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Saltbush Avenue  Modern Australian living. ✖️ Hobart, Tas, Aust ☀️🍁❄️🌿 ✖️

Hi everyone. I thought taking a break from social media would help with my depression. It didn’t. My professional reputation is now trash... and strangely enough, I feel rather sanguine about it all. I’m not afraid of failure because I’m already LIVING THE DREAM, BABY.
So. I’m still creating and planning away for Saltbush Avenue, just without the fanfare. I’ll be good. I hope you’re well. Steph x

This is what nostalgia from a parallel unlived life feels like. Hellenic House, Hobart.
#greeklife #australiana

Home town.

My friend Ness and her 4yo daughter surprised me out of the blue with a lovely bouquet last week. (Little miss says I’m a ‘nice person’ and that I have a ‘messy house’. Facts.) Thank you all for the birthday well-wishes, it’s meant a lot to me. 💛

31 🎂 Depression may rob you of the ability to believe in your future, but staying open and connected with others has worked wonders for me — particularly with smart, driven, creative women. Thank you all for your friendship and support ❤️🧡💛 #iwd2018

What feels deeply familiar to you about YOUR hometown? Quirks that are so familiar, in fact, that you never take notice of them until you’re away?
I’m fortunate to call two places in the world “home”, but I never feel 100% like I belong in either one — as if I’m always an observer. And I’m interested in what people consider their own (obvious and not-so-obvious) visual signifiers of home. 🌵☀️🏠

Found some more of my favoritest, gnarliest, polyester-iest vintage mustard upholstery fabric ✨The last batch of these nubbly boucle cushions ended up selling out, so now’s your chance if you want some of that divinely daggy mustard goodness. #saltbushavenue

Gambling machines in local pubs are a predatory means of parting people from their money, the end. The only winners are a tiny cadre of rich assholes who are currently spending big just before the state election in order to convince Tasmanians that pokies are somehow a social good.

Love your communities, love your local pubs and RSLs, but pokies are trash goodbye.

Danish Taswegian modern 👌 I’m always happy to find Pipers Tru-line gems in the shops, but I’d never seen one of these blackwood-veneer wardrobes before. Made in Devonport and using Tasmanian timber... this cabinet is going to look real good holding my studio stash. ✨

VIBRANCE ✨ Y’all better check out the amazing street art at @vibrancefestival this weekend! I’m here tonight at @cuckoo_hobart with some letterpress prints n’ things. 5-9pm, Bidencopes Lane, Hobart. See you there.

Hey! It’s good to see you again. Mental health is what it is, but the social media break has been good. I have more focus, thematically speaking. (Turns out that when you tell people how multi-skilled you are, they doubt that you can do ANY of those skills. Who knew?) 💛💛💛 This week, I’m bringing some artwork to the @cuckoo_hobart @vibrancefestival pop-up market this Thursday night in Bidencopes Lane, Hobart, and that’s going to be a blast — can’t wait to see you there. More to come.

It’s been five years since I acquired this potted #Crassula tetragona, but this is the first summer where it’s bloomed! Tiny, blink-and-you’ll-miss-em white flowers that the aphids love 😒 but, flowers is flowers.

See you at the special @hobarttwilightmarket pop-up market this Friday at @brookestreetpier — and then sometime after that I’ll see you in the garden 😎🍺

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