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Very excited to plan a mushroom class and tasting with my friends @eleven36_ this fall at the castle. There is so much I don't know about fungus and their uses in food, medicine, bioremediation and more.

At Worlds End we have one month to go till shearing. It's been a great sheep year; fat, happy flock no parasites

Hiring a Creative Assistant; posting in profile along with a few more pics from this July photo shoot at the farm

Monday morning practice in my city garden with my number 1, Nea

What separates us from the rest of nature is the ability to have compassion. We have to keep exercising that unique muscle. I'm convinced this is the death rattle of white supremacism .. of militarism and of a particular brand of the patriarchy. Did you think it was going to go quietly into the night?

Getting ready to expand the team a little more; get your resumes ready. Job posting coming later today.

Not from the farm, from the future

Of all the arrangements that don't come to fruition, this was going to be a special one.

Last of the farm lilies

Student work from yesterday's natural dye class at the castle. Weaving class is next - August 26 - putting those 🐑 to work and it feels good

My city garden. I have been trying to take more time alone for myself to think about my next moves...I want to start a community based health insurance co-op. Then next a small bank. For years I didn't know how to be an activist, or how to affect social/political change. I'm starting to see ways forward but it requires so much more rest and time alone for myself to think and read - and less busy work. Which is hard because I love the hustle, you know? It still feels like a weakness to rest. (A lot of Saturn stuff in my chart)

Thanks to those who came out for our first natural dye class (using our sheeps wool and plants from Worlds End)! Big time thanks to @owynmarisol teacher of all things textile, @jennell_lehman our farm natural color specialist, and our amazing apprentices @jasmine.christie & @fernando415 ... oh! And @mookietimes who spends 365 days a year maintaining our flock of Icelandic sheep!

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