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Saige Audre Geertsen  Bolivia Cochabamba Mission 🇧🇴 • Feb. 2016 - Aug 2017 •

This cholita is back in town! Loved Bolivia with all my heart. 🇧🇴 My homecoming talk will be this Sunday at 9.
Hope to see you there!
4679 west 11000 north wasatch drive highland Utah

Hey everyone! It's Saige's last week walking the streets of Cochabamba, Bolivia🇧🇴18 months has gone by so fast! Her homecoming talk will be Sunday August 20th @9am :)

Last week update:

The little kid, Thomas from each Sunday that we go to their house, hahah he was stuck to me haha so I was holding him and their whole family was laughing at how much he loves me cause they had never seen it in him before and he was playing with my hair, twisting it and putting it in my face, he said, I love your hair and I said why? he said cause its white! I said, white? and he said, yes, white like you! hahhahahahaah he's the cutest! :) ... and sweet Maya Espinoza and her kids from my first area came from Santa Cruz to visit me at the temple. They cried and hugged me so tight and I felt so much love and like I was at home! :) ...,And the 3 of us sitting down is with Jorge, we are teaching him about the word of wisdom, he's awesome!
See you all in 4 weeks!:)
~Hermana Geertsen💕

I got my cast off!!! Now I don't have to do my happy dance with my crutches haha!
I'm kidding I still have to use them for like 2 weeks I don't know why cause I'm walking just fine with a little limp but it's okay cause there's always music playing in the streets so I kinda just make it look like I'm super into the music.👌🤗😉
Also, another elder this week on monday, Elder Uriarte, whilst playing soccer broke his foot a lot worse than I did. He had to get surgery and he has to go home now. So I brought him chocolates when I went to get my cast off.
ONLY 69 DAYS LEFT! Woohoo I can't believe it!~Hermana Geertsen💕

"My new comp Hermana Campana from Parris, California, is so cool and its so fun! We speak straight up spanglish but we are meeting so many new people and have found more families to teach!
Do you ever literally "Stand all amazed" at the love that Jesus has for you?
Cause I do!
There are so many times that in our lives we will pass the feeling of being alone, not good enough, frustrated, etc. But I can testify that God, if we allow Him to be, will be in every single moment like this. I know that He loves when we call for Him to join us in our problems. Infact, at times I really feel that He gives us our hard times to really more powerfully call upon Him. I also know that when we do our part to call upon Him, that He will send us our angels to walk with us and to give us that heavenly hug that every human being really is in need of. Whether they admit it or not.
We as humans cannot live without love and thats something that I love about Christ cause someone that can feel no love from anyone can surely feel it from Christ. Its so unconditional." ~Hermana Geertsen💕 (last week before she broke her foot)

Hermana Geertsen is being transferred this week from Sucre to Cala Cala. She's had an amazing week, met this sweet lil boy on the street selling potatoes for his mom, taught him how to whistle to the birds and get them to respond back to you w the exact same sound👌🏼
Willma and Maria got baptized👍🏼 and saying goodbye to people you love and Bobby the stray dog who follows us everywhere is hard!❤️

Oh yeah, a bone that I found in my soup, I dont know what they think Im gunna do with a bone so big in my soup, I dont even skii! -saige

#Lighttheworld Saige got to sing Christmas carols with all of the missionaries. She enjoyed her first Christmas away from home in Bolivia 🇧🇴 and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This week, Hadda was baptized a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.💗

Saige has grown to love her Coca-Cola since it's safer than the water🙈she really loves teaching the people in Bolivia the gospel of Jesus Christ.
missing her lots this week😢

P days are a blast! Until you get hit in the face haha
Saige is lovin it (:

Saige transferred to a place called Sucre, Bolivia where they've never had sister missionaries and they drink Coke out of a bag!! she's doing amazing out in Bolivia😊

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