post is now live on
This is the first post I've done about my own personal designing for my future label + will be followed up with an editorial post on the shoot we curated with the prototype designs over the last month.

wishing it was easy to write, currently in the process of trying to draft up a post for the blog about learning to design, what I have found works best for me + how far I've come in my design journey so far.

my life changed when I met you, you finally made me feel like I was home. every day you treat me like a queen, even the times I do not deserve have endlessly put up with me, helped me change + are always helping me to achieve my goals + supporting me, you lift me up on the days I can barely life my head, you pick up the slack when my mind + body just won't budge. you treat my baby girl as if she were your own child, you protect her, help her, teach her, wipe away her tears, feed her, change her stinky butt + love her unconditionally. You are the single most wonderful human being in this world; kind, caring, selfless, strong, smart, bubbly, funny + I have well hit the jackpot with getting to have you in my life + waking up to your beautiful blue eyes + dopey smile. I've never had someone look at me + love me unconditionally the way you do, I love you so much Benjamin + thank you so much for being my rock 💕💋🤴🏼💑

my friends are cute af 💕✨ @madisonandrewsx @jessicalee.spry

✨NEW BLOG POST✨shortly I'll have a post up on the blog about the journey of starting my label + if you haven't already head over + read the " Lingerie beyond boundaries" post!

I never thought the journey of my label would start with a bag,
I never thought I would be brave enough to do what I wanted + let others see me fail, but time + time again I get back up + I persevere. I am so incredibly lucky to have the amazing support I have + I'll never be able to thank you all enough 💋🌹

china town alley ways with the "Danni" clutch ✨📸 @happyflyingdogs @happyflyingdogphotography

creating ✨ I tell myself everyday I do this because I don't want to work for anyone but myself + I couldn't imagine doing anything else with my days.

✨ T H E L O N D O N ✨ mini clutch, a few kinks to work through + pieces for my machine to purchase but I am really excited to begin building my label! Thank you to @hust13r for the name suggestion it was right under my nose + suits perfectly 💋

finished my first prototype of my zip pouch/mini clutch for help me name her! ✨👝

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