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saima ishaq  London, UK The @cutflowerprjct and SBC

#saimaonholiday I had been feeling a bit off with the last 2 places I visited. But I definitely love Merida! I'm a city girl init. MERIDA, Mexico.

I peed in the lagoon. #saimaonholiday Bacalar, Mexico

#saimaonholiday Using Tinder abroad is great... Loads of us just wanting company and to hang out. This hangout turned out great because he became my photographer for the day 🙌🏽 #MayanBeach by the Tulum Ruins

#saimaonholiday After some dithering I asked the man in the corner shop, Octavio, to take my pic for me. He got the full Saima treatment... I instructed him on how to frame the shot. Took an example. Checked the pic. Made him take it again. Etc. I then bought a Coke and a packet of jalapeño crisps from his shop👌🏽 Tulum, Mexico.

Holidaying alone 😬 #saimaonholiday 10second timer flex. Shapes. Not bad. Not bad. Although I'd like someone to play badminton with. TULUM, MEXICO

Today is very apt to share with you that one of my 'anecdotes' has made it in to @kirbypartinextdoor's DUMP HIM ZINE. I didn't know which story to share tbh, cos I could write a novella on every encounter I have had with rude/despicable/toxic/lying fuckbois (men). I didn't think it would make the cut because I exceeded the word limit after writing the intro. Kirby has informed me she's done something with my submission and I'm excited! This is just the beginning of what will be my life's work. I ain't going through this heartache for nothing!!! Pre-order a copy @dumphimsupplies


I LOVE MY JOB😁#SBCdreamteam


HUGE swollen paw paw :( #ninoishaq