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Maani Safa  The fantastic adventures of the Jet Set Gentleman. Entrepreneur | Investor | Digital Story Teller | Managing Partner | London | NYC | #ChaseGreatness

TRUST the wait. Whatever it is you are working towards. EMBRACE the uncertainty and ENJOY the process of becoming. Every step you take is a step towards a better YOU. Never forget the most important part...when NOTHING is certain, ANYTHING is possible. FOCUS on the great, and keeping working towards the WIN. #LetsGO

"To a fish, water is so ubiquitous it ceases to exist" - Think about that for a second. As humans we have a similar challenge to battle with, and that is our mindset, the biggest thing stopping us becoming whatever it is we want to become. The way you THINK, the "Lens" you use to look at life, the mindset you have controls EVERY aspect of your life. Once you become aware of this, you have the power to CHANGE everything and anything you wish to. You can BECOME anyone you want to become. Nothing about today can hold you back from doing WHATEVER you want to do or ACHIEVE. It is NOT about who you are, it is ALWAYS about who you want to become. #LetsGo

Almost every single successful person I have known has had two key beliefs. The first is that tomorrow can be better than today, and the second is that the power to make it so, is in their hands. As the saying goes "don't stand by the water and long for fish, go home and weave a net". #LetsGo

Time. Our most precious resource, even if we do waste it on a daily basis. It’s not renewable or exchangeable, we can’t keep it or store it, and our only choice is how we spend it NOT whether we do. Focus your thoughts today and be mindful of the world around you... try to notice and actively enjoy the smaller things in your life. Life itself is a journey to be experienced, not a specific destination in time we are trying to reach. Shift your perception and see the change it brings to your happiness. Happy weekend my friends 💫

Remember - YOU are under ZERO obligation to be the person you were a decade ago, yesterday or even this morning. Growth and success come in completely different forms, shapes and sizes.. as long as you are fulfilling YOUR capacity that is all you need to focus on. Ask yourself what "success" means to you if you were in a complete vacuum away from what society or the media tells you that you should be. What does true success mean to you, and how far are you from achieving your goals. Focus your thoughts, focus your plans and #LetsGO

Restoration update: Car stripped down to shell and ST body is underway! It's tough seeing her this way haha! Tuthill's waiting on all the fresh chrome work, leathers for seats and interior. Incredible process 👌🏽

Sunrise workout sessions with my brother @mike.aidala - the person YOU will be in a few years time depends on the work you put in today. Mentally, physically and spiritually... learn to FOCUS your mind and be aware of the people, thoughts and information you allow into your world. Happy Saturday friends 💪🏽 #LetsGo

Awesome workout with one of the best coaches around @mike.aidala - friends, remember one thing today. Your mind constructs your reality. It builds your world based on what you feed it and what you choose to focus on. Learn to MANAGE and FOCUS your thoughts, you WILL improve every aspect of your life. It's as simple as that... what you focus on grows, whether it's your mind, your body or work. The more you feed something with your attention the greater percentage of your world it will occupy. Choose very carefully the things you give energy to and focus on. It directly effects your REALITY. A few years ago I was left unable to walk or move due to a ruptured L5 Disc in my spine which required multiple epidurals and finally a Discectomy... today I am thankful for my body, my health and the ability to use the world around me as my playground. #Thankful

Happy 4th of July my friends 🇺🇸✨

Enjoying NYC on this beautiful, hot 4th July. Remember, happiness is not about getting what you WANT, it's about wanting what you HAVE! In the words of Lao Tzu, "When you realise nothing is lacking in your life, the world belongs to you". Get out there my friends, TRAVEL, meet NEW people, GROW your mind, see the world, be around GOOD energy, LEARN new things, workout, get HEALTHIER and have incredible experiences with people you respect and like. #LetsGO

Restoration update from last week @tuthillporsche - Leather and body colours chosen, suspension, exhaust system, pedal box, gearbox, and engine upgrades underway. The chrome work is being removed to be "re-chromed" and cosmetic / body changes are the next step. Very excited to see the changes on the next visit! #LetsGO

The Gentleman Racer... @hackettlondon proving that everything is better when done in a suit 😏👌🏽

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