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Sal Giani

I just never knew. I had no idea how much I'd love having a daughter. She means everything to me. My Princess, and I am her Prince (her words)! I would do anything for her and this little lover knows it. I am a sap! #MyPeople #onelifeliveit #instagrammoment

He is kid number 2 but this kid is the boss. He is not afraid to lead and is more confident than any other kid I know. He says he wants to have 14 kids, and watching him with his two little sisters makes he think he just might be able to handle it. Leader and lover. #MyPeople #onelifeliveit #instagrammoment

This kid will do anything to be sure his family is happy. He serves and cares about everyone. Empathy is a strength of his I wish To emulate. #MyPeople #onelifeliveit #instagrammoment

These 2! The Mama and the Baby. Can't say enough good about these two. They both make me better, and I don't deserve them. #MyPeople #onelifeliveit #instagrammoment

#MyPeople LOVE'em❤️. All individual pics to come. #instagrammoment

@dawoods89 makes that huge blob look like a good hold. It's not! #usacbouldering

USA Climbing Bouldering National Championship #bouldering #usaclimbing #usacbouldering @sierrablaircoyl

Let's get this National Championship started! Yes. I'm a judge. 👍🏻#usaclimbing #nationalchampionship #bouldering

My crew! The Giani Mob is all ready for Christmas. This year, more than any other, we feel beyond blessed and watched over from above. Thank you, you know who you are! Remember- Christ is the reason for the season! Merry Christmas 🎄🎄❄️⛄️🎁

Wide open, and freezing cold spaces! Transcontinental Railroad Trail. #utahisrad #ilovewhereilive #onelifeliveit #landroverdiscovery2 @wasatchoverland @expeditionutahofficial

Transcontinental Railroad Trail was great. Until you get one of these in your tire! I DIDN'T, but someone else did. Then I found one! #utahisrad #ilovewhereilive #onelifeliveit #landroverdiscovery2 @wasatchoverland @expeditionutahofficial

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