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Geane, apperantly  HmmmMmm| No space on phone, no will for life | h u h

a wild scarf and rolled up flannel appeared!!!

A Child

My sweet, sweet summer child;

•>> My Support comes at a Cost ! <<•

~ • | H e r o e s n e v e r D i e ! | • ~ —
tfw u finally have motivation to do this but only have old ass footage from when mercys ult was still mass rev

Tags: life is so sad siri play despacito

choose ur fighter >Mira
tfw u work on a comic but still not anywhere with it

Date ur NPC (when will he give me a love letter)
tags: #bdo #blackdesertonline #doodles

...a response...

my two fav units, off to kill *wipes away tears* i love them so mu c h??

When will my kids come home for dinner

Guess who's back
back again
from the dead //after like too long holy shit I'm so sorry

tbh I'm probably going to delete most of my posts I'm not sure??????? we'll see I guess ??-??

"I should productive" *proceeds with trash*

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