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Sai Yamanaka VOTED BEST SAI X1  🎨🔥member of crewforyouu🔥🎨 🎨SaiXIno, follow me if you like Sai🎨 ❤️❤️ 💪🏻@inojin_chan💪🏻 🎨"I have none of what you called emotions"🎨

Ig I’ll do this as well🤔 dm me peeps

How’re my favorite artists doing?? If anyone wants to rp or something just hit up my jack😂😂

He guys I’m gonna be posting daily!! If anyone wants to Hmu just dm me bored asf nowadays

Hello my painters🎨 how’re all of you. If you want to be friends dm me😊

The better team 7

Me and my squad

Haven't posted in forever so here's a post of me eating my birthday cake. Yum it tastes great

Hey Ino why aren't you happy?? Well anyway good morning everyone today is Friday so that's lit

Sorry for not posting a lot I'll try to post more my sexy painters

This pic is sick but yeah I'm sorry for not posting but first week of school is blowing my shit well anyway have a good day and night

Sorry for not posting I will try to post more 💙

Hey guys sorry I couldn't really post I have football everyday and it blows my shit well anyway hope you are all doing well

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