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My favorite holiday of the year is a month away! This is what I wore last year. Me but dead AF. What should I wear this year? I need some ideas 🤔🎃☠️⚰️👻

Did ya’ll see my @boohoo Instagram takeover yesterday? If not it’s in my Highlights! 🤳 See you tonight Atlantic City!! 🕺 @premierac #doyourthing

Have you guys been following my instagram take over on @boohoo’s instagram today? If not go check it out! Or check out my story for the reposts 💛 #doyourthing 🤳 PS. For anyone wondering why my hand is so long that’s not a photoshop fail that’s my scratching hand 👋🏼

Aaaahhh @boohoo Thank you for making me a part of your super rad #doyourthing campaign 🙏 I’ll be taking over the BooHoo instagram today to show you guys how i do my thing so tune in 🤳

I wish I had the balls to wear pasties ✖️✖️

Hi. My Labor Day weekend is obviously really boring. How’s urs? 🦄

Check out this teaser of my up and coming appearance in the @boohoo #doyourthing campaign!! I’m so stoked to be included in this next to so many badass women 👯‍♀️🙌 I’ll be posting the full campaign soon and doing an Instagram takeover for them so stay tuned 💛 Also head over to their Instagram to check out the other dope women involved 🤸🏼‍♂️ Repost @boohoo 😄

I just stumbled across this really hungover photo of myself from a couple of years ago. This was never supposed to see the light of day 😂 But the hat I’m wearing in this pic really resonates with me and where I’m at right now. For years I’ve been hiding in studios making song after song without ever having the courage to release any of them. The idea of putting my own music out might not seem like a big deal to you, but it terrifies me about as much as DJing naked would. But why am i terrified? Truthfully, because I’ve always doubted myself. Are my songs good? Am I good? Maybe. Maybe not.... but the point is that I will never know unless I try. So FINALLY i have a bunch of music ready to go and I’m going to start dropping it really really soon. To anyone who isn’t doing something because they’re not sure they can - fuck doubt. It’s a pointless emotion that is between you and everything you want. I hope this gives you the push you need 💛

Made @gertgertgert a @donjuliotequila Margarita yesterday then kicked his ass at Backgammon. I’m going to miss you Summer! #donjulioambassador #1942crew

Hi. How was your Sunday? 🥃

Spent Saturday in the Bu with my boo 😍 I love you so much @babyg MUAH 🤗

Working on some 🔥 in my studio today with this angel. Actually she’s a cunt but that’s why I like her 💛 @shannonmagrane

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