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Victoria•23•Health&Wellness🌿  HIIT✖️YOGA✖️SPIN✖️HEALTHY EATS Travel lover & Conscious living ♻️ Yoga Teacher + Personal Trainer 👊🏽🧘🏽‍♀️ 📍Currently: Lausanne, Switzerland 🇨🇭

Had quite a #throwback moment while clearing space on my laptop. This picture was taken during my “lift & track” phase where for about a year and a half I tracked everything I ate to the gram, and did 1.5hrs of heavy weight lifting 6 days a week. I was so determined to reach a Nikki Blackketter-esk aesthetic, that I failed to realise that I had become a slave of my own lifestyle. I wouldn’t eat out with friends because I “needed” to follow my meal plan. I knew that consistency was the only thing that would get me there, so I refused to be flexible. Now I’m not one to condemn hard work, on the contrary, I very much believe that sacrifice is necessary to achieve goals, but I had taken it to the point where I resented the sacrifices I was making. And for what? At the time I looked at this picture with motivation to get leaner, stronger, more toned. And now I think: damn I was so fit back then, when in the end, the picture is the same, do I even look that different today? Who knows. I was so frustrated at the time, thinking: “I’m doing everything right, following my meals & workouts to the tee, and I’m not getting where I want to be”. The real issue in fact twofold: on one hand my “success factor” (a certain aesthetic) was in no ways measurable. I probably could have woken up in Nikki Blackketter’s body and still been unsatisfied. And secondly: I was working against my body not with it. I was putting so much stress on myself, that my body could do nothing but fight back. Not only was my perception skewed but while my body was doing all it could to keep me at a somewhat normal, neutral, healthy state, I would get mad and make it work even harder. All this to say, that I have the utmost respect for those that have strong aesthetic goals, but be aware of the “never enough spiral”. It’s been proven time and time again that our perception is influenced by expectation, and what we think we see often isn’t an accurate description of what we’re looking at. Yoga really helped me “tune in”, and focus on how my body FEELS rather than how it looks. Because in the end, how you look really just depends on what eyes are looking. #feelgood

Major perk of working freelance: making your own schedule ☀️ This morning I lied in a little longer than usual, took an hour to myself for yoga & meditation by the lake, and made up for it by powering through work the rest of the morning in a cafe. Now getting some more work done while sitting outside in the sunshine 🙌🏽 #flow // 🎶 To The Moon by @phoraone

Sunset at tonight’s #fuckupnight listening to female entrepreneurs speak about their biggest “fuck up”. Learning every day that each and every mistake is nothing but a lesson 🙌🏽 #workhard

Always grateful for my almond latte, keeping me company while I get on with some consultancy work in the morning 🙏🏽☕️ And shout-out to Vangelis from for always letting me try out all and every coffee variety they have 😍 #coffeelove

GUESS WHAT IM DOING AT LUNCH TIME TODAY?! I’m teaching my very first spin class 🙊🚴🏽‍♀️🔥🔥 Considering how much I teach already this might not seem like a massive step, but for me this huuuuge. 3 years ago I was working at a cafe in London that was inside the @riderepublic spin studio, and took my first proper RIDE class. I absolutely fell in love with it and told myself that at one point in my life, I didn't when, where or how, but I would teach spin. At that point I didn't know I was going to become a PT or Yoga teacher, and although I joined @beatfitnesshq with the sole purpose of teaching HIIT & FLOW, it just so happened that a few months down the line, I'm now getting ready to finally ACTUALLY teach my first RIDE, just as I promised myself. I'm a huge believer in "you can achieve any objective if you set the right method in place, and keep your mind on the goal" but funnily enough, this all happened naturally. I didn't join BEAT with the intention of later teaching RIDE, but somehow by following my passion, everything fell into place. I guess this all goes to say that yes, method, lists, organization, planning and dedication help you reach your objectives, but sometimes, you gotta let life take you where it will. As long as you stay true to yourself, things often fall into place. 🙏🏽🙏🏽 #ride

I was absolutely exhausted today and it really made me realize how sensitive you become when you’re so used to leading such a healthy lifestyle. I’m used to my weekly meal preps made of only organic, local fruits & veggies, some whole grains and the occasional organic egg from the market but this weekend wasn’t quite that at all. I didn’t eat super unhealthy (except for maybe cake & champagne for breakfast...) but even just eating out instead of my homemade meals which are naturally heavier, with more sugar, a few glasses of bubbly etc. had me feeling exhausted and low on energy today. All this to say that I’m all for balance and treating myself, but I’m so glad to have found a lifestyle and routine that has me feeling amazing, and allows me to hop out of bed at 5:30 every morning without a problem 🙏🏽 Most of us don’t know how good we can feel, don’t stop experimenting and figuring out what works for YOU until you do! It’s so worth it I promise 🌿 #eatwell #livewell

I’m so so grateful for the beyond perfect day I had yesterday 🙊🎈 I was absolutely spoilt rotten by my friends who spent the whole day with me in the sun, by my family who sent over a big care package from the other side of the world, from @beatfitnesshq who surprised me with cake and balloons after I taught HIIT and by everyone who took the time to send me nice messages 💕 Thank you all for making my 23rd so special 😘 #23

Crepes by the lake to kick-off my weekend adventures with @chloehsteward 😍🍴👉🏽 I went for a buckwheat crepe with peppers, salad, egg, mushrooms & aubergine 👅 What was on your Friday night menu?! #foodlove

Just me in my element, sitting on the floor in the rain taking pictures of hummus 😝 My day started with food photography for @we_are_wild_community , continued with teaching lunch-time HIIT & Yoga at @beatfitnesshq, then business development work for the studio, and now home working on my website 😬 Quick summary of how I can fit all my jobs into a single day, and oh man I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙌🏽 #dowhatyoulove

This morning’s chat & work brunch with the beautiful @sofia.clara 💕🌿 It’s so nice to have someone who lives a similar lifestyle, with whom we can bounce ideas off of 🙏🏽 Whenever it feels like you’re alone in your struggles, trust that there’s always someone out there going through something similar, you just gotta find your tribe. #workoholicsunite

👉🏽 If anyone’s got the answer to my life dilemma of how I can accomplish everything I want to, live out my passion and dreams, succeed in all my jobs while earning enough to sustain living in Switzerland AND also be incredibly healthy, well-rested, well-read, zen & actually have a social life...yeah hit me up. I’m open to all and any suggestions 🙃

Spending a few days a week working with @we_are_wild_community, surrounded by people who are so incredibly inspired, who want to do good things for the world, who believe that health, sustainability, ethics & beauty can come together and who want to support those with good intentions. 🙏🏽 Find people who love the same things you do, and make your goal a cause. When you all do that together with your intentions aligned, things can do nothing but fall into place 🌿 #wearewild

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