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Lisa Ciccarello  So you see what I see. Poet; author of At Night (Black Ocean, 2015); the other half of @itwillbeknowntous.

{sunset slushies} Yana & I got some frozé & on tap prosecco w lemonade slushy from @cheeseandcrack to start off the holiday weekend right! #documentingyrscene

{heat bloom} today's intense heat caused my first two roses to bloom, which is just one of the many things that made me happy today! #documentingyrscene

{not a mistake} had a whirlwind day, but was able to take a mid-afternoon breather & rig up this awesome version of shandy. #documentingyrscene

{ideals} found this amazing piece of public art on the way to crafty wonderland today - a bronze statue of an empty cloth-draped figure called Ideals. #documentingyrscene

{little gifts} found this flower abandoned on the ground & these little hearts fell out of a letter. 💕 #documentingyrscene

{raise a glass} cheers (& flowers & a bonfire) to @flovong for her bday! 🥂🎂 #documentingyrscene

{start somewhere} poured the first of my candles last night! I can tell I've got a long way to go but I'm happy to be taking the first steps! #documentingyrscene #lightinadarkhouse

{sweet & fragrant} lilacs from @allthosedoors' garden are scenting up the room, waiting for their chance to become candied! #documentingyrscene

{Beltane blessings} Happy May Day everyone! Let's put the darkness of the year behind us & bring radiant energy to those around us! #documentingyrscene

{trial by fire} new hobby taking shape! 🤞#documentingyrscene #lightinadarkhouse

{my hands shook} outside the rain fell, but inside the flowers bloomed. #documentingyrscene #polaroidweek

{lift me into the field above} I'm always most eager to go on photowalks when the trees are in bloom, & #polaroidweek is just the extra kick I need to post the shots I take! #documentingyrscene

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