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Maybe you re-read or read for the first time Audre Lorde’s incredible and still so relevant essay ‘The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle The Master’s House’ (link in profile) and maybe we talk about different parts of it in the comments section today.

WORLDS END came complete with thousands of invasive Iris pseudacorus (water iris or yellow flag). Swipe right to see progress on the big Barn - soon to be the headquarters of my new pinko commie newsletter.

Our Icelandic sheep pelts ready for sale; small $300, medium $325, large $350. Six in total, all ivory, email if interested SOLD! Thanks everyone

Audre Lorde, ‘Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power’ 1978 - take a few minutes to listen to the whole essay as read by the author; link in profile.

Thought about quitting IG and then visited the file labeled ‘NEA, QUALITY CONTENT’ and was reminded of my commitment to heal the world with its offerings

Gotta really give it up to my friend @hollymcarlisle who isn’t afraid to be publicly angry at what has become (in my opinion) a twisted industry of regurgitated imagery, waste, and misplaced values. If you’re a florist, a wedding worker or a bride I encourage you to go over and read her manifesto. I want the wedding world to change - to just be simpler somehow and less comparative/competitive

@soulfuct - my constant moral compass and muse. Please return my email about a coffee (and fine, colonics) date.

Oh, Giorgio. Getting a working border collie to pass out like this is an accomplishment 🖤 Been thinking a lot about the nature of ‘work.’ I think If we can erase the line between work and living we can start to dismantle the system that breeds inequality and dissatisfaction...this constant striving for ‘more’ and ‘better’... I want that paradise where working is like singing and it just comes out of us and makes us feel more like ourselves.

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