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New video is up on the Sahn Outdoors YouTube channel! One of our @stealthcamgsm PX-14's endured a wildfire, and still operates! These cameras are rugged, dependable and also amazing! The tree it was attached to was a pile of ash, and the camera was still taking pictures!

#throwbackthursday to @drydalch and his 2015 general season rifle buck. He snuck above this bedded buck at about 100 yards for a clear shot, and gave him a dirt nap!

Mmmm... Spike Elk!!! With archery season 1 month away, we're checking cameras on the regular! This young gun and some of his older buddies showed up recently! Keep shooting your bows, boys and girls!!! You can't shoot too much! 🏹🤓

Public Lands are one of our most precious resources as non-professional hunters. Most of us don't have enough money to pay to hunt private lands, join hunting clubs, or travel 1,000's of miles to hunt out-of-state or in another country. Protecting these lands, and our rights to access/hunt them, is at the top of our list of importance. Support companies that donate money to preserving our public lands. Elect officials who will fight for your rights and will preserve these lands! If we're not proactive in the fight, we may not have anywhere for ourselves, or our children, to recreate.

We've hiked in to some pretty crazy places while scouting and hunting! Some of them have been very steep and rugged. This trip was no different, as we found ourselves climbing down over boulders in an old mountain stream!
Where has hunting taken you?? Tag us in your photos! @sahn_outdoors

Here you go @zacgriffith_com 👍🏻sometimes we get some random, but pretty cool trail cam pics! #ihangcamerasontrees #stealthcam #stealthcamgsm #scoutingseason

This buck disappeared almost as quickly as he appeared! A wet winter and spring accommodated heavy vegetation growth, which should in-turn result in good antler growth. He looks pretty good, with a few more inches to add!

Our first attempt at a podcast is now up on podbean. Search for The Sahn Outdoors Podcast, or watch our story and swipe up for the link! Let us know what you think!! We have great things planned for the cast!!!
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Round 2 of #muleymonday. Isn't that the toughest, meanest looking fawn you've ever seen?

#muleymonday checked some of our cameras this morning! Not the guys we are after but checking cameras is always interesting.

Last @totalarcherychallenge post before we release the video on our YouTube Channel! @ianaduclos
TAC was a riot this year!! We had a great time with friends; making some new and mingling with many old. Arrows were broken and lost, muscles are sore, we got soaked in the rain, drenched in sweat, tired, achy, and slightly sunburnt!! Our 2017 shoot is in the books! See ya next year!
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Sorry for the lack of posts! We've been hiking and shooting down the mountain all day! Day 2 is in the books, and we had a great time! Stay tuned for the YouTube that will be dropping soon!

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