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follow back💕  please don't be triggered by our videos. we make them for fun. sometimes we'll post happy videos deal with it.

I as one person has struggled a lot with depression I suppose in a way. But after awhile you get tired of looking at yourself the way you do as the depressed figure, eventually there will be a time when you change, when you're okay with letting yourself be happy, and to let go of some people and bring new ones in, sometimes it's for the best. To understand that sometimes you need to embetter yourself, not embetter others. People even ask how can you be so resilient etc, truth is once you push yourself to be the happiest you can you look back an See you're old self, the one that wasn't happy with his or hers reflection in the mirror, and you start to realize that you don't want to go back. And sometimes you just need to do you're best to stay where you are. Hope some of you enjoyed this pep talk lovelies dm if you need to talk💕

I need to vent, does anyone hate it when people take them for granted, everyone just needs a vent rn #vent #depression

What kind of videos do you want? Just wondering for ideas, give us advice💕

There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds. #depression #quotes #gif

You know why people cut? Because it's distraction, from the pain, the moment the blade touches you you don't feel the pain and the depression because your distracted by something, and the addicting part? That's when the pain comes back #depression #gif

The anxiety I feel when Someone else is in pain makes me amazed, because if it's anyone else I will do anything to make sure their okay, but for some reason when the same thing happens to me it's different, I won't care, if only some of us cared about ourselves like we care for others, in a way. We do everything for other people like we owe them, why can't we do it for ourselves sometimes. The anxiety I feel when other people are hurt. The anxiety I feel when I can't help me like I help them. -av

I'm the girl who talk other people out of suicide. But can't do it for herself, she truthfully shows them how beautiful and wonderful they really are. So they won't be like her. I've come to notice myself that no one seems to help the helper, even though the helper is the only one that's falling apart. -AV

On the outside I seem like a happy, go lucky person but on the inside I'm hit from the years of battling depression making it all up as I go. I smile j laugh I make jokes but the moment I look away my face doesn't smile and I'm trying to keep it together-av #depressed #depression #quotes #gifs #sadvideos

There's the occasional night, where all you want to do is breakdown and cry, because deep down, you know things will never be the same

Can you explain what depression is? It's when your drowning. But no one hears you. No one cares. Your alone screaming and crying. And everyone does what there doing

You know that feeling. When your dying to get to your room. To look the door. Fall into bed and let everything you've been holding in from that day. Nothing's wrong. But nothing's right. You just want someone there but at the same time you don't. And if someone does all you can get is don't talk to me out of your mouth. Your breathes just slowly disappear and your gasping for breathe with that pain in your chest hoping no one hears you

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