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Stephanie Hansen  Pictures of baby, sometimes teenagers, food, and other random stuff. Mostly the baby. You can find me working with the awesome brands over @snapconf

Showing off her pearly whites after her dentist appointment. Thankfully she is still in the no cavity club. #lilygram Also if you need a dentist @coppercovekids is the best.

You need to have proper attire prepped for singing "Let it Go". Tiara, magic wand, sparkly shoes...and apparently a swim suit top and underwear. #lilygram #ExcuseTheMess

She can't stop with the selfies. #lilygram

Giant batches of homemade floam is our thing. #lilygram

She calls it swimming school. I call it adorable. #lilygram

We were making gnome gardens. I told them to smile. #NailedIt Also...they turned out so cute. #lilygram #cousins

Summer is going swimmingly for this one. #lilygram


I hope the neighbors don't get jealous that we put a pool in our yard. #BackYardLife #lilygram

When smoking organic, free range chickens nestle them gently over the finest cans of Natural Light that your local gas station carries. I like to keep it classy and trashy.

Lily set up a birthday party for her grandma. Her idea. Her decoration choices. She did it all. (Besides the tape and balloons blowing) 3 year olds are awesome. #lilygram

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