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Mia  Be free from fears to live whole heartedly. •Adventures•Beach Babe•Free Spirit• Natural Health• Photography✌🏼️🌞

When you aren't where you want to be, change for yourself. 🌞

So this is the second day of detoxing my hair with baking soda and ACV. My hair is absolutely disgusting. My hair has major build up at the roots and the ends are dry. It feels tangly and so unmanageable. It's easier to get this process out of the way before my hair grows longer. Hopefully by the next few weeks it will be better! I will be putting up a follow up picture soon! ❤️🙌🏽#nopoo #detox #hairdetox

A beautiful lady bug decided to give me some luck and love today ❤️ I never knew till just now that they're actually called ladybird insects! How awesome! #photography #ladybirds

Just blew off some steam tonight with an argument. I don't get mad easily or let thing affect me but there are some things that get my blood boiling to the point of roaring like a lion to that person. Yelling and shaking because all of this pent up aggression has been inside me and I guess I don't channel it anywhere. If I had my own pole I would be on that right now channeling through that. I love this picture, found it online. Brings me back to when I visited Santorini and I couldn't get enough of how beautiful it is in person. I get tired of seeing photos of beautiful places around the world, it doesn't do much for me anymore. I have to physically be there with my energy and soul feeling the salty wind through my hair to fully appreciate it. I fucking miss it man. Do you ever want to go back to a time and have the person you love be in that moment? Right where you left them in your memory so when you visit again, they are there smiling, awaiting your love and hugs. Love you so much. 💙 #santorini #love #loss #memories #life

The feeling of realization that you are in control of yourself and you can conquer anything in this life is how we should feel daily. You are the only presence stopping you. All of the excuses that you tell yourself or you "think" that are in your way is obsolete when you truly want to better yourself. You have to create yourself and who you want to be or you will never get there. We put ourselves into situations and often I find myself finding it difficult to let go even when that person doesn't want me in their life and I'm being ignored. I've found myself fighting for friendships that were long gone, relationships that I convinced myself are good for me and this guy likes me. I've found that I strive for deeper connections but often it's difficult in this world with so many people who aren't looking for soulful conversations and really understanding the person sitting in front of you. #soulful #life #realization #connection

I really want #indian 😋


Absolutely love this painting! It's at my local Indian restaurant in the bathroom. #art #painting

My fav outfit $12 😝 LET YOUR HEART RUN FREE

My baby girl! 😸

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