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Jab we eat! #lifeofafoodblogger
And 30k on Instagram - 🌈 🎉 what a lovely community, always encouraging and mostly kind!

Thanks for the pic @trumatter!

This seasonal mango salad at @le15cafe 😍
Ripe mangoes, confit tomatoes, toasted almonds, microgreens and mint made it a perfect smorgasbord of flavours for summer. I'd have loved some crumbled blue cheese over the top to cut the sweetness of the mangoes, but otherwise a beautiful creation by @chefpablonaranjo.

As someone who loves to cook, this is one of my happy scenes. I love roaming the markets in cities. There's something about all that fresh produce that fills me with joy.
This is from the stall of a vegetable vendor in the Matunga Vegetable Market.
I used accompany my great grand mother to buy veggies from this market when they lived in King's Circle. My Uncle would often joke that my great grandmother has ended up teaching Tamil to these veggie walas from the North :)

Let us take a minute to appreciate the beauty of this simple mango cake. A vanilla sponge, some whipped cream and a perfectly ripened mango, sliced up and layered so beautifully, finished with that little shower of crushed pistachio. Picture perfect and palate pleasing.
A seasonal delight that begs you to indulge - Only at @le15cafe

The desserts at @le15cafe were to die for, but that's no surprise given the combined culinary talent of @poojadhingra and @chefpablonaranjo. Audrey was a no added sugar chocolate dessert with a coconut pistachio crumble and raspberry sauce. Divine stuff. And the other dessert was a sponge with cream and fresh mango slices.
The decor is absolutely lovely. Some interesting salads and savoury waffles on the menu. I had the seasonal special mango salad, so I could keep room for dessert, which you must remember to do!
If you love desserts, make sure you visit
Lunch partner - @qtfan
Had a fulfilling and food filled day in town today.

These muffins made using easily available blueberry yogurt turn out moist and delicious. Perfect for those snack attack times for perpetually hungry kids on their summer holidays. Better still, this recipe is simple enough that you can bake with the kids.
Direct link in bio or visit

Iced coffee to start Monday morning. .
I'd forgotten how hot and humid Mumbai summers can be. The humidity gets stuck to your skin like a clingy love, the second you leave the confines of an air conditioned room. I'm feeling so low on energy that I've no drive to go out and meet friends or hang out at familiar spots in my home city 😰 .
I'm obsessively making sure that there's always enough ice in the freezer. Not meaning to sound snobbish or overly fussy, but six years in Bangalore has left me completely defenseless in the face of this heat! I was just telling a friend how happily we spent our summer holidays here, I don't even remember feeling the least bit uncomfortable. May be we weren't used to ACs then or the weather was just not as bad as it is these days.
So coming to this iced coffee. Coffee granules (I use Nescafé Gold Blend here), stevia and 3-4 spoons of hot water whisked until very very frothy, topped up with chilled skimmed milk and a cube of ice. For a ginger chai morning girl, this is a total change of scene, but what to do, survival is at stake here 🤒🤕
Napkin and mugs: Home Centre India
Coffee: Nescafé Gold Blend instant coffee
Milk: Amul Skimmed Milk
Sweetener: Splenda
Table: Pepperfry

Khaaana Khaaya? சாப்பிட்டாயா? Have you eaten?
A question that mothers never fail to ask us at any time of the day and we promptly ignore, sometimes even get irritated at this prosaic question.
Rest assured, we will go on to ask our sons and daughters the same question when they grow up and move away.
When a mom asks, "Khaana Khaaya?", it means so much more than just that. .
It means, "Are you ok?"
It means, "I'm thinking about you."
It means, "I worry about you."
It means, "I wish you were here."
It means, "How is your day?"
It means, "Take care."
It means, "You'll always be my little child."
It means, "I love you." .
Watch the video from the link in my bio or a swipe-up from Stories and come back and tell me how you felt. You'll find a lump in your throat. .
#khaanakhaaya #sponsored - in association with @IDFreshFood
#mothersday #mothersday2017 #mothers #Love #motherday #lovemom #mothersdaygift #mommylove #motherdaughterlove

On occasion of the naming ceremony of my niece and nephew, a special lunch featuring potato curry, avial, Cabbage curry, kootu, sambar, vadai, payasam.

Looking for fun things to do with family and friends over the weekends or in summer holidays?
The Iona fun zone in Virginia Mall, Whitefield is just the place to hit. India’s first indoor rock climbing and rappelling zone - Clip n Climb, virtual reality rides, virtual cricket, rooftop football pitch, a world class bowling alley, there’s lots to do, fuelled by good food and drinks at the international food court serving cool alcoholic drinks as well!

And hey, if you are a selfie loving Instagrammer, you’re going to love the Museum of Selfies. To know more about this you will have to visit Iona - a multi-storey family entertainment centre in the new Virginia Mall that launches today. #Ionafunkaboss
I can’t wait to take my kid here! #IonaFunKaBoss More at

#tbt Reminiscing over this beautiful spread we had for dinner at Sufra, Amman, Jordan, this day- last year! A truly unforgettable trip.
Thank you @exoticgringo for reminding me that it's been a year!

Potato ❤️ This potato curry with caramelised onions is #lifegoals for a potato 🥔
Such a delicious dish, just haven't managed to blog it!

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