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A for Angel.  "Good girls should be dreaming of angels or lovers." •Freelance designer, for contact: [email protected]

I guess the beauty in life is in not knowing what it will bring you.

When calligraphy and architecture are mixed. Art installation by Nasser Al-Salem "يتباهون في البنيان" now exhibited in safar, Gold Moor mall.

Life turned to be a real illusion.

safar/The Mall

about the sky today.. 💗


Silver lining.
#Dubai '17

All time favorite blessing✨


#dubai '17


A: "I would add one sentence in a smaller size.." B: "What would it be?" A: "ماهو بايدي"
Original artwork done by @shakerkashgari
Additional line added by @abinmahfodh
From the series of Jeddah art scene.

God! I keep on forgetting how beautiful the world is when the sun wakes up. #myjeddah

" The heart is your student

for love is the only way we learn.

Night has no choice but to grab the feet of daylight.

It's as if I see Your Face everywhere I turn.

It's as if Love's radiant oil

never stops searching

for a lamp in which to burn." —Rumi

"هذه الدنيا سماءٌ، أنت فيها القمر" —الهادي آدم

جدة، البلد، سفر 21,39