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Sagi Kalev  Celebrity trainer at Beachbody,LLC. Clinical-Nutritionist,CNS-CCN-Functional Medicine , and Hall of Famer IFBB Professional - click below:) #bodybeast

In last week’s blog, we talked about how an unbalanced lifestyle and stress can
turn your health upside down.
This week we want to focus on the main culprit that causes your balance to start
spinning out of control and your gut health to suffer.
Lets start by looking back 50,000 years to our Paleolithic ancestors. The DNA (our genetic code) we possess today was developed over thousands of years in
response to environmental stressors, which are very different than we experience
Our hunter gatherer ancestors had to endure brutal cold, starvation, and constant
threats from predators and enemies. In order to survive, they had to hunt for
food and in the process getting chased by a predator such as a tiger,
experiencing repeated short term life threatening situations. Over time, the fight
or flight response developed. The HPA – GUT axis (Hypothalamus – Pituitary -
Adrenal – GUT) developed and is in charge of handling the fight or flight
situation. It is designed and produces short bursts of CORTISOL, adrenaline and
noradrenaline in response to acute stress.
Fast forward to today’s modern culture where the tiger is always at the door and
were under constant stress 24/7. Research shows that chronic stress cannot
only increase absolute cortisol, but more importantly it disrupts the natural
cortisol diurnal rhythm, throwing off our HPA- GUT axis system daily rhythm
producing high levels of cortisol 24 hours a day.
Gut health, including the microbiome (the 100 trillion microbes that reside in your
gut), is under direct attack by today’s stress and high cortisol levels. When we
experience stress, acute or chronic, the physiologic response shunts blood away from the gut to the muscles, heart and brain. Your ability to digest food is almost
nonexistent, robbing you of key nutrients such as magnesium and B vitamins.
Stress producing cortisol, norepinephrine, and epinephrine, alters the healthy
bacterial composition of the gut. This leads to a breakdown of the gut’s ability to
act as a barrier keeping out unwanted toxic substances from entering into our
blood stream stimulating our immune sys.

I noticed that I Rarely give myself credit or say in public and in private how proud I am on my accomplishments incense today is this special day 11-11-18 I can say after seeing my picture in the encyclopedia of bodybuilding🏆💯1️⃣.
I can say “ YO A Andreannnnnnn I DID IT”. I would love to hear what are you proud of without giving two cent what other people thinks🙏. @tbbcoach411 @beachbody

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And that’s what call LIFE!!! How you are going to deal with it is always In your control💯☝️.

Amazing what a little spray tan can do😂😜.... I said that to the guy that Hondo this store and he said happiness by turning four years add nothing like that happened😜... That’s the part about #bod -BeachBody on demand and @beachbodyperformance with @shakeology shows us to our “ deep “ Conversation... if it’s working for me then it’s gonna work for you oh you have to do is go to my website and order it... - so simple.

Focus.... READ this before you are focusing on what’s not your’s.... You're not any further because you don't have any focus. What is your center? What is your priority? You can't focus on your parameters you have to focus on your principles and then deal with the things around you. Your parameters shouldn’t have your energy your priority should have your energy. Your priorities have your energy then you can handle your parameters once you have your center. Do you not know how strong you are when you’re focused? When you are focused you are strong, when you are out of focus your weak, when you’re focused you’re mighty. The human spirit when it focuses is so strong. You're strong when you're focused but when you got too many things pulling at you you’re weak. Nobody's strong when they're trying to do too many things at the same time, you are without form and void. The greatest resistance comes when you're near the greatest opportunity and in order to get the greatest opportunity you have to fight the greatest resistance. Some things are too much for you, don't let your ego drop you out of focus. Sometimes ego won't let you let things go, won't let people go, for some people you're just not helping, you done everything, you said everything and it just won't work, you gave everything you had.
I am fire when I'm focused. You know what a magnifying glass does to the sun? It takes all of the sun rays that are scattered and makes it focus on one thing and the magnifying glass focuses so much heat that one spot that wasn't on fire will begin to burn because the magnifying glass takes the abstracts and makes them focus. Then the fire forms wherever the focus is. I am fires when I am focused. I don't need any more light rays, I may not need any more money, I may not need to be more attractive, I may not need to be more intelligent, I may not need to be more gifted. You may be asking for more things that you don't need, instead of asking for more sun or a Beastie car:)....ask for focus. #bodybeast #beachbody @beachbody @hchurch75

Help my brother John “ The dukes of hazard” super star to win this time Dancing with the stars.
These Beast’s are in it to win IT🏆💯1️⃣. Every vote count’s So lets Bring it and show how powerful @beachbody family is.
Voting day is tomorrow, but we need YOUR votes tonight! Ever wonder what a dance sequence called “P90X” might look like? Me too. Watch tonight as 58 year old @thejohnschneider and Emma continue their run on ABC’s @dancingabc as he dedicates each week to his commitment to combining Shakeology, Body Beast and P90X for his stamina and performance to compete against 17 year olds. If you agree that John knows how to “Beast Up” and “Bring it” better than the other Dancing With The Stars competitors, call in and vote tonight after 8PM ET! #DWTS #johnschneider #carldaikeler #bodybeast #sagikalev

Sometimes you simply don’t have to say a whole lot when you see a picture like that🙏❤️. My dear friend 😜.....Keep that million dollar smile and don’t let anyone take it way from you:). Is contagious and shows that it straight from the ❤️ big hug #sagikalev @tbbcoach411 @beachbody

This ONE is FOR ... YOU.....Believe That!!!
We like to think that if we treat everybody right then everybody will treat us right. We need to think that because we need desperately to get some sort of control on the chaos of life.
What else is available to me out here if I decided to experience the fear of rejection, the fear of no, the fear of failure, the fear of standing by myself? What else is available of taking a chance of fear of losing it all? What else is available to me? The fear of people not liking me; you know how many people do things they don’t want to do because they want everybody to like them?
Everybody’s not going to like you. It’s just not that kind of world.
You know a lot of people that wont take positions on issues, who wont take a stand in what they believe in, who wont speak up for themselves because they don’t want to make anybody mad.
Some of you would see your whole situation turned around today if you just start thinking the right thoughts. Quit swelling on the negative. We all have negative thoughts come against us we can’t do anything about that but we can choose if we’re going to give them any life by dwelling on them. We control the doorway to our minds. We don’t have to let the negative thoughts take root by constantly thinking about them. We can keep that door slammed shut and we’ll just reject that thought and choose think about something good.
I don’t know what the secret to success is but I do know the secret to failure is trying to please everyone. You cant please everyone. There are people that have the fear of rocking the boat so they just go along in life. These people are not living life. They’re not truly experiencing life. What do you really want to do? “Well I don’t like this but I guess I’ll go ahead and do it.” No, your life is too short for that. Too short and unpredictable to just mosey through.
Not trying to disturb anything and not trying to stir anything up.
Not trying to make any waves. Before you are boxed and buried decide that you’re going to box and bury your fears.
That’s my story and I am sticking to it. #grateful #wiseman #wisemanoncetoldme

Super Saturday in Boston was amazing. If you don’t feel safe between 2 Beasts then I don’t know what will, lol.

Read this and see Why “ His plan always make sense.”
😭😭😭😭I overslept and missed the professional photos I paid for at Super Sunday! 😭😭😭😭 But then this happened... 🤗😲😛 When I booked my trip for Oklahoma this week, I had already bought my VIP ticket for today's Super Sunday with Sagi Kalev.

So, I planned to fly home Saturday night, stay in a hotel in DC, and get up early to get in the photo line.

Everything went as planned until the jet lag and travel exhaustion set in, and I slept through my alarms.
When I arrived at the event, photos were done and I thought I was going to cry out of frustration and exhaustion.

Newsflash - I'm obviously NOT crying!
Sagi was in the lobby, so I told him what happened. He told me not to cry, and said to get A VIDEO AND PHOTOS!

Today's event was the icing on the cake to an AMAZING week of pushing through my self limiting beliefs and negative self talk! "If you can see it in your head, you can hold it in your hand." -Sagi

I can see my dream and purpose!
Time to hold it! AND I WILL Laura.

A Beastie breakfast ready to win the morning, the day and focus on others to have an amazing day and more🙏.

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