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Lisa Ciccarello  So you see what I see. Poet; author of At Night (Black Ocean, 2015); the other half of @itwillbeknowntous.

{when you create an other, you misunderstand yourself} do not imagine that anyone else is essentially different from you. This approach helps in viewing the world with a sense of empathy & makes it impossible to support white supremacy, misogyny, bigotry, antisemitism, Islamaphobia, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia or any other senseless fear-based garbage that is currently on display/has always existed. #resistthroughart

{I tried to see the stars, I lay down in the rain} months ago I booked a campsite in hopes of seeing the Perseids in all their glory, but instead I camped out the one day in months it's rained here. *sigh*

{final count} My final burger this week was the nacho burger at Noraneko on fri, which was fine, though I'd rather have had a burger topped w tons of kimchi croquettes. 😍 In the end I only ate 6 burgers in 7 days, a bit of a disappointment from past years, as well as the fact that I was looking forward to Home's picnic burger, but not too shabby overall! #documentingyrscene #portlandburgerweek #portlandburgerweek2017

{pay it forward} 2 burgers today: a planned outing to Migration for their delicious but ill-named burger (more like a banh-mi than pho, def get the fries they are the best) & an unplanned but welcome Delicious Donuts burger (a full 3 meat eggs cheese & hash-browns breakfast between two donuts) that my boss brought into work at 7am! 😳#documentingyrscene #portlandburgerweek2017 #portlandburgerweek

{eat it all} it's Burger Week again & I'm 3 for 3! Monday I had Double Barrel (loved that cheese curd bacon jam slop & strong burger candy filled Jell-O shots but the service there always makes me weep), today I had Lay Low (totally fine burger w/ too sandy a bun but awesome Jim beam lemonade slushy, more Jell-O shots & a photo booth) & Slowburger (dry bun, too much tangy mustardy dressing & the bits of smoky chopped pork were the saving grace but there were too few of them). I'll keep you updated on the rest but please throw yr suggestions/reviews at me! #documentingyrscene #portlandburgerweek2017 #portlandburgerweek

{change your fate} it's the last day to preorder our newest pins, which means it's the last day to get this magical sticker as a free bonus with your order! Head over to @itwillbeknowntous to see more of the pins & stickers, or head right to our shop through my bio! #documentingyrscene

{wants & needs} for my birthday this year I wanted to be immersed in the wilderness w/ my sweetheart & some close friends, so I spent a long weekend in a cabin in the Ochoco Natl Forest. We hiked, saw the painted hills, did some rockhounding, visited lakes & marshes & reservoirs & lookouts & I celebrated the start of another year in the gorgeous & desolate & otherworldly high desert.

{sweet & brief} heading into the wilderness for cabin parties & forest walks & cool nights, but I'm so worried my garden is going to suffer in the heat & I won't come to so many gorgeous sweet smelling blossoms, so I want to celebrate them while I can! #documentingyrscene

{A book is a door.} Dropped off some copies of At Night to @thecreepingmuseum's awesome Little Free Library tonight! If you missed the Ghost Stories art opening, you can still go check out the miniatures & paintings & browse the books or donate one yourself! #documentingyrscene

{eye candy} can't not photo booth at the return of video night for Beulah's 20th anniversary party (not shown: @ryannikolaidis & @ianjwhitmore) !

{just how it is} another day, another trip to Sauvie. #documentingyrscene #sauvieisland

{the hand of fate} on the brink of releasing another amazing collaboration with @etrithart for @itwillbeknowntous! We worked our buns off for this amazing set of mystical goodness! If you want to see more, check out our big cartel - (link in bio)! #documentingyrscene

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