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Sarah Franco  Teaching Yoga in NYC. Unfolding into the journey of self-discovery with #BaptisteYoga #LyonsDenPowerYoga. #Sound #Meditation #Movement #Everydamnday

Yoga takes discipline and dedication, it is a journey of spiritual growth, falling down and getting back up again, community, and healing, but the NUMBER ONE thing I love about Yoga is its element of PLAY 🤪

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You realize that all the things you know are significantly small when you’re looking up at the vast sky. Visit my blog to read more ( #mondaymood (artwork by @tuniebetesh ) #stretch #yoga #art #sky #meditation LINK TO MY SITE IN BIO

Who’s Ready to start 2019 together with me & @baptisteyoga @lyonsdenpy .... let’s dance .. flow ... fly.... & celebrate life on our mats & then off our mats .... a few options
Monday 8:15am & 5:15pm. Tuesday Detox Flow @11am OR practice & dance next to me on NEW YEARS EVE w the dynamic duo @bethanyalyons & @zthmpsn 10pm. #happynewyear #2019 #livelovelaugh #everydamnday ♥️💫♥️

On 12/30/1992
I was in miami celebrating the new year ... 3 months pregnant w my youngest daughter Jacquie ... I was just 24 yrs old,
I received a call from a family member in brooklyn that Jackie had passed. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life. I will always cherish the memory of my brother & what he stood for. We lost him way too soon ... but he did so much for this world in his 20yrs that he was on this planet & I am sure he’s close above us watching over ... as an angel helping to create the miracles we all experience each day. His loss changed my life forever. I celebrate love , laughter & living every damn day bc life is way too short not to be creating something bigger than yourself. Thank you JACKIE for teaching me & all whom you touched the greatest lesson ... LIFE !
#livelovelaugh #everydamnday

Rimonim aka Pomegranite reminds me that their are endless possibilities in the moments of each day & in the multiple interactions we have w humans as we go through our journey. Be open ... crack your heart open to give & recieve in this beautful ebb & flow of LIFE. #chai. #livelovelaugh #everydamnday #whybaptisteyoga

5 years ago I was looking for a #baptiste studio that I can call home. When I heard @lyonsdenpy was coming I waited for those doors to open. Since then wether I woke up feeling my greatest OR not feeling my greatest - it ddnt matter bc as soon as I walked in & layed my mat down- I had the opportunity to connect, smile, hug with other beautful souls who are In support of Eachother & uplift U & encourage U to be the BEST version of YOU. It’s In those moments that my day was created fresh & new to go be UP to something bigger than Me! This video will give you a glimpse & I am So damn #grateful to be a part of it.
Thank you @bethanyalyons @saundersjohn for creating this home . #happydenavversary ❣️♥️❣️

@arlettemann my dearest sweetest aunt my 2nd mom & my Big sister I will cherish you in my heart forever. The memories we created have shaped my soul. Yestrday I prayed for you to be taken out of your pain to Rest In Peace in the heavens. Today the heavens are crying w joy that they will be receiving the most beautful incredible purest gentlest heart to be with them. I am sooo GREATFUL for all the things you taught me & all the FUN we had together. I love you ARLETTE. #FOREVER

Celebrating INTERNATIONAL yoga day in Bryant Park w a badass assisting team from @lyonsdenpy & Teacher @dannevins ... I am reminded of the day I forced myself to do #YOGA Bc I needed to “stretch” (HA!)... I was a competitive runner / athlete & it was a time when my body & my heart were both broken 💔
It’s been a 25 year journey of continuous work to be willing to look deeper with in myself both on & off my MAT so that ultimately I could learn more about who I really am - what is my authentic self, to create a deeper connection w others ... this practice & this community has given me a #SAFE space to do the work of being messy, making mistakes , disappointing myself & others & then learning to get right back in the GAME of LIFE ... & it can always start right here , right now... #gratitude #yogaeverydamnday#whybaptisteyoga

HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADDY ... today Especially I remember the incredible loving generous soul that you were. You were the BEST father ... I remember how you took me under your wing with you everywhere -daytime & nite time. The way you looked at me with sooo much pride has filled me up with forever love.. although You left this planet too early & I did not get enough of you - there is no doubt that you have left your mark here & an incredible legacy. you will forever live in my Heart & Soul.
Come celebrate Father’s Day with me today 12noon @lyonsdenpy ♥️♥️♥️#whybaptisteyoga #livelovelaugh #everydamnday

Reflections ... today while in frog pose there was a puddle of sweat on the floor underneath me where I was able to see my reflection - it was like a mirror only it was the unmasked reflection of myself after an intense yoga practice & layers of sweat was released. After that kind of hard work & play on my mat while surrounded by amazing humans & community ... I have the opportunity to look deeper into myself .. to know who I really am, to see & feel my strength. In those particular moments is an opportunity to create change for the better with in me , around me & in this world ... teaching this week Mon @9;30
Tues / Thurs @9:30
Sat @8;15 Chelsea
@lyonsdenpy come flow, sweat & find your own unmasked reflections. ♥️🧡♥️

The Space Btwn our INHALE & EXHALE is where “no-thing” exists .. where magic happens. #playwithyourbreathe #whybaptisteyoga #everydamnday

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