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Sagi Kalev  Celebrity trainer at Beachbody,LLC. Clinical-Nutritionist,CNS-CCN-Functional Medicine , and Hall of Famer IFBB Professional - click below:) #bodybeast

Playing with my wife at the gym, lol... “ what is your name? Me? Yes you ... My ... IT Doesn’t matter what your name is....”...
I’m running a challenge with myself.. Grow my Calves muscle 1inc in 1 month. Who wants to join me and learn the Secrets of the Pro’s? #challgengewiththebeast #who’sInittowinit #sagikalev #beachbody

If you want to join the beast for a free workout all you have to do is go to my website Sagi if you want to join the beast for free work out all you have to do is go to my website and follow the process. If you want to know how the are pro or lifting, eating and what supplement are they taking then come and join me I promise this is not a promo trying to sell it I’m just trying to tell it so you can have it to. #sagikalev #beachbody #Beachbodychampions #inittowinit #bodybeast

A Wise man once told me
Are you worried about things that are only temporary? Letting something steal your joy because you think that’s the way it’s always going to be. Can I tell you something? Your dream is not dead it’s just not in season. Your time is coming. The right people, the right breaks, favor, vindication, restoration that’s what’s headed your way. These light afflictions are for a moment. You have to remember this principle that when negative things happen that’s not stopping your destiny that’s a sign that you’re on your way to your destiny. As long as you remember the hurt you’re going to get stuck. Turn it around and start remembering your dream. Now you think it’s been too long, its too big, it’s not possible.
You don’t think you can write the book, finish school, see a marriage restored, start the business; No get you your passion back. No matter how long it’s been, no matter how impossible it looks I’m asking you to stir it up. Go back and try again this is your time, this is your moment, your destiny is calling out to you. Let it go so you can grow. How many times would you tell the same story at the buss stop to anyone who will listen to you. So as he left he SAID “ Forgive and GROW”. #itsnotoveruntiliwin #wisemanlessonwithbeast #sagikalev

Maximus have a new daddy and his daddy from being so excited passed out at 10 PM last night. We waiting for that moment for over two years and it was well worth it. #Loveat firstsight #Maximus #sagikalev @barbiekalev

Tomorrow the #thebigsweat is on. At 8-18 AM CT time my first workout from BOD would be Lucky 7 following by an amazing workout from the equipment room THE depletion Workout. Make sure to post your workout on your IG Story and ad #Promotionalentry and TAG @beachbody so you will be eligible to win $818. Do you have whatever it takes to change the game with the Beast? And ARE you in it .., TO WIN IT🏆1️⃣? I have all the faith in the world that I’m speaking to gladiators champions and beast in hearts. Any winners from central time will get a surprise of a lifetime and since it’s my moms birthday I know her wish is for all of you to be safe to have fun and to enjoy the moment but that’s my mom I know you are in it to win it and for that you gonna have to sweat with the beast so let’s do it. #thebigsweat @beachbody

Over eight years ago I was interviewed in my office about health like in this video how to get rid of mid section belly fat? In my answer I said something that get my tension which was if you would listen to this for doctors that I will introduce you to you will never meet the fifth one that you will have to visit. The first doctor The first doctor I named him Dr. quiet- The second doctor was Dr. Diet the third one was Dr. movement and the fourth one was Dr. happiness. Take a few minutes and see my Other side that A lot don’t know and probably will be surprised. It’s also pretty cool to see for me how much I advanced in my experience knowledge with my confident in my answer was always the same. I will not answer unless I’m Certain and if I don’t know I will research study and will tell you that I will have to get back with you know I was then and here we go. #sagikalev #teamkalev

I wanted to share with you guys the moment that we went yesterday to pick up Maximus and I couldn’t stand seeing his ears they way they looked so I took his ... out and tell me if you don’t see the Love and connection is that was the first time when he So me and anyone that owns a dog knows that they know if you are a dog person or not obviously when you look at his arm around mine and our faces I know a lot of you are now in relax mode and I really appreciate your concern and caring to animals just like in the Kalev family.
This little angel well the word limo doesn’t really fit will have the best home and I truly just wanted to share with you my moment of joy that I waited for so long.

@CynthiaCountdown to her 50th Birthday begins, 31 more days😂😱🤣. This challenge came just when I needed it. The older I get, the bigger my goals and dreams are. I'm working harder, I'm making them real and I won't stop until I WIN!
#summerslamwiththebeast #inittowinit and this coming Saturday #THEBIGSWEAT @beachbody this Beauty will show you how a real beast lift and grind. Proud of you sister. @sagithebeast

Finally I can walk in my backyard with my speedo‘s😂😂😂😂... just kidding ... @tiacamalier hopefully it would get finished by the time you will come and visit us. If you haven’t heard Tia story and how 3 years ago she came to one of our super Saturday events as a guest for her friend that is a coach and just when she was about to leave either 750 people I told her if she can repeat Only for words and she said sure!!! With such an attitude the words were “I can’t I’m asked “do you think she left her you been after that? And who would love to hear her story and how those forwards and Beachbody family brought her to be a part of my family. “ she is standing in her power” no matter what coming her way.., I wonder why? “ I wise man told me once and maybe twice he said once you become a beast you are always A Beast” #sagikalev

On Saturday AWHOL is going to be my first Choice Chest&back as I believe it’s the hardest lifting workout at Beach Body library.

A WISE man once told me that If you are going to discover the hero within you, you must be prepared to confront the crisis around you. In fact the current crisis that you face right now may be an opportunity for God to show you that hero lies in you.
You have something special. You have greatness within you. You have the ability to do more than anything you could ever imagine. You have million dollar ideas, billion dollar ideas in you. There
are people waiting to hear your voice. You have a vision of yourself doing more, achieving more, taking care of your family, making a mark, and leaving a legacy.
We seem almost to grow comfort from the need to figure things out and to assume that life has some reason, some structure, and some master plan. We like to think if you live your life a certain way you can expect to go through certain things. We like to think that bad things don’t happen to good people. We like to think that if we treat everybody right then everybody will treat us right. We need to think that because we need desperately to get some sort of control on the chaos of life.
What else is available to me out here if I decided to experience the fear of rejection, the fear of no, the fear of failure, the fear of standing by myself? What else is available of taking a chance of fear of losing it all? What else is available to me? The fear of people not liking me; you know how many people do things they don’t want to do because they want everybody to like them?
Everybody’s not going to like you. It’s just not that kind of world.
You know a lot of people that wont take positions on issues, who wont take a stand in what they believe in, who wont speak up for themselves because they don’t want to make anybody mad.
Some of you would see your whole situation turned around today if you just start thinking the right thoughts. Quit swelling on the negative. We all have negative thoughts come against us we can’t do anything about that but we can choose if we’re going to give If you are going to discover the hero within you, you must be prepared to confront the crisis around you. In fact the current crisis that you face right now may be an opportunity for God to show up

A new Boy “ Maximus” is about to Join the Kalev Family. All my life I had boxers and Dobermans and I can wait to expand our family and feel safe when I leave the house when Barbie is home regardless that we have The best surveillant cameras. #sagikalev

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