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Maani Safa  The fantastic adventures of the Jet Set Gentleman. Entrepreneur | Investor | Founding Partner - Studio Etch | Thankful.org Board Member | London | NYC


The barn where the restoration journey for my Porsche 911 ST began with @tuthillporsche earlier this year. Some believe a car is simply a machine for living but to me driving is a form of “active meditation”. An instrument of freedom that allows the human body to become “as one” with a mechanical one. A tool for exploration, travel and seeing our beautiful world. A passion of mine from a very young age.
The reason I decided upon using a 72’ Porsche 911 as the centrepiece of this personal design project was not only due to my belief that the 911 is one the most important and impactful cars ever built but also due to its timeless design language. While efficient and beautiful in it’s own right, this strict form-follows-function approach can lack a degree of humanity in my eyes, and I relished the opportunity to add in some of the zest, magic and design attributes that I believed would not only improve and modernise the car but also make it personal to me and my life. 👌🏽

Self care and self love are vital components for growth. Remember to “work in” as much as you “work out”. Have a superb weekend friends ✌🏽

Your focus creates your world: Understand that it is possible to create your own reality - Set clear goals then utilise discipline and consistency to deliver them. The key is to give most of your attention to the things you want to see more of in your life - focus on the good and move your attention away from what you dislike. #LetsGO

In case you hadn’t figured it out by now, I love dogs 🐶 #MansBestFriends

Interview discussing the ever changing digital landscape, creativity and art #LetsGO

Taking a moment out of a busy day to enjoy some beautifully made coffee and be mindful of all there is to be Thankful for 👌🏽

Good morning friends! Today, take a moment and try to be honest with yourself about what it is that truly matters in your life... you may find you are already very close to having everything that you actually want and need. #LetsGo

Little Stories: The importance of change, the catalyst for growth.

Remember it's ok to be patient with yourself. It's taken years for you to build up the habits that you have now, so it will take a little practice to put in some new routines. The key is to stay focussed and keep pushing. #LETSgo

Every time you live one day of your life, you're also losing one day of your life. A day you will never get back. If you are not working towards the things you care about, then you're in a losing battle. Today I want to remind you that you have a CHOICE. You can try to keep doing the same things you've always done based on the same routines you've always followed, or you can take a moment to realise that YOU control your mind, the walls holding you back DON'T actually exist and that you have the ability to harness CHANGE. Learn to stop fearing it... CREATE it, LOVE it and THRIVE on it. #LetsGo

Early morning coffee and snooker with Papa Safa, before heading to the airport #HeAlwaysWins 🎱

"Medicine, law, business, engineering: these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life... but poetry, beauty, romance, love... these are what we stay alive for" #NameThatMovie

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