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Are you trying to make me miss you Miami?? Because.....I might have....just a bit 🌞🌴

Colorados just a bunch of fancy rocks 👿 (....that I would carve a home into & live in undisturbed for eternity like a reclusive desert snake)

An independent woman who don’t need no man at work 🐝

This is my go-to look for “im completely relying on my clothes to come thru for me bc Im not doing my hair or make up today” feels 😅 Ive had this top for like 5 years & it just decided to look good on me so here we are 🌝

Denver during the magic hour 🌞 Im about to go to a spa and I think I see my facialist taking a break with her vape pen....yall know Im about to come out a brand new bitch now lmao

Lets talk about RAW FEEDING 🍽
In all my years (and there’s a lot of them) of working with dogs, Ive never seen a type of food that is so completely nourishing for dogs. Allergies? Raw food. Over-weight? Raw food. Dental issues? Raw food (specifically bones). Dull coat? Raw food. Arthritis? Raw food.
Ive written up the details of WHY raw food is so beneficial to dogs on my site - you can read the post using the link in my bio 🏃🏽‍♂️.
I decided to share my experience with raw food while taking care of the dog in the picture: she’s a young healthy dog but her coat was SO dry it literally had dandruff. DANDRUFF 😩 How many dogs have you seen with dandruff? She was also shedding like a Husky when she’s extremely short coated. .🐺
Why? Lack of moisture and healthy fats/oils in her diet 💧 She’s on a strictly kibble diet - that’s 12% moisture when dogs need a diet that’s 70% moisture. That means she has to DRINK more than half her required water intake. 😭.
You might think okay, so what? We all drink water...but a kibble only diet is the equivalent of a human eating only processed cereal (DRY)....their entire lives. So in a crazy hot place like Colorado where dehydration is quick, this pup isnt able to keep up with her water requirement, thus her body redirects the water it does have away from non-vital functions like skin/coat health towards vital functions like digestion. -
So I put together a recipe to supplement her kibble diet with whole, fresh foods to help keep her skin and coat healthy without having to switch her entire diet. The ingredients used are all probably in your kitchen right now. Dogs need REAL (fresh, unprocessed) food, just like us. Imagine that 🤔 .
Find the recipe and a lot more info about the nutritional needs of dogs on my website! 📣
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Nothing more peaceful than the sight of a trail descending into hidden forests 🌿

Went to the @denverbotanic & wandered around for hours. 🌿 In the rose garden there was a little boy maybe 9 years old frantically running from rose bush to rose bush smelling all the flowers while telling his mother to wait in what might have been Polish. He stopped to tell me how beautiful the white roses were & even though my gut reaction is to avoid children, I answered back & we talked about our favorite roses for a minute. Made me think about how just like art, the beauty of flowers is something that can create connections between even the most mismatched participants 🌺

📣The mood when the laptop you saved up thousands to buy & contains your life’s work gets flooded. Then you realized you bought insurance for it. Then the insurance cancels your policy when you make the claim. Then you blow them up and they accept the claim so maybe your laptop will get repaired? But in the meantime FIU decided you single handedly should fund their “research” & is charging you triple price for a single course. But...THIS IS FINE 🍷🙂🍷

🐫 This 90 degree desert weather is literally burning the inside of my nose?? BUT Denver is too beautiful for me to care 😌

🌊 I took this picture on the ferry to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington even though I was getting shoo-ed off bc I was late to get to my car and holding up a line of other cars behind me buuut it was worth it 🌝

Yall didnt think I forgot to celebrate #nationaldonutday right?? 🍩
Im officially the national donut queen; celebrated away from home in Denver at @glazedandconfuzed! .
Cheating on The Salty Donut was hard...but not when in the company of banana bread, lavender and blood orange, vanilla bean and salty/sweet donuts 😈

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