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Last photo, goodbye 👋🏽 🌺

An icon, a legend, yt bb 🦚

Shell walls, peak Florida 🐚

You know I had some sunset photos stored up that have to be shared 😌

I haven’t felt like posting on social media at all lately 😴 I feel tired of all the constant chatter; it’s like being in a room with 1000 people talking at each other instead of to each other.

It’s time for another break 🙏🏽 I know it’s time to go when I open these apps & feel regretful as soon as I press them. I don’t even actually like half the things I “like.” More realistically I probably just like the ability to distract myself from myself for a moment. Buuut that’s not very healthy, so I’m gonna drop a few photos I’ve been holding on to & then peace out until who knows when 🏃‍♀️ .

Photo completely unreleased but I looked great soooo 😇

Musk thistle that caught my eye back in Colorado. Apparently this plant is known for its hex breaking abilities 🧿

Send me back to Seattle 🛫 One of the best things about photography is how it teaches you to seek out unconventional perspectives. One of those under appreciated views is just simply looking up 🌞 I’m usually rewarded with a beautiful but easily missed view, in this case it was layers of cherry blossom branches 🌸

One of my favorite sunsets yet 🌞 I hope this picture expresses the beauty of seeing the ocean under 2 hues.

It’s interesting how we can all look at nature’s beauty and never feel threatened or resentful. The same is not true for our own species. We look at each other’s beauty so often with spite. Why? Why can’t we appreciate each other like a living sunset?
Ultimately this comes down to insecurity. We can never be a mountain or a blue ocean, so we never feel that these things take away from our own ability to shine. Now, another human can do something that we could do, too, “if only ___”, & therein lies the spite for others. Out of fear — fear that you won’t accomplish what you want, fear that you’re not deserving of attention & care, fear that someone will take what was meant for you.

When you look at others with spite & jealousy, you’re only trying to distract yourself from the fear deep in you that says “maybe you’re not good enough to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.” It’s a backwards attempt at quieting that insecurity. Don’t attack the people who make your fear louder, attack the fear itself.
If you ever listen to anything I say, let it be this: other humans are not your competition; the only person who will ever truly stop you from being the person you want to be is you. And no one is above this flaw; Im absolutely talking to myself here as much as to any another person.

Was messing around photographing silhouettes & accidentally took a picture of my whole essence 🌿🌊 .
I wanted to have some reference photos to practice painting different forms. I love this photo but actually hesitated to share it because of the ~suggestiveness~ in it that I know brings out the condemnation in the mildest of people. Then I thought how funny it was that if this was the painting I intended to base upon the photo it would instead be praised without judgement. But at the end of the day we do what we want in this house.
My hesitation did remind me of that ever prescient quote though: “You painted a naked woman because you enjoyed looking at her...put a mirror in her hand and you called the painting ‘vanity’.”

Is it wrong to steal the vines off a person’s house?? Just asking for a friend lmk 🤭🌿

Can we take a moment for my Poison Ivy cosplay? The cosplay I put together in like 24 hours? We can 🌝 .
Been thinking about how most of us that were branded the smart kid growing up have developed complexes that push us to avoid situations we won’t immediately be the best/smartest in because that would totally contradict the effortlessly smart identity we grew accustomed to 😅 .
Don’t ever praise your kids for their intelligence, praise them for their hard work & commitment. I’m trying to retrain myself to love my ignorance as an opportunity for growth. .
The smartest thing we can be is admittedly uneducated; we’ll always learn more than the person who believes they already know the answer. .
Im trying to embrace that beginner’s mind but its so at odds with our culture. Especially in the age of social media, we’ve begun to look to strangers for our values & we praise anyone with something to say — those who stay quiet or take no polarized positions get trampled & overlooked in favor of the loudest im the room. Maybe it’s always been that way & this is just it’s newest form. All I know is I never want to know everything.

I feel optimistic today, I don’t know why, but like Moses’ mother said in the classic film The Prince of Egypt, “When the God’s give you a gift, you don’t ask why it was sent.”

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