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Lisa Ciccarello  So you see what I see. Poet; author of At Night (Black Ocean, 2015); the other half of @itwillbeknowntous.

{yesterday carries me through today} I'm so ready to see #springblossoms again! This apricot tree in the entrance of the Chinese Pavilion thrilled me & I can't get it out of my head! #NationalArboretum #documentingyrscene

{the pillars of the capital, holding up nothing} took a little trip out to the arboretum to see a nearly 400 year old bonsai that survived being bombed in Hiroshima & the original columns of the capital looking like some prescient ruins. I wish I cld be here when the magnolias are in bloom. #unitedstatesnationalarboretum #NationalArboretum #documentingyrscene

{old habits, old friends} we're tired & we hurt but we survived #awp17 🏆 This was our seventh time going together (three in a row rooming together & tabling for draft), & I honestly hope there are many more years of the same to come. #documentingyrscene

{go while there is still something to go to} these are the last 3 copies of my book at #awp17, so if you know of a good home for them, send their new owners right over! #documentingyrscene

{it's still hours ago in the place I left} watching a sunset from above the clouds is maybe the last enjoyable thing about flying. #documentingyrscene

{silently into silence} quietly making my way to D.C. where I intend to love all the people I love in a big hall full of books. 💕📚 #documentingyrscene

{a pile of pretties} after a week away, I finally got home & packed up a huge pile of these pretty little things to go into the mail tomorrow! Really excited abt these little badges representing the deceived & the revealed. #documentingyrscene

{the snow won't leave the ground so we build a world indoors} tomorrow will mark 7 confusing unexpected days of white here, & I've gotten into every kind of escapism as the week has gone on, including vintage gothic romance. #documentingyrscene

{in the snow a sweetness grows} went on a photo walk in the deeply snowy graveyard, & dropped my phone not long after this picture. I didn't realize it until I got home, & didn't have much faith that I'd ever see it again. However, a lovely lady found it & returned it to me! The world is gorgeous when we look out for each other. #documentingyrscene

{snow lightens up the sky like a flurry of stars} it is really furiously snowing some big fluffy flakes, & though @allthosedoors, @adz4poooo & Ryan & I braved the streets & the crowds tonight for one of the last burgers we'll get at Club 21, I'm so glad to be indoors for the rest of the night, watching the snow pile up w a big mug of tea. #documentingyrscene

{danger in the strangest places} I love the view from Cape Hope, but standing on that high windy curve in the road with cars speeding by raises all the alarms of my fear of heights. Standing precariously in ice-slicked snow didn't help either, but I think the end result was worth it. #documentingyrscene

{the end of a space is a space in itself} managed to catch the final empty gorgeous moments of the Bonneville Hot Springs Resort as we said farewell this morning. #documentingyrscene #klvvacay