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We can’t afford therapy but we can afford to stare at these cacti for 10 seconds while taking deep breaths 🙏🏽

Dropping out of school to follow my true passion: donut portraiture 🍩

big and bigger mood today 😭

How else can I healthily express my bitter rage and utter disappointment than through meme? 😅 Please enjoy my socio-political analysis of FL’s disastrous election while I quietly suffer 🙏🏽

I know we don’t really come on Instagram to read books but hey, who can’t use a quick read on how the ethos of capitalism permeates & spoils love itself? 😅 Plus, Erich Fromm went OFF.

Lines and sunlight 🌞

Girasol 🌻 .
Im feeling very anxious & detached lately, I think this election cycle is part of it. Im just stressed by watching so many people actively cast ballots in favor of hateful, greedy, dishonest human beings. I see the pure fear that lies at the bottom of these choices to “protect our borders” and “stop communism” (see: health care & public program funding) in favor of “prioritizing jobs.” People that vote with “jobs” in mind don’t even know what that means. They think voting for a rich white guy who shouts about not spending public money to raise the standard of living for citizens is the epitome of an entrepreneurial spirit. .
I don’t want to live in a place that puts private profit above people’s access to health care, education and housing. Im so tired of watching people fight each other for crumbs while corporations and their hired politicians siphon off obscene amounts of money just to hoard it for themselves. This whole system is so ugly. .
Make no mistake that I am incredibly disillusioned with our political system and yet I still vote. I refuse to abandon my own beliefs because the majority are lost. .
Here are some sunflowers because they are beautiful even when our human world is anything but 🌻

Train tracks at dusk 🌞 I do this weird schedule of only posting one photo a day but I was looking at my Instagram from a while back & I think I been slacking so Im gonna start oversharing pues prepárense

I hereby introduce my newest project: comedic photography! Please enjoy my first comedic work 🙏🏽

What Florida lacks in, ummm, everything, it makes up for in sunsets 🌞

My sister’s socks came with a surprise lost in translation moment 🤷🏽‍♀️ They were probably shooting for “I like food” to go along with the bananas pictured on the socks but this mistranslation is 1000x better

Star fruit tree? 🤔

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