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ɥǝpǝɾɐs  ❆ The Blue Snow Flake ❆ вσσkѕ📚αnd αrt🖼 ѕαvє me Spaced Out 🌀

I have loved you, touched you for the last time, Is it a video?

I watched the moon hang in the sky..
I feel the traffic rushing by
Freight train engine in the night
I'm still here...waiting for you..
I watched the moon hang in the air
I feel the cool breeze through my hair
My eyes blind my headlights glare
Im still here..waiting for you..
I take the night train to the sky
Rising up I close my eyes
The ground beneath me dead and dry
Im still here..waiting for you..

this is a cold world, and Im dying to stay, just wanted to tell you, to love me for as long as you can, to hold me for a temporary friend, I dont ask much.

what would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? #VincentVangogh #PortraitwithSerra

in order to heal properly, you must walk away from what broke you. #portraitwithserra

She asked herself: why is it that a night with him, felt more like a thousand? #portraitwithserra

The sadness in your eyes
With you I want to feel again
Move by your side
Show you there's no one like you
Show you there's no one but you
Show you how it's only you 
Leave my thoughts tonight

I do believe in the idea that once you feel the littlest love for someone, it never leaves.

I know I'm crazy
When the chemicals in my head are raging
And the floor beneath my feet won't stop shaking
You're my uncrazy

Look at all the CELTA holders #loveyouall 💙

Bad news : nothing lasts forever.
Good news : nothing lasts forever.

Tell me it gets easier ...

Lose yourself in books not expectations
Lose yourself in beautiful moments not moments of regret
Lose yourself in music not lonely nights
Lose yourself in love not people
Lose yourself in what makes you smile
Lose youself in what makes you happy , and if you think about it ,
You are actually winning not losing .

Hit them with a “ cool “ and move on .

Sometimes I just want to be like a cigarette , burn to ashes and fly with the smokes to the air and vanish .

I am unattached to any kind of object or person, so I can runaway from everything anytime I desire.

To live and to be alive are different and the same in a confusing way . People think they are living , but mostly they are just breathing .

Decent literature , good music , black coffee and a cigarette , are all I need to have , in a gloomy sunset .

One day , it will all be ok , in life or in mind .

Autumn is here , and the heart starts to dream , the eyes start to see better .

Im a daydreamer and a night thinker . Who can stop the mind and the heart from doing what they have to do ?

Caught in the cold of when we met
Burning our lungs with a cigarette
And I don't know why you said I'm not afraid
Of running away with you and all your pain
📸👉🏻 @mr_mmkh

We all want someone to notice our sadness , and when they do , we lie and pretend to be happy .

She said to herself : I have what I have , and I’m happy . I’ve lost what I had , and I’m still happy .

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