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Sally Hanreck  Amateur Human. Artist. I sometimes post pictures of my cat

We don’t need no heducation ... we don’t need no thought control ... no dark sarcasm in the classroom ... teacher leave them kids alone


light footsteps

Meet Rachel. Her cubicle is directly opposite mine, so we sit back to back. Rachel interviewed several students and teachers about their feelings on being an artist. First she invited us to draw in her little lined note book, then asked a series of questions. All the interviews were recorded and later transcribed (highlights written on her cubicle wall are colour coded according to question) Then Rachel used a black ink pen to turn our humble little drawings into the most spectacular mosaic-like works of art. Have a look at what she made of my little sketch! On the page opposite she wrote out part of my answer to the question: what do you fear? If anyone’s ever seen that Simpson’s episode where Homer is given an enormous amount of time, funding, mentoring and access to world class facilities to design a car, and he throws himself into the task with boundless enthusiasm, only to end up with “The Homermobile”... 🙈


Walks with @matt.montgomery are never boring 🐝🐝}}}}

Quiet Reflection x

Jonathan took it upon himself to smudge the house, Jonathan Style, with a big glass vase full of burning sage. It was a lovely, loving gesture, and peaceful way to start the day ... until the smoke alarms went off! 🙈🙉🚨😊 Thank you, Jonathan x 💛 (now GO TO SCHOOLl!!)

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