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sakshaay sakshaay

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Sakshi  Plant love, grow peace ☁️

//Jingle all the way and all that jazz☃️🎇

cute day🌀

it's always shining somewhere #thursdaystateofmind🌞🌞

sometimes I ask myself "why am i so cute????" 🤷🏻‍♀️🙆🏻#SunKissed #instagood #candid📷 #yellow #

Pourrr me something Tall and Strong🍸🍇☀️

"I’m sorry I cry every time I take you to the vet
I’m sorry they take your temperature like that
I’m sorry I take you there when you’ve only got a bug bite
Humans hold so tight to the leash of life, but you will roll in anything dead and wear it like perfume
I wish I had your nose for eternity
I wish I could see what you see
The most important thing I have ever built in my whole life is your trust
May you always feel entitled to more than your fair share of the bed
May you always tear the stuffing out of every toy I give you
So I can constantly be reminded to keep spilling my guts To keep saying I don’t know how I will ever make peace with the shortness of your life span
But I promise to make sure you know you are so loved every second you are here". @andrewgibby #mybeatingheartwithfurandpaws❤️❤️❤️

There is always that one summer that changes you☀️ #summertimeradness#candids

And everybody's watching her but she's looking at you 🌞

Only you <<< #rewind 🍃

Casually playing with my hair for @akansha_chaudharyy #tb💆🏻

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