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Just about this time of year in 1988, Eddie Murphy came out with his iconic movie, Coming To America. The previews showed that he and Arsenio were coming to Queens and right away I knew I had alot of tickets in this lottery. At it’s time showing in the theatre, it obviously wasn’t retrospective, but exactly how it was currently in regards to graffiti. Some tags had been so steadily drummed into New Yorker’s daily flow, especially through highway bombing, where everyone, regular people not just train benchers, were compelled to read the constantly refreshed billboard-like names repeatedly all day, everyday in slow traffic to and from work. This crossed it over from only writers recognizing and speaking about it, to literally being household names, loved or hated. Because of this you could hear people bugging out in the theater with this subway scene. This train running in the movie on the E line was caught by me and my crew as an A train. With inside ink bombing, if it was fresh buffs out of the yard where all the headliner panels were acid cleaned to a purple hue and were open, then those spots would be caught, but especially if a train car was completely ragged, the choice made was always to get both side frames of every set of doors, the side panels of every window and both doors at the end of each car as definite hits. After that, then miscellaneous spots on the ceiling, advertisement panels, conductors booth, or whatever totaling about 30 tags per car. Those spots were specifically chose beforehand to move through the train, wrecking as much as possible without having to spend time looking for each individual spot, but instead weaving through the cars as mapped out. It was felt that at prime time jammed up with people during rush hours, when there’s no room for anyone to step further in, still both sides of the doors are completely visible and everyone has to go through there, just like Prince Akeem’s girl, Lisa McDowell.
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Peace to all who sacrificed some of their life to bomb and then let the streets tell it.

This was done on the street level directly under Esplanade layup for the 5 train. It was under where you could hang jump down to be cautious when leaving or in emergency, rather than fucking with the station. On one occasion while walking up to this layup with Gato and Cap, I knew luck was with us when I looked down on the sidewalk and saw an envelope with a few hundred in it. I counted it out and hit them with a third each. Old school, baby. Crew mentality (if you doing it right) one for all, all for one, good and bad. We walked around the corner and bumped into Rook MPC and some other guys smoking dust. Stepped up to the beer store on the corner. Back then I always had a quart in hand. Odin and some other guys were there. We chilled for a bit, got all our bags of paint together and went in and wrecked shop. All our throwups were oversized to the bottom edge and over the windows as usual and definitely made a lot of noise. We used the hang drop exit, but Gato opted to meet us down. We stepped over to the 2 train and said later to Cap. When me and Gato stepped up to the mezzanine there were some writers there copping tags with paint on the perm spots under the tiles that I guess Gato had beef with. We hopped over the turnstiles and started fighting with them. Cops came and sent them up to the south bound 2 and us on the north bound 2. We got off the next stop and ran under and up again on the other side as a south bound train was pulling in and stopped with a set of cars that me and Dams TMR did the week before. We hopped in and it took off back to the stop we were originally at and when the doors opened we saw them get in towards the front of the train. We ran through the train and burst into the car and the fight ensued. Passengers had to move and go in between cars because glass was breaking and it was surprising. That was when graffiti was life and made every step an adventure. Everyone had a different experience with graffiti. This was just some of mine. #saint #sainttmr #saintmr #saintgraffiti #graffiti #tmr #mpc #capmpc #gatoris #2&;5train #irts #tmrcrew #themobrules #tmrbros #nycgraffiti #queens #brooklyn #bronx #manhattan #rustoleum #allcity

At a time when it was on and hot as fuck, burning up with beef and DT’s, the complete saturation and coverage of all space remained the focus. Never started to just be a participant in this bombing game but to always remain so many laps ahead, that beefing suckers know they’re just playing. Here we go with an example of how all NYC highways looked at some point, with my boy TZ TMR, a brother who walked the walk and also with another much loved brother who was the real deal, Cas TMR.
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💥This is one of a bunch of pics I took of the M line in the summer of 1985. On this particular night, I was hanging out with my boys from QVRIS. That is a connection of both QV - Qualified Vandals and RIS - Rocking In Style, merged together. When two crews are of a real close alliance and hold similar members they sometimes are written together like that to show a union. We were at a party right off of Van Damm. We were all getting fucked up except I kept it in my mind that we were going to wreck the M yard later. It started getting late which was what I liked for bombing, but you want to leave enough time to smash the whole place. I could tell that my boys were getting too wasted and plans were going to fall through. I already brought a jumbo knapsack with about 25 cans, all bombing color rustos. When I saw that I was the only one still going, I set off. It was a bit of a walk back over the highway and about another 6 blocks to the 7 train at 33rd and Rawson. I always loved that walk. At that age, l literally felt like you could do absolutely anything that you wanted in that neighborhood. It was mostly industrial warehouses and was desolate and you could write on every fucking thing. I took the train to Flushing and then a bus to get to the yard. Even by that point, in my time writing graff I bombed a lot by myself, actually most often, for streets, highways, and layups but never a yard by myself yet. As I was creeping outside the yard next to the baseball field I ditched my bag and scoped out the yard for a good bit. I saw that the yard was full and some work bums were leaving and that the cut in the first of the double fences was there from when I saw it the last week. I climbed through the slit, pushed the razor wire to the side carefully and went through to the tracks. With the lights blaring like it was daytime, I went across several sets of tracks before I reached the first lane between the sets of trains. (Continued below in comments) #saint #sainttmr #saintmr #saintris #saintgraffiti #graffiti #tmr #tmris #tmrcrew #themobrules #tmrbros #nycgraffiti #queens #brooklyn #bronx #manhattan #subwaygraffiti #traingraffiti #bmts #allcity #rustoleum

This trippy video was taken in Brooklyn when I was rocking a wall for @thebushwickcollective I was already half way through when they started a shoot for the premiere of HBO’s High Maintenance that just aired January 19th and got put down with the day’s payroll. You know it’s a different time when what always had you hunted instead becomes celebrated. #saint #sainttmr #saintmr #saintgraffiti #graffiti #tmr #tmrcrew #themobrules #tmrbros #nycgraffiti #queens #brooklyn #bronx #manhattan #allcity #hmonhbo #abronxtale #molotow Video was made by @jrcsnr

Always got a spot at the table with my family. Rolling up on the block that my boys already started rocking. These pieces were my bread and butter, interwoven throughout everything, nothing left. Remember, graff is about style, but mostly showcasing how made of steel your balls are. You want to make it appear as if your name is being sponsored and supported by the city and as if it’s being done by a group rather than an individual. That’s bombing. #saint #sainttmr #saintmr #saintgraffiti #graffiti #tmr #tmrcrew #themobrules #tmrbros #nycgraffiti #queens #brooklyn #bronx #manhattan #allcity #montanahardcore photo by @suchs_life

My crew runs thick. When my old boy from @ewingathletics comes to me to bang out 33 pairs for the line and we put a true to life bombing element to these throwbacks for Art Basel 2017 @famegallerymia Dec. 6th, 7th, & 8th. Everything hand painted with a drawer style pullout shoebox customized by all 3 artists. @saint_tmr @giz_nyc @cousinfrank_ris
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