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Ya girl went to her first nerd convention!! 🌝 Of course I was the most authentic Poison Ivy at Supercon if I do say so myself (& I dooo) 😇 I decked out my cosplay with live plants but was also totally just dressing exactly how I would want to on a daily basis 🌿 #botanímamí

Sometimes I think Im an impatient person (& that’s probably true to a degree) buuut then I consider the rubric I judge my patience against & realize that trying to be patient in Miami traffic is like trying to sleep while your hand is being amputated 🙃 .
Side note: if you beep at me .03 seconds after the light changes, my car WILL automatically break down & neither of us will go anywhere 😇

A very satisfying path and border combo for your Monday 🌿

This photo is my aesthetic, my religion, my nationality & my sexuality all in one 🙏🏽 .
Getting back to writing after running myself ragged from months of traveling feels good!! I even started a new workout program’s OVER for you bitches once I get my booty back (Portland’s donuts stole it 😭)

You can totally tell this rock knows she’s beautiful 💅🏽 But this little bush of flowers is special too bc it was covered in lady bugs!! (There were also some unidentifiable bugs doing some extremely inappropriate things I wish I hadnt seen but that’s nature 😩)

Literally surrounded by art today 🌞

More moments from one of my favorite spots in Denver 💐 I’ve realized I totally want a bench dedicated to me bc who loves to chill more than I do?? Also, Betsy “whittled to the core” Stettner sounds like a total badass ✊🏽

Just in case you ever wondered why I never go out 👀

I havent been posting much bc Ive been busy trying to live my best gotdamn life but yall know I always have time to stop and photograph the flowers 💐 Can we just have a moment of awe filled silence for mother nature’s creations?? Just look at these colorful flower towers!! They were full of bees too 🐝

THE BINCH IS BACK 🍾 A manifesto for my return: .
I will not be intimidated by obstacles. I will choose instead to interpret challenges as symptoms & tools of growth. I will NOT let the ugly energy of others stain or darken my own. I will move quietly and efficiently always forward, any forward, but forward. Keep your self-sabotaging mentalities away from me. We are CLEAN and we are POSITIVE and we are MOVING here 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 .
Sorry I get a little melodramatic after being bed ridden with the Itis of the Plebeians

Laying in bed slowly dying of a cold. Can we all just keep our germs to ourselves please?? My rage is the only force keeping me alive rn 😌 Also, look at this pretty moment from hiking in Colorado 🌸

Are you trying to make me miss you Miami?? Because.....I might have....just a bit 🌞🌴

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