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Sahtyre πŸ’”πŸ’‹β˜   My new album #CassidyHowell is available now on all platforms. Listen, Download, & cop merch here:

Everyday's Friday but especially today. Pull up to 315 N. La Brea Ave 90036 rn to witness an amazing photographer by the name of Adam Stanzak's very first art gallery exhibition. Historic πŸ“Ά

LA Nights turn to tie-dye Sunrises #CassidyHowell

Trippy world man. I love it πŸŒˆβš›οΈπŸ’™

Reality is an illusion. Your perception creates what you see. Imagine the life you want to live and go live it. My next shows are June 1 on Melrose in LA & Jun 2 in Covina. Let's party ✌️🀘#CassidyHowell

Success is not a destination. I'm learning more and more that it's a mindset. An ongoing belief in your dreams, constant vigilance in accomplishing them, and always thirsting for more. Thank you for joining me on my journey. #CassidyHowell

This shit is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S πŸ‘‘ S/O @gwenstefani I πŸ’–U #CassidyHowell out now and merch on the site ✌️

Last night was hella fun although Jordan looks like his dog died. Thank you @verbsisthehomie always good vibes (and sometimes random semi-fights) at Bananas 🍌✊️#CassidyHowell

Snap my fingers, move a mountain. You control your destiny. You choose your fate | #CassidyHowell

Trippy Bay Area nights playing shows at rare secret venues is the wave. Also, happy Easter if u do that type of thing #CassidyHowell

Life's great right now. Thanks for all the love and support. Keep posting/snapping/etc grassroots is the only way to grow 🌱 #CassidyHowell

Muthafuck Death Row, Now here comes my left blow πŸ₯Š #CassidyHowell

I was born September 17, 1987 in Bellflower, CA to a 19 year-old single Mother who already had a 4 year-old daughter. Growing up, my biological father wasn't around much, and my Mother's personal troubles left me and my siblings fending for ourselves at times. If it wasn't for my brother's Dad (the man I call "Pops"), my grandparents, and my older sister, I don't know where we'd be.

For all of the difficult circumstances I've endured, I am extremely thankful.

I've been making my own way in this world and following my dreams for most of my life. Although I struggle at times, as we all do, I refuse to follow paths that my heart and my soul aren't in sync with. For most, this seems impossible, especially in a time in society where conformity is praised over originality. For me, this is all I've ever known.

I'm grateful to be who I am. My name is Cassidy Howell.

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