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Soroush Salmani  🏋️‍ Pudottanut 40kg 🏆Matkalla NFE Physique -kilpailuun! 🇫🇮Personal trainer/CEO @Ilofit.fi 💪Weight loss specialist ⬇️Subscribe to my channel!

Best feeling during my training is when I am doing a heavy circuit training, muscle is burning, heart rate is high like crazy, you have a weired feeling, dont know is it dizziness or you wanna through up! A round is done and you grab your water and sit down. Oh man, this feels heaven!😂😂 Am I insane or you guys are same?💪

LISÄRAVINTEET! Niistä melkein jokainen urheilija puhuu. Etkö ole varma pitäisikö juuri sinun syödä lisäravinteita? Tsekkaa video Youtubessä ja opi perusteet. Muistakaa liittyä mun kanavaan. ;)

Some say you shouldn't look back to your past. But looking back is good if it makes you appreciate life more. Its good if it makes you be more thankful for what you have now.
Thanks universe for what ever I have gone through🤗🙏 Lets enjoy each moment!💪😍

Nothing is more fun than kissing this little cutey on her tiny sweet lips😚.
Only a year old and she ran to me with a flower in her hand to offer her daddy.
You dont need to look for big things to be happy in life. Small things will do all the magic😍🤗

Hei! Hyviä uutisia: mulla on nyt oma YouTube-kanava, ja sun ei enää tarvitse laskea kaloreita! Uusimassa videossani näytän teille helpon tavan miten noudattaa terveellistä ruokavaliota ilman, että laskisit mitään! Klikkaa linkistä Bio'ssa. Seuraa mua YouTubessa! Vain te pystytte antamaan mulle motivaatiota tekemään enemmän videoita. <3

Kiitos myös @zepterfinland

Preparing food at home is not hard at all. You just need your ingredients, a little time and a lot of passion. Then you have your delicious tasty meal ready.😋🙏💪

These days one of the muscles which every one needs to train is LOWER BACK. As we sit a lot, this particular part of our body stays week. Most of back pains are just as a result of muscle weakness. This is a great exercise for lowerback!😉🤗💪

Ei jaksais mennä salille?
Tässä mun 5 vinkkiä motivaation löytämiseen!
Katso koko video youtubessa💪😄😄 https://youtu.be/Y1rJAqiZohg

I have come a long way.
It is not easy to aim for a fitness competition if you have been very over weighted before. If you have been so big that even embarressed to take of your clothes. Some people cant even imagine me being over weighted but yes I had 40 kg of extra fat which is gone for good. As Les Brown says: Its not over, until I win💪🙏

Hei kaikki! Tästä lähtien tulen jakamaan viikottain yhden videon, jossa annan vinkkejä treenauksesta ja oikeanlaisesta ruokavaliosta. Olen myös osallistumassa NFE Fitness -kilpailuun syksyllä, joten voit seurata raskasta matkaani huipulle! 😉 Seuraa minua instagramissa @salmani.soroush ja kannusta minua eteenpäin!

One of the other beauties of Mexico was Cenotes for sure. These natural fresh water pools are everywhere. Loved doing Cenotes on those hot summer days.😉

I miss Mexico everyday.😯
Look at that water! Dont you want to jump in right now?😄🤗

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