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P E T E R / S A H L B E R G  Clear eyes. Full heart. Can't lose.


Two decades of adventures with this legend - traveling, playing, working, tearing eachother head's off & surfing. Come 2037 - we will most likely be doing dito.

Falling asleep love - Sandman is waving gently. Dreaming we could share this moment. I have been reading out on the patio under the stars, ocean softly tickling my skin with the breeze and candles slowly fading.

Brotherhood at its finest. Just so grateful to have you watching my back in troubled times & sharing classic moments on our adventures.


Travelling through time and season. The hitchhiker leveled his thumb for obvious reason.

For the heart, life is simple. It beats for as long as it can. And had the heart been able to think it would have stopped beating already.

Killing your ego. On so many lips around. Why - well in my mind to be as authentic to your core as possible and minimize the influence by others on your well being and self esteem. Most of us have huge egos, hopefully consciously rather than unconsciously - I guess it’s a rather primal force, but nevertheless or even more vital therefore to consider. Is it even possible to not enjoy and to grow an inch or two when someone is pampering your ego? And why should that even be a bad thing? I guess like most things in life it’s all in the eye of the beholder. We have all had days when we feel low on the self esteem account and therefore seek conformation in not the most core-driven manners - that’s like giving a beer to an alcoholic. Instant joy but fades out rather rapidly. On the other hand to claim you killed your ego is unfortunately in most cases the definition of naivety. I just recently started to glance at this complex framework when it came evident to me that at times it’s been my furthermost trigger. Like one of Pavlov’s dogs - I have been feeding on the stimuli of gratification rather than navigating solely from my core. In a time when most people with an instagram account think about them selves as a brand, well I hate it break it to you, but most of us aren’t but nevertheless we spend why to much energy in putting together the perfect image of ourselves. My pocket revolution in breaking up with mine, silly as it may seem, was not to post any pictures of myself, but then I instead turned to creative captions or the sickest photo… So my ego is pretty intact. Like with most excesses, we will never be satisified since we want more and more and more. My TBD-conclusion in a draft format - is that we all need gratification and conformation but for the right reasons. Mine is to be the best I can be in being a son, big brother, friend, boy friend and overall a happy camper. Or at least that's where I am aiming. But nevertheless once in a full moon I guess it’s ok to get a wave of some sugar-high confirmation for a good selfie - so come on baby light my fire.

Nah, not happening - quite (far) from reaching my toes today just like yesterday and the day before, well, there is always a tomorrow.


What really distinguishes @martinvallin is not only that he empties his tank every single day for his family, friends and customers but also how he does it - with a razor sharp creative mind, always humble and curious. Tomo evening at Riche - buy him a beer and enjoy his latest exhibition!

Just like a quiet storm
Shower me with your sweet love
I will bathe in every drop
Through all the seasons
Let it pour and never stop
〰 S. Robinson

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