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Assal Arian 🍯عسل  🌏 Persian 📍Germany 🏋🏽 Olympic Weightlifting 💙 Team NOCCO/ Barebells 💗

Some accessory essentials after our team workout on a Monday 😬🐌
This time:
5x Dumbbell Windmills (r/l)
5x Double dumbbell sotts presses
5x Goblet deficit lunges (r/l)
#grindtime #monday

Couldn’t decide so I took em all🤩😬 💗 Check out 👉🏼@germanweightliftingshop for these and get free shipping & returns 🤑 •
Ok ...enough said, it‘s grind time 👊🏼

-You must go on adventures to know where you belong- •
Doing what I love surrounded by lovely people🧡

Had a great time talking to the outstanding athlete @bernybernardin 🇫🇷 ! •
Also, let us all appreciate @danny_casey ‘s squat skills in suit shoes for a moment... 🤓
@carbmarie1012 thank you for being my hype girl❣️ • 📸 credits to @everyday_lifters for this candid shot 🤗 •


My kinda tingz:
Babie nike-heels, Barbie barbell - Barbie gym house😛💕
First Sesh at the home club😍!

#chickswholift #fitness

The harder you work- the luckier you get ✨🍀 Here‘s to a start of an amazing week☺️

Traditional family pic🐻🐯🐼
Last night was crazy and surreal!
You’re wouldn’t believe me if I would tell you how we started: getting athletes interviews backstage in the bathroom of the old Traininghall (the only place we had some silence to chat hahaha), no mic no fancy technique, no livestream.
And here we are now!I am super proud and honored to be able to join this journey and watching this team grow and evolve 😭! •
@eric_sdb thank you for never doubting my crazy mind,
big ❤️ to @atg for all your art and impressive work,
@max_lang_weightlifting cheers for the support & a good time behind the camera,
a huge thanks @danny_casey for putting up with me (nervs) and making 4 hours fly by way too fast!
And of course big love to all the athletes & artists who took they time to answer my trillion questions 🤩 •
@rebeka_koha @anaismichelwlc @suharevs @arekmichalski @bernybernardin @phenomwl_irl @jungbea @velagic.almir @everyday_lifters @lizmastrocola @ny_weightlifting_academy & many more: The world needs to know how great you guys are!
This is just the beginning ✨

A very warm good morning from good ol’ Germany! 🇩🇪🏰
Only a few hours left till we get to see the finest international weightlifting athletes on stage in Meißen/Germany!
Tune in: 17:30 h on the YouTube channel of @atg and get to watch the magic of chalk and iron happening here! .

Only 5 days left till the annual Meißen Cup! I’ll be broadcasting this event live on @atginsta with the one and only @max_lang_weightlifting! Watch some of the finest and strongest athletes competing and if you’re not able to make it there enjoy Germanys biggest live stream in Olympic Weightlifting 😍DO NOT MISS THIS OUT🏋🏻‍♀️🎤🎧🎬

Excited and super honored to be part of the @davide_balula performance at @schirnkunsthalle🎭 this night.
If you‘re around Frankfurt and joining the #nachtdermuseen
make sure you come by...just don’t make me laugh 😂
Kick off is 21:00h 🎉
#davidebalula #athlete
#frankfurt #newyork

Every day is a good day to put in hard work💗👊🏼😈
👟&👚 @germanweightliftingshop .
#workhard #everyday

Let’s wake up and get the gains💪🏼💦 woke up at 05:00...worked out at 06:00 and ready for food 😬🥐

Happy friday y‘all💕😛

I have a little rehearsal for a super nice and kind of new art piece in a bit...wanna try to give you a little sneak peek if I am allowed to, so stay tuned🤫😬

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