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Success!! Ran the 5Miler today. Nothing was in my favor this morning. No B38's, had to take a cab that got disoriented due to closures for the run and I got to the start line late! I was supposed to start at 7am, started at 7:30, but I did it! Thanks to @megatrn for coming out to support. I still have a few days to make my $500 goal-- if you'd like to support my campaign, please follow the link in my profile!! Thanks to my family and friends who donated and emotionally supported me! 📷 by @megatrn. 💗💗💗

To Each, A Testimony

Next week is the unveiling of @aiww's latest multi-site exhibition #GoodFencesMakeGoodNeighbors. I am frothing in anticipation. The site specific installations will be tackling conversations about migration, sociopolitical issues and otherness. Next time you're walking along Essex Street Market, look up! This was one of my favorite panels evoking images of Syria for me.
Big love to @publicartfund, for bringing forth this exhibition that I can absolutely call my favorite to date. The world is in crisis, and I am a huge believer of art transforming the world and showing various perspectives to motivate discussions and change. I have craved more political commentary from our contemporaries (including street art and graffiti) and it hasn't been prevalent. It is already causing reactions and I have many thoughts in response to the "outrage," but I'll save it for when I photograph and share them on here. #humanflow + #aiweiwei

The Clichy Montfermeil Chronicles

The power of sight. My favorite projects and artists, are those who work directly with their communities. This film functions as activism and documentation, but a somewhat less discussed benefit, is the power of sight. To be seen when the world and local government won't give you attention. To be photographed and forever cemented in some context of history, to be acknowledged.
You can see it in the eyes of some of the subjects. Over a decade later, some things have improved, others worsened-- some remain stagnant. Some have gained wisdom, and some can barely admit that maybe being accused of racism was a true assessment. I'm grateful to @tichango for the invite. I have always been a fan of JR's vision, but only now have a gained a full perspective of how his career began. Both of their careers.

Fun Fact: Alicia Keys sat next to me during the screening. She was a lovely person to share similar reactions with. 💗

Rezha Macedonian

Neil brought a single one of these home last week. I was immediately taken aback by the pattern and burlap feel of the skin. I wasn't even sure of their name, so held off for days on using it. Sunday, I made us some super packed potato breakfast bowls that I threw the medley of produce into, including this pepper.
Neil looked it up and told me it was hot. So I figured mixed in everything would be good. I chopped it up, and threw it all in the pan save for a tiny sliver to taste on it's own! What a regret! That it packed some heat it did, but it was the most tropical flavor I've experienced with a pepper. It was almost like a cactus pear sweetness and before I knew it, was gone. I wish I saved more to eat on its own and really break down the sweet flavors.
P.S. #SirWalterBishop cameos because he loves all peppers, and apples, and watermelon.


Alternate title was: Last week tonight, because I got these grapes on Monday. I actually hustled at 4:30 to make it to Union Square just in time to score them. Grapes and cherries are favorite snacks-- so I really can geek out with them. This particular cultivar is part Concord and part Cassady. Niagara grapes are used to produce "white grape" juice. The texture is similar to a tapioca pearl and the sweet balance is found in the skin. The pulpy center is very tangy which is opposite for other grape varieties.

Shout out to social media, I follow the Union Square Greenmarket account and it was spotting the grapes in their feed that got me there just in time to score these babies.

The Golden Age •

Of hip hop, of graffiti, of documenting New York history. #OsGemeos has been working on two murals the last week, yesterday's adventures finally put me in front of them. Nods to Dondi, Martha Cooper, getting the Lady Pink vibes too. A beat boy battle, breakdancers facing off. Man, I can feel the surge of history-- one we don't really acknowledge in tour books. *check my stories for the photos I chose not to post.

Saturdays Squared

When world's collide, in funny ways really. I dropped by Wifey again today, these are from last week when @4rilla wanted a slice of the heavenly multi-layered cake using the hemp leaves his company distributes. It was pure deliciousness.

The Story of Two

A #TomBobNYC intervention of #CharlieChaplin, with my sweetest honey, #SirWalterBishop for #PowWowWorcester. Remember how warm Monday was? Yeah...

The Meeting Point .
... of earth and sea. Of man-made and mother nature.

Loved this piece from #LucasAoki for #PowWowWorcester. Excellent help from nature on the framing. I will always seek help from nature.

Center Yourself

#itsaliving + #powwowworcester

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