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  Uh huh honey✨

Today’s brunch situation!!!!!!

ANNNNNNNND from this moment I knew Jem was interested in me ;-) jk don’t kill me pls HAHAHAHA safe flight n hurry home soon :-‘)

Told ya MY LEGS R mAsSiV!!!!!!! See second pic for evidence

Sick coffee place (swipe you won’t regret) before bb flies off to Thailand for 3 weeks :-‘(

I swear to god I’m 172cm CRIES Happy 21st Birthday Loky!!! Missing mark n eylia

Would go anywhere with you 💖😊 @jem_sohsexy

一个风和日丽的早晨 🍃

FYI we were in matching bottoms too HAHA 👅

Rlly mad bali withdrawals 😭

Happy National Day!!!!! 🇸🇬

Michelin Star things!!!!

They named the dogs after train stations and this one is called “Chit Lom” HAHAHA

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