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The world of social media has allowed all of us to create relationships with people we might not otherwise come in contact with. Being said, social media has created the “more you share the more people will care syndrome”. Have you ever stopped and wondered about people who will bare all of themselves to people they have never stood in the same room with or given a proper handshake? I wonder if someone has no discretion for their own feelings do they have discretion for people who trust them with their secrets. Being fully open about yourself to everyone has the potential to allow the wolves amongst your peace and sheep. Think about it.

#strikeashape Twist - this counts right?

Genius is only the power of making continuous efforts. As the tide goes clear out, so it comes clear in. A little more persistence, a little more effort.
#strikeashape didn’t say I had to be on my feet. 🤷🏼‍♀️@kericyoga @frog_queenyoga

“If you are an enabler of weakness, shame on you. Be the type of person that pushes greatness.”~S. Teague from ‘Seasons Of Balance’ my first but not my last book. -
Jumping in #strikeashape with #deathspiral @kericyoga @frog_queenyoga

Stir not murky waters if you know not the depth or the creatures that dwell beneath the surface.
#BryanDavis #BeyondtheReflectionsEdge On the hunt in my @slipinsurfskins Does your sunscreen look this good?

And for those of you rooting for me...#toothachebowfishing - @toothachebowfishing
Again, I can’t get enough of these @slipinsurfskins

Switching gears and getting bent. Hey, @slipinsurfskins I’m sunburnt everywhere except where my SlipIn had me covered!! Y’all are definitely part of my “tackle box”.

For all you rooting for the fish, they are currently winning. You shoot some you lose some. 🙄

Do you have a favorite person? Have you ever thought about it? I think we all have one person who is our favorite human. I’m not asking you so you’ll tell me about them. Go tell them, they’ll want to know. -

Oh and this little baby was in my yard today. I’d say it’s baby deer season but someone won’t see the humor in that so this is me not saying it.

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

I see now how things even up, how they are squared away, and how they balance under the law of love and justice. No year of life is emotionally, spiritually or even materially, all drought or all rainfall; nor is it all sun. The road turns a little every day, and one day there's a sudden twist we didn't dream was there, and for every loss there is somewhere a gain, for every grief a happiness, for every deprivation a giving.

There was a time that I couldn’t imagine not being on social media everyday. Everyday, if not all day. It was an outlet that fed a very wounded heart and ego. I came here and allowed people to build up my self confidence and my self image back up. I took to heart the acceptance and geez, I’d been craving that. I was afraid to look up from my phone and live life. So, IG became my view of the world. Over the last year, my view has changed. I started looking up and not at my phone. I started seeking adventure outside a popular post. Looking up with a mended heart and a healthy ego that I keep in check, I’m living a life that is full of love and laughter. I promised to show you all more of my life. Here it is, in the middle of the dirt, rocks and mesquite, I’m complete.

Wearing @slipinsurfskins #slipinsurfskins #slipinsurfskinmini

Live like someone left the gate open. #checkingwater #justranchin #whoneedsapool

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