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Sain Ferhad  🎭 Actor 👊 Martial Artist 👊 Fighting Choreographer 👊 Stuntman 🎦 Action Academy 📞 Kyiv: +380677897477 📞 Baku: +994502299720 📨

🏖Просто на берегу Малибу

🎥🎬✊️ Hollywood Advanced Stunt Course
🙏with Anthony De Longis

Another great year training this year's team from Colin Handley's terrific Australian Stunt Academy. This is the tenth year Colin has based their Hollywood advanced training at Rancho Indalo with day trips to other stunt professional's for special equipment training. At the Rancho Indalo we focused on empty hands fight stuctures and techniques as well as European, Japanese and Filipino bladed weapons styles including saber, broadsword, rapier, staff, katana, double weapons, knives and disarms for all of the above. Special thanks to Dr. Mary for all her help and to my long time student and sword partner Kendall Wells. Thanks to Matt Anderson for helping with gun training earlier in the week and for some old school 'dead man' rigging practice on Thursday while I was recording Voice Over in town for Disney. Friday we put together all the training and shot six separate period and modern fight scenes throughout the day utilizing a variety of weaponry. For our victory dinner Dr. Mary cooked both a turkey and a ham with the help of Chef John Warner and we had a great celebration feast and afterparty. The dogs and Mary and I were all sorry to see the team hit the road on Saturday morning but we're already looking forward to their return next year. Here's a shot of the group, hard workers all, and a short vid rehearsing one of the phrases of a knife fight between Kendall Wells and Sain Ferhad on our infinity deck. 💯👍
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🖊from Anthony De Longis

🙏✊️I have got my uniform from Inosanto's academy today. I'm glad and gonna keep it for a long time
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🙏Great thanx Colin Handley for your gift 🎁
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⭐️Anthony De Longis обо мне 🙏✊️
📁информация о Энтони де Логис

Actor, Director, Fight Coordinator & Weapons Expert. He's performed with some of biggest names in the entertainment industry, including Harrison Ford, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jet Li, Brendan Frasier, Ron Howard, Yuen Woo Ping, Tim Burton, David Carradine, Patrick Swayze, Angelica Huston, Placido Domingo, and Charlton Heston, to name a few. As an Actor De Longis portrayed Shakespeare's immortal villain Iago in Othello, twice, and co-starred in the popular movies Fearless, Road House, Masters of the Universe, Circle of Iron, Jaguar Lives and The Sword and the Sorcerer. He created the role of Kazon leader Maje Culluh for Star Trek Voyager, guest starring in five of the series' episodes. Television appearances include NCIS LA, Revolution, Grimm, Myth Busters, Leverage, ER, The Outer Limits, The Queen of Swords, The Adventures of Sinbad, Conan the Adventurer, Babylon 5, and Highlander the Series, twice. He stars as Sheriff Leigh Marshal in Rock Star Games' Red Dead Redemption and General Serrano in Bullet Storm. His directing debut Blood Trail, won Best Western and Best Action Short at the Action On Film Festival. As a Fight Director and choreographer, he's known for his skill and knowledge in a broad range of bladed weapons arts, always building his action from combative truth to tell a more dynamic action story. De Longis introduced the unique style of Spanish rapier fighting to the screen in Highlander the Series and created a more efficient, effective and visual style of whip work for Michelle Pfeiffer's "Catwoman" and Harrison Ford's "Indiana Jones" in Crystal Skull. He's demonstrated his practical skills with blade, whip, gun and horse on History Channel's More Extreme Marksmen, Myth Busters, Lock & Load, Triggers, 101 Weapons That Changed the World and Deadliest Warrior. Anthony is a published writer, member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, SAG/AFRTA, Actors Equity Association, Academy of Canadian Television and Radio Actors, Union of British Columbia Performers, Society of Canadian Fight Directors and an honorary member of the Society of USA

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