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Magnifying Conditions

Caught the last ten minutes of the weekend #MarketSurplus takeover. Spent four of those minutes catching up with @sonni, who in my head I still shout in a childish way: sonitooooo! Learned he calls Wally "Elmo," who can blame him, right? #buffmonster melting all hearts with these scoops!

We Time

After dah-dee goes to work, this guy sprawls across his side of the bed until I wake up. Morning cuddles are some of the sweetest cuddles. #SirWalterBishop melting my heart every day. 🎶 by Sza, been on repeat all day!

Una Foto Con Papá

I asked if I could take a photo of her and she said no. So I asked if I could take a photo of her: sneakers? Her scooter? Her headband? All a resounding no. Then when her dad started to pose, she got off her scooter, and wrapped her arm around him. My heart! Thank you Maya, and Cekis for letting me capture the photo.

Full Heart

I cannot express just how full of love I am for & from these beautiful people. And while I sense Sami would never approve... she rarely let's me capture her, so I had to share.

P.S. @harlemshakenyc was delish! The tostones were crispy and the music was latina.

The Most Convenient Store

It's a crappy day out there, but I can bet Lucy Sparrow will still greet you with a smile. Go visit her at The Standard Highline, while I sit at jury duty.

And while I am not a supporter of cigarettes (fun fact: I helped with clean indoor air act), this checkout is legit. #8TillLate x #LucySparrow

The Felt, The Grit

Lucy Sparrow created a whole bodega out of felt, and my younger self not only loved the cuteness factor, but was transported to early childhood memories of my now gone bodegas. #feltlife x #8TillLate, the convenience shop.

You can find the shop open through the end of the month, at The Standard's W 12th street wing.

Alphabet Soup


Ending the day with this hidden gem, thanks to @zurbaran1. Incredible use of nature and it's surroundings from @suitswon. #simulgram with @halopigg + @4rilla. #suitswon + #daecrew also, last second: #💀🌱🌿

Meal Progression

Finally made it to Root&Bone. Two parts Top Chef chefs, an ode to Mama's that fried chicken there for an era before them-- it was sweet, savory and delicious.

I suggest, splitting several dishes with good company.

Anything you can do... An outtake from #RedHookCrit a few weeks ago. I haven't had the down time required to edit plenty of photos from the past few weeks. Here's Ash Duban (Bib No.1) who finished in 5th place for the women's race.

Fear, Hate & Greed

The Billion Oyster Project

Have you heard of it? Just so happens that several years ago, I went to The Food Film Fest where I learned of this project/harbor school in Bushwick working towards restoring oysters in NY. •
Tonight, was a celebration of that. Never have I ever eaten that many varieties or amount at once ever. I've learned my favorites were from the West Coast (Washihgton) region. The same applies to cherries, just FYI. Their salt levels were lower, and sweetness was delicate.

Most importantly, getting to share this with some beautiful people who work their asses off was the best evening. Thank you always @sarahpimentel2, her company, @diegobritt and my babes @4rilla! Love you all! #billionoysterparty + #billionoysterproject

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